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Quotes for
Quinn (Character)
from Blade (1998)

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Blade (1998)
Quinn: I'm gonna be naughty! I'm gonna be a naughty vampire god!

Deacon Frost: Tonight the age of man comes to an end. No more compromises.
Quinn: We're gonna be Gods.

Quinn: Oh, lookie here.
[he removes a silver stake from Blade's holster]
Quinn: Silver. Nice craftsman ship, huh? Probably cost you a pretty penny. Now this here is a man who takes his job just a little too seriously, don't you think? Come to think of it, Blade, I owe you one.
[he stabs the stake into Blade's shoulder]
Quinn: Actually, if you want to get technical, Blade...
[lifts another stake]
Quinn: I owe you two.
[Blade starts laughing]
Quinn: Oh, what's so funny, bright eyes?
Blade: I'm expecting company.
[Quinn looks closer, and sees the radio piece in Blade's ear, which is chattering. The wall explodes behind them]
Whistler: Catch you fuckers at a bad time?


Crease: [waving Blade's sword around] Check it out! I've got his pig-sticker!
[He laughs, then screams as the booby-trapped handle springs out, tearing his hand to pieces]
Quinn: You're a fuck-up, Crease!
[All the vampires laugh, Crease included]
Quinn: You're a fuck-up!
Quinn: "I got his pig-sticker!"

[as the security force prepares for Blade's arrival]
Quinn: [babbling] Deak, I don't think you understand, I mean, this dude is fucking bad! Like, he's - he's like, he had twenty guys around him - I was there, man! He's got shit he throws at you, like-like the sword...
Deacon Frost: Yeah, he's got the sword, and shit...
Quinn: Exactly.
Deacon Frost: Yeah, he can throw it in the air...
Quinn: He's got like the shit that he throws...
Deacon Frost: Catch it underneath...
Quinn: Exactly...
Deacon Frost: Yeah - SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Deacon Frost: [examining Blade's sword] Hold out your arm, Quinn.
Quinn: [who's *finally* got both of his arms grown back] Why, man? 'Cause they're-they're, like, all better.
Deacon Frost: Hold out your arm. Now.
[trembling, Quinn does so; Frost takes aim with the sword]
Quinn: Deak, I...
[Frost raises the sword... and lowers it]
Deacon Frost: Just kidding.
[chucks Quinn on the shoulder]
Quinn: [laughing uproariously] He was fucking with me, man! He was, like...

Deacon Frost: Kill him.
Quinn: Wait. I oh you man. I got two new hands, and I don't know which one to kill you with.
[lunges forward with a dagger in hand]
Blade: [Blade pulls out razor wire, and cut's off Quinn's head. he plucks his own sunglasses out of the air and slides them on] Rawr.

Quinn: You can slice him, you can dice him, but the Quinn man just keeps on comin'!