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Quotes for
Marty Gilbert (Character)
from Independence Day (1996)

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Independence Day (1996)
Marty Gilbert: A countdown... wait, a countdown to what David?
David Levinson: It's like in chess: First, you strategically position your pieces and when the timing is right you strike. They're using this signal to syncronize their efforts and in 5 hours the countdown will be over.
Marty Gilbert: And then what?
David Levinson: Checkmate.
Marty Gilbert: Oh, my God. I gotta call my brother, my housekeeper, my lawyer. Nah, forget my lawyer.

Marty Gilbert: [on the phone] Ma, I know, just try and stay calm.
David Levinson: Tell her to pack up and leave town.
Marty Gilbert: What?
David Levinson: Just do it!
Marty Gilbert: Ma, listen, pack your stuff and head for Aunt Esther's. Don't argue with me; just go.
[hangs up]
Marty Gilbert: David, why did I just send my mother to Atlanta?

Marty Gilbert: [seeing the approaching explosion] Oh, crap.