Abigail Whistler
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Abigail Whistler (Character)
from Blade: Trinity (2004)

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Blade: Trinity (2004)
Hannibal King: What did the one lesbian vampire say to the other?
Abigail Whistler: Shut up King.
Hannibal King: See you in 28 days.

Hannibal King: Hey Blade, I got a question for you. Say we're successful, say we wipe out all the vampires. What then? Huh? Ever ask yourself that? I mean, somehow I don't picture you teaching Karate at the local Y.
[Blade just walks off]
Hannibal King: He hates me, doesn't he?
Abigail Whistler: Yeah.

[after the vampires' attack on the Nightstalkers' hideout]
Blade: Are you all right?
Abigail Whistler: Yeah. I'll be fine.
Blade: Don't let it turn inward.
Abigail Whistler: Ever since I can remember, I've had this - I've had this knife of sadness in my heart. And as long as it's there, you know, I'm-I'm strong, and I'm-I'm untouchable. But the moment that I take it out... I'll just die.

Abigail Whistler: [about to stab a vampire thug who said it to her] Scream if this hurts, chica!

[showing Blade and Abbie the blood-farming facility]
Chief Martin Vreede: They decided that hunting humans on a piece-meal basis was too inefficient. Why kill your prey when you can keep them alive? Under optimal conditions a donor can generate anywhere from fifty to a hundred pints of blood a year.
Abigail Whistler: But where did you get all these people?
Chief Martin Vreede: The streets. In any given year you've got two to three million homeless people wandering around America. No one cares about them. We're doing the country a service, really.
Blade: [applauds sarcastically] The vampire Final Solution.
Abigail Whistler: Are they aware? Do they feel anything?
Chief Martin Vreede: They're in a chemically-induced coma. They're brain dead, vegetables.
[Blade seizes Vreede by the collar and slams his face into one of the cells]
Blade: Look at this! Is this the future you want? You think there's a place for *you* in their future?
Chief Martin Vreede: We don't have a choice! They're going to win. Can't you see that? He's come back! There's nothing stopping them now.
Blade: [in Vreede's face] There's me.

[Abby inspects Hannibal's shoulder wound, then pulls out an aerosol can]
Hannibal King: Whoa, hold on! What are you- What is that? What are you doin'?
Abigail Whistler: It's an elastic protein, okay? It's gonna stop the haemorraging.
Hannibal King: Okay. Is it gonna hurt?
Abigail Whistler: Yeah, it's gonna sting a little.
Hannibal King: Really?
[she applies the protein, spraying a thick paste into the wound with a hiss]
Hannibal King: FUCK... ME!