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Quotes for
Captain Jimmy Wilder (Character)
from Independence Day (1996)

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Independence Day (1996)
Capt. Jimmy Wilder: Let's kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy!

Capt. Jimmy Wilder: You scared, man?
Captain Steven Hiller: No. You?
Capt. Jimmy Wilder: No. Hold me.
Captain Steven Hiller: Hey, pay attention!
Lt. Colonel Watson: Something you want to add to this briefing, Captain Hiller?
Captain Steven Hiller: No, sir, just a little anxious to get up there and whoop E.T.'s ass, that's all!

Capt. Jimmy Wilder: [knows Hiller is worried about Jasmine] Don't worry about it, Big Man. I'm sure she got out before it happened. Or, as the Good Reverend would say:
[imitating Rev. Jesse Jackson]
Capt. Jimmy Wilder: Why we are on this particular mission, we'll never know. But I do know, here today, that the Black Knights will emerge victorious once again.

Capt. Jimmy Wilder: Man, you know I really like Jasmine. You know that, right? Man, you are never gonna get to fly the space shuttle if you marry a stripper.

Captain Steven Hiller: [Anxious about receiving an envelope from NASA] Ohhh, you're gonna have to do this one...
Capt. Jimmy Wilder: You're a wuss.
Captain Steven Hiller: Yeah, whatever, just shut up and read it.
Capt. Jimmy Wilder: [reading] TO: Captain Steven Hiller, Loser...