Officer John Ryan
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Officer John Ryan (Character)
from Crash (2004/I)

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Crash (2004/I)
Shaniqua: [talking on the phone] Mr. Ryan, your father has been to the clinic three times in the last month. He's been treated for a urinary tract infection that is by no means an emergency. Now, if you have any more questions about your HMO plan, why don't you make an appointment to come in between ten and four, Monday through Friday.
Officer Ryan: What does my father do about sleeping tonight?
Shaniqua: I don't know. I'm not a Doctor.
Officer Ryan: I wanna talk to your supervisor...
Shaniqua: I am my supervisor!
Officer Ryan: Yeah, what's your name?
Shaniqua: Shaniqua Johnson.
Officer Ryan: Shaniqua. Big fucking surprise that is!
Shaniqua: Oh!
[Shaniqua hangs up]

Officer Ryan: You think you know who you are?
[Officer Hanson nods]
Officer Ryan: You have no idea.

Christine: [to Cameron] Fuck you, Cameron!
[to Ryan]
Christine: And you, keep your filthy fuckin' hands off me! Ow! You fucking pig!
Cameron: Christine, just stop taking.
Officer Ryan: [to Christine] That's quite a mouth you have.
[to Cameron]
Officer Ryan: Course, you know that.
Christine: Fuck you! That's what this is all about, isn't it? You thought you saw a white woman blowing a black man, and that just drove your little cracker ass crazy!
Cameron: Christine, shut your fuckin' mouth!
Officer Ryan: I'd listen to your husband, Ma'am. Put your legs open. Now, do you have any guns or knives or anything I might get stuck with?

Officer Hanson: Hey. Maybe they didn't tell you, but I've been reassigned.
Officer Ryan: Yeah, they told me. I just wanted to say good luck and it was good riding with you.
Officer Hanson: You too.
Officer Ryan: Wait 'till you've been on the job a few more years. Look at me.
Officer Hanson: Yeah.
Officer Ryan: Look at me. Wait 'till you've been doing it a little longer.

Officer Ryan: You folks drive safe now.

Officer Ryan: Put your hands on top of your head, Ma'am.
Cameron: Now, you just do what he says.

Officer Ryan: [approaching the bathroom] Hey, Pop, are you OK?
Pop Ryan: [sitting on the bowl] If I could piss, I'd be OK.

Officer Ryan: You know, you don't like me, that's fine, I'm a prick, my father doesn't deserve to suffer like this, he was a janitor, struggled his whole life, saved enough to start his own company, twenty three employees, all of them black, paid them equal wages when no one else was doing that, for thirty years he worked side by side with those men sweeping and carrying garbage, then the city council decides to give to minority owned companies preference to city contracts and overnight my father loses everything, his business, his home, his wife, everything, not once does he blame your people, now I'm not asking to help me, I'm asking you to do this small thing for a man who lost everything, so people like you can reap the benefits, and do you know what's its going to cost you? Nothing, just a flick of your pen.

Shaniqua: Mr. Ryan, my name is Shaniqua Johnson. I believe we spoke last night.
Officer Ryan: Yeah, I wanted to apologize. I haven't been too much sleep and my father's in a lot of pain.
Shaniqua: I'm sorry to hear that.
Officer Ryan: The doctor he's seeing says he's got a urinary tract infection, but he's been taking this medicine for a month now and seems to be getting worse.
Shaniqua: And he's been back to see Dr. Roberts?
Officer Ryan: Between you and me, the man's an idiot.
Shaniqua: Really?
Officer Ryan: Well, no offense, but the doctor sees a hundred patients an hour, I think his nurses are doing most of the work.
Shaniqua: If your father is unhappy with Dr. Roberts he's welcome to see a doctor outside the network.
Officer Ryan: And if this new doctor says it's not an infection and says it's his prostate and needs to be operated on, is it going to be covered?
Shaniqua: Not unless Dr. Roberts authorizes it.
Officer Ryan: Then what good is that going to do?
Shaniqua: I'm sorry, there's nothing else I can do.
Officer Ryan: You know what I can't do? I can't look at you without thinking about the five or six more qualified white men that didn't get your job.
Shaniqua: It's time for you to go.
Officer Ryan: I'm saying this because I'm really hoping I'm wrong about you. I'm hoping someone like yourself, someone who has been given a helping hand might have a little compassion for someone else in a similar situation.