Captain Leo Davidson
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Captain Leo Davidson (Character)
from Planet of the Apes (2001)

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Planet of the Apes (2001)
Captain Leo Davidson: Never send a monkey to do a man's job.

Captain Leo Davidson: How did the apes get this way?
Daena: What other way would they be?
Captain Leo Davidson: They would be begging me for a treat right now.

Daena: What tribe are you from?
Captain Leo Davidson: United States Air Force, and I'm going back.

Captain Leo Davidson: Shut up! That goes for all species.

Captain Leo Davidson: Our apes couldn't talk.
Ari: Maybe they chose not to... given the way you treated them.

[When telling the human tribes to run away while they can]
Captain Leo Davidson: Look, you gotta make your people understand, it's over there's no help coming.
Daena: You came.

Captain Leo Davidson: I think it's fair to call this hostile territory.

Captain Leo Davidson: Time to explain evolution to the monkeys.

Captain Leo Davidson: I'm going to get my chimp.

Lt. Col.Grace Alexander: What? Was the Homo sapien mean to you again? We all know its just rocket envy, don't we?
Captain Leo Davidson: Ever consider an actual boyfriend?
Lt. Col.Grace Alexander: You mean do I enjoy being miserable? No thanks, I'll stick with my chimps.

[while holding a gun on Limbo]
Captain Leo Davidson: Play dead.

[to Leo in regarding Earth]
Ari: I'd like to see your world.
Captain Leo Davidson: I know. But they'd probably pry you and poke you and throw you in a cage too.
Ari: [smiles] You'd protect me.
[Leo smiles]

[Leo notices the human mark on Ari's hand]
Ari: I can't go home either now. So, maybe we're not so different.
Captain Leo Davidson: No, we're very different.
[Ari looks at him sadly]
Captain Leo Davidson: You care about everybody, but yourself.

Captain Leo Davidson: We're in control now! We're the 800 pound gorilla!

Captain Leo Davidson: [referring to Calima] Well, that's where my crew is so that's where we're going.
Limbo: Doesn't he ever stop?

Gunnar: You're letting him go?
Captain Leo Davidson: No, he rides with us.
Limbo: Wha? Wha?
Limbo: This is suicide!
Limbo: [after others move away] Only a human would think riding through an army encampment could work.

Limbo: Y'know, I'd like to thank you, for opening my eyes to a brave new world of trade with the humans.
Captain Leo Davidson: Yeah, no problem.
Limbo: Farewell, Spaceman!
Limbo: [immediately turns around to a group of children] Now, who wants to buy some aspirin?

Captain Leo Davidson: The smarter we get, the more dangerous we become.

[first lines]
Captain Leo Davidson: [to Pericles, who is panicking during a simulated space mission] You lost.
Captain Leo Davidson: [stops the simulation] Again.