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Marcus Van Sciver (Character)
from "Blade: The Series" (2006)

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"Blade: The Series: The Evil Within (#1.5)" (2006)
Marcus Van Sciver: Destruction is always required before rebirth.

Chase: Our little war hero didn't miss a beat... except for getting the munchies in the middle of the firefight.
Krista Starr: Momentary lapse.
Marcus Van Sciver: And how is your ex-husband?
Chase: I was thinking if I had a little time, I'd go back and castrate him.

Charlotte: And Marcus?
Marcus Van Sciver: Yes?
Charlotte: Bring me something to eat. Something young.

Marcus Van Sciver: Ow, you have two choices. You can either join me in this new life or you can die in your old one. Trust me, Krista. There is nothing left for you but the life I can offer.

"Blade: The Series: Conclave (#1.12)" (2006)
Marcus Van Sciver: [to Krista] Now, I have a question for you. How long have you been working for Blade?

Marcus Van Sciver: Actually, one last problem remains. The same one we always have it seems. Blade.
Krista Starr: What abot him?
Marcus Van Sciver: He has a habit of showing up when least expected. Thought Chthon would do the same to him.
Krista Starr: So, where do we find him?
Marcus Van Sciver: That's the best part... I already have.

Marcus Van Sciver: Things will be very different from here on out.
Krista Starr: Esprecially now that Chase is dead.
Marcus Van Sciver: We don't know that for a certain.
Krista Starr: C'mon Marcus, I saw her drop a dozen stories.
Marcus Van Sciver: [In a loud, angry voice] Even if I saw her ash, even if I ran my hands through the remnants. I would still watch my back for the rest of my years on Earth.

Blade: I should have let them kill you, Van Sciver.
Marcus Van Sciver: It's nice to meet you too, Blade.

"Blade: The Series: Angels & Demons (#1.9)" (2006)
Marcus Van Sciver: We all make allowances with those who we share a birth experience. You and Frederick for example.
Chase: I'd like to kill him.
Marcus Van Sciver: And yet you never have.

Marcus Van Sciver: It's called furniture, Damek. Please suppress the urge to urinate on it.
Damek: I just thought for the self-proclaimed leaders of the vampire nation, the House of Chthon would be a little more... upscale.

"Blade: The Series: Death Goes On (#1.2)" (2006)
Marcus Van Sciver: The House of Chthon is going to be something different entirely.
Krista Starr: What's that?
Marcus Van Sciver: Eternal.

Marcus Van Sciver: Perhaps I haven't given you the proper respect.
Krista Starr: Yeah, throwing me off a building was a little rude.

"Blade: The Series: Delivery (#1.6)" (2006)
Marcus Van Sciver: Damek! How did you find out?
Damek: [gives a hand signal] His name is Sands and luckily for me, he survived your little experiments.
Sands: Mr. Van Sciver if I may say just one thing. Go to hell.

"Blade: The Series: Descent (#1.3)" (2006)
Marcus Van Sciver: Only a few have faced Blade and survived.
Krista Starr: I guess, I got lucky.
Marcus Van Sciver: No. You had an angel on your shoulder.