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Quotes for
Linda Stotch (Character)
from "South Park" (1997)

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"South Park: Night of the Living Homeless (#11.7)" (2007)
Randy Marsh: [digs through a box of poptarts] No, no damnit!
[tosses the box off the roof]
Randy Marsh: That's it, that's it everyone we're out of poptarts!
Jimbo Kern: No we can't be!
Randy Marsh: Face it we're going to starve!
Linda Stotch: No, no wait there's still a box over here
[shows him the box]
Randy Marsh: Those are cherry, ick!

"South Park: City Sushi (#15.6)" (2011)
Linda Stoch: What is wrong with that boy?
Stephen Stoch: I don't know, but it's clear it isn't our parenting. We're awesome.