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Dr. Edgar Vance (Character)
from Blade: Trinity (2004)

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Blade: Trinity (2004)
Blade: [Blade is bobbing Hoop up and down over the edge of a building] Eventually, you know, your head is gonna pop off.
Hoop: Fuck, no, no! Please, please, please!
Blade: Who's your handler?
Hoop: I don't know my fucking handler! I swear, I swear!
[Blade loosens his grip]
Hoop: Oh, shit! Please! Please!
[a cell phone rings. Blade looks at Abbie and Hannibal, who shrug, then down at the familiar]
Blade: Oh, it's you! I'll take that. Come on! Let's go, come on!
[Hoop hands his cell to Blade]
Dr. Edgar Vance: Hello? Hello? Hello, this is Dr. Vance. You paged me?
Blade: [chuckles] It's for you. Yeah, go ahead.
[Blade hands the phone back. Hoop puts it to his ear]
Hoop: Hello...?
[Blade lets go]
Hoop: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Dr. Edgar Vance: Do you know what day it is?
[Blade declines to answer]
Dr. Edgar Vance: How 'bout the president? You know who that is. Who's in the White House, right now?
Blade: An asshole.

[while Blade is restrained, Vance injects him with a sedative]
Dr. Edgar Vance: You don't have a problem with needles, do you? There! That wasn't so bad, was it?
[he leans closer, and Blade hears him through a haze]
Dr. Edgar Vance: Oh, you're weak. In need of your serum. That must be a bad feeling. I mean, that a mere human like me could have over-powered you?
Blade: [realizes] You're one of them. A familiar.
[Vance shows Blade a glyph tattoo on his wrist]
Dr. Edgar Vance: Going on five years now. It's the endgame, Blade. All their plans are coming to fruition. Why don't you just sit back, and enjoy the show?