Jarko Grimwood
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Jarko Grimwood (Character)
from Blade: Trinity (2004)

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Blade: Trinity (2004)
[after Hannibal sends the vampire dogs plummeting out the high-rise's window]
Jarko Grimwood: Hey, dick-face. You seen my dog?
Hannibal King: Have you tried the lobby?

Asher Talos: [about the Nightstalkers attack] We got caught with our pants down.
Jarko Grimwood: Pants down? They pretty much fucking ass-raped us!

[Jarko punches King]
Hannibal King: Ooh, gonna be sorry you did that.
Asher Talos: Why? Nobody's coming for you, King-shit.
Hannibal King: Sure they are.
[in pain]
Hannibal King: God! See, one of the things you fuckheads need to know about us Nightstalkers is that when you join our club, you get all sorts of groovy little door prizes, and one of them is this nifty little tracking node surgically implanted in your body.
[all laugh]
Jarko Grimwood: Bullshit.
Hannibal King: Yeah. See, when one of us goes missing, the others, they just dial up the satellite... which is in space. And then presto. Instant cavalry.
[Asher claps]
Hannibal King: You like that, huh? Go fuck your sister

Jarko Grimwood: [about his vampire Pomeranian] Precious, isn't he?
Hannibal King: Well, that depends who you ask. Because clearly, this dog has a bigger dick than you.
Jarko Grimwood: And when the fuck did you see my dick, fuck-face?
[he kicks Hannibal in the face]
Hannibal King: Ow!
[points at Danica]
Hannibal King: I was talking to her!

Jarko Grimwood: [grabs Hannibal by the throat] Spit it out, you fucking fruitcake!
Hannibal King: All right, fuck! I'll tell you about the weapon!
[Jarko releases him]
Hannibal King: It's a new flavor-crystal formula. Twice the chocolaty goodness, half the calories. Plus it helps prevent tooth decay. There.