Cameron Thayer
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Cameron Thayer (Character)
from Crash (2004/I)

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Crash (2004/I)
Anthony: You wanna get killed, nigger?
Cameron: [punches him] Say that again, man. Call me nigger again.
Anthony: You stupid motherfucker.

Cameron: [after Christine's been molested] Who are you calling?
Christine: I'm gonna report their asses, sons of bitches.

Cameron: [to Anthony] Look at me. You embarrass me. You embarrass yourself.

Officer Hanson: I'm trying to help you.
Cameron: I didn't ask for your help, did I?

Cameron: I mean, sooner or later, you gotta find out what it's really like to be black.
Christine: Oh, fuck you man! Like you'd know! The closest you ever came to being black, Cameron, was watching "The Cosby Show".
Cameron: Yeah, well, at least I wasn't watching it with the rest of the equestrian team.

Christine: [to Cameron] Fuck you, Cameron!
[to Ryan]
Christine: And you, keep your filthy fuckin' hands off me! Ow! You fucking pig!
Cameron: Christine, just stop taking.
Officer Ryan: [to Christine] That's quite a mouth you have.
[to Cameron]
Officer Ryan: Course, you know that.
Christine: Fuck you! That's what this is all about, isn't it? You thought you saw a white woman blowing a black man, and that just drove your little cracker ass crazy!
Cameron: Christine, shut your fuckin' mouth!
Officer Ryan: I'd listen to your husband, Ma'am. Put your legs open. Now, do you have any guns or knives or anything I might get stuck with?

Cameron: What did you want me to do? Get us both shot?

Officer Ryan: Put your hands on top of your head, Ma'am.
Cameron: Now, you just do what he says.

Anthony: Get the fuck outta the car!
Cameron: You get the fuck outta the car!
Anthony: Get outta the fucking car!
Cameron: It's my fucking car!
Anthony: It's my fucking gun!
[Cameron grabs Anthony's gun]
Cameron: Fuck, it's my gun now!
Anthony: Gimme my fucking gun!

Fred: [On a movie set] I think we need another take.
Cameron: That looked pretty terrific.
Fred: This is going to sound strange but is Jamal seeing a speech coach?
Cameron: What do you mean?
Fred: This is weird for a white guy to say this, but have you noticed he's been talking a lot less "black" lately?
Cameron: No, I haven't noticed that.
Fred: Really? Like in this scene, he's supposed to say "don't be talking about that", and he changed it to "don't talk to me about that".
Cameron: You think because of that the audience won't recognize him as a black man?
Fred: Is there a problem?
Cameron: Excuse me?
Fred: Is there a problem?
Cameron: No, we don't have a problem.
Fred: All I'm saying it's not his character. Eddie is supposed to be the smart one, not Jamal, right? You're the expert here but to me it rings false.