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Token Black (Character)
from "South Park" (1997)

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"South Park: Make Love, Not Warcraft (#10.8)" (2006)
[a group of World of Warcraft characters are planning to defeat the griefer; Cartman the dwarf is marshaling his forces]
Cartman: All right, you guys, this is it! When the attack begins, all warriors click on Defensive Stance. Everyone else, wait for Craig to cast his Intellect Buff.
Token: [black human rogue] Okay.
Craig: [Gnome mage] Got it.
Cartman: The battle is sure to be long, so make sure you have all your special abilities macroed to your keyboards.
Jimmy Volmer: [Night Elf hunter with a beard] All right, Eric. You can c-c-count on us.
Timmy: [human priest] Tim-maahh!
Cartman: This shall be a day for all to remember! Let us bravely charge the fields of Azeroth! From with...
Butters: [arrives in the same dwarf form as Cartman's] Hey fellas!
[Cartman's dwarf looks over, surprised]
Butters: Boy, this is neato, huh?
Cartman: Butters? What the hell are you doing?
Butters: I got World of Warcraft, like you said.
Cartman: [angry] You can't be the dwarf character, Butters, I'm the dwarf.
Butters: Well, there's like only four races to choose from...
Cartman: [shouts] So pick another one! I'm the dwarf, you stupid asshole! Log out, create a new character, and log back in!
Butters: [walks off grumbling] I like Hello Kitty Island Adventure a lot more than this stuff.
Stan: [warrior] Come on, let's do this!
Clyde: [second Night Elf hunter] Yeah, my mom says I have to be in bed at 9:30.
Cartman: [turns around and leads] Then let's move out!
[the others charge after him]

[the team of World of Warcraft characters face off against the rogue griefer, who starts killing them off with his summoned scorpions]
Randy Marsh: [Valkorn the blond warrior, arriving] Hey, Stan, can I play with you guys?
[Stan's character turns around]
Stan: [surprised] Dad?
Randy Marsh: Yeah, I'm playing from the office.
Stan: [angry] Dad, get off our teamspeak line!
[Valkorn walks off, and the griefer kills Token the black rogue]
Token: [angry] That's it, I'm dead!
[the griefer kills Stan the warrior]
Stan: [throws off his headset] That's it, screw this game!
Cartman: [backing away] Now, leave me alone, don't do that...
[the griefer electrocutes Cartman the dwarf with his dagger through the mallet, killing him and skipping away]
Cartman: [furiously throws off his headset] God-fucking-dammit!
[meanwhile in the apartment, the griefer just keeps plugging along]

Eric Cartman: We've learned the the four of us can't fight him alone, but if we all log in together, we might have a chance.
Token: Hey yeah!
Jimmy Volmer: We can really stick to that ass... munch.
Clyde: Are you guys dumb? We can't beat him. Not even with all of us, it's a waste of time.
Stan Marsh: Dude, we have to try.
Clyde: I've got better things to do.
Eric Cartman: Clyde, Clyde, if you had the chance right now to go back in time and stop Hitler, wouldn't you do it? I mean, I personally wouldn't; however, because I think it was awesome, but you would, right?
Clyde: I'm just gonna stop playing.
Eric Cartman: When Hitler rose to power, a lot of people just stopped playing. And you know who those people were? The French. Are you French, Clyde?
Clyde: No.
Eric Cartman: Voulez-vous cous chez avec-moi, Clyde?
Clyde: Alright, alright, I'll do it.
Jimmy Volmer: So what's the plan?
Eric Cartman: Alright, log in tonight on your computers at precisely 7:30. We will meet here, near the planes of the Elwin Forest near West Fall. My friends, to victory!

"South Park: Christian Rock Hard (#7.9)" (2003)
Token Williams: This Christian album better make as much money as you said it would, tubby!
Eric Cartman: [to himself] I'm going to kill you one day, Token.
Token Williams: What did you say?
Eric Cartman: Nothing.

Eric Cartman: God damn it!
Record Dealer: Whoa! Calm down there!
Eric Cartman: Who cares? I can never win a bet because you stupid assholes don't give out platinum albums.
Record Dealer: But you spread the word of the lord. You brought faith in Jesus.
Eric Cartman: D'oh! Fuck Jesus!
Butters Stotch: Calm down, Eric. You're gonna hurt the band!
Token Williams: Yeah, we're losing our fans.
Eric Cartman: Who fucking cares, Token? I can never beat Kyle now. I'll say it again. Fuck Jesus!

Token: [to Cartman] Good job, dickhead! We lost the entire audience!
Cartman: Ah, fuck you Token, you black asshole!
[Token kicks the crap out of Cartman and leaves him coughing on all fours]
Stan: Hmm, guess he got what he deserved.
Butters: [Standing around Cartman, then after a while he farts on Cartman and gives him the finger] Fuck you, Eric.

"South Park: With Apologies to Jesse Jackson (#11.1)" (2007)
Stan Marsh: [about what his dad said on Wheel of Fortune] Dude, its okay. My dad apologized to Jesse Jackson and he accepted it.
Token: Jesse Jackson is not the Emperor of black people!

Stan Marsh: Listen, Token, my dad isn't a racist, he's just stupid, alright? He just blurted out the N-word and it's no big deal, okay?
Token: Uh, well, actually it is kind of a big deal Stan.
Eric Cartman: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...
Token: It may be a mistake, but you don't know how it feels when that word comes out. So don't say it isn't a big deal.
Eric Cartman: Oh shit, here we go! It's on! Race War! Race War! Race War! Race war's on everybody! It's going down! Shit is going down!
Stan Marsh: Token, my dad wasn't trying to be offensive, just forget about it.
Token: That's easy for you to say Stan.
Eric Cartman: Yeah, come on, here we go.
Stan Marsh: Yeah, but he didn't say it anger or anything like that.
Token: That doesn't mean I can just be fine.
Eric Cartman: Race war, come on! Race war!
Token: If you really think it's not a big deal, then you really are ignorant. That's all. I'm not fighting anybody.
[Token walks away]
Eric Cartman: Token forfeits. Whites win! Whites win! Race war's over everybody! Whites won again!

"South Park: Funnybot (#15.2)" (2011)
Eric Cartman: Token, stop giving Tyler Perry money or he won't go away!
Token Black: I can't help it!

"South Park: Quest for Ratings (#8.11)" (2004)
Stan Marsh: You guys, we watched Craig show all night long.
Token Williams: Yeah, it was great.
Stan Marsh: Yeah, but don't you see? We didn't think it was great before. I think I understand now. I think I know why Craig show gets such great ratings: half the school is high on cough medicines.

"South Park: The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers (#6.13)" (2002)
[Token has unknowingly watched a disturbing pornographic movie]
Token's Mom: Token? Did the boys come over and... show you a movie?
[Token just stares and remains silent]
Token's Dad: Token?
[Token remains silent]
Token's Dad: All right, Token, we know you must be very confused about what you saw.
[Token keeps staring and remains silent]
Randy Marsh: Yes, er... you see, Token, that was called a pornographic film. It shows adult men and adult women having sexual intercourse.
[Token still keeps silent]
Randy Marsh: Well, y-you see, when a-when a man and a woman fall in love, the-the man puts his penis in the woman's vagina. It's called lovemaking and it's part of being in love.
Token Williams: [after a long silence] And when the woman has four penises in her at the same time, then stands over the men and pees on them, is that part of being in love too?
[another silence]
Token Williams: Five midgets, spanking a man covered with 1000-isles dressing. Is that making love?
Token's Dad: [Aghast] Jesus, what kind of porno was that?
Gerald Broflovski: It was "Backdoor Sluts #9".
Token's Dad: Oh Jesus, not that one!
[his wife gives him a foul look]