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Rhinox (Character)
from "Beast Wars: Transformers" (1996)

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"Beast Wars: Transformers: Dark Designs (#1.13)" (1996)
Terrorsaur: Look who's here. Our loyal friend.
Rhinox: Is, that supposed to mean something?
Terrorsaur: Deep-six the big wide eyes routine; you're trying to destablize the whole operation, so you can knock off Megatron and take over! Well, I've got news for you, pal... I like this plan. So here's the deal: you and me, equal partners.

Rhinox: Well, whaddata know? I win. Reprogramming me was the worst mistake you ever made. 'Cause now that I'm a Predacon, I'm just a little too crafty for you...
Megatron: Yes. I see this now.
Rhinox: It's called irony, sport. *I* take over, and *you* head straight for the recycling bin. Yessssss.
Megatron: So it would seem. And even now, Rhinox, you're teaching me a valuable lesson.
Rhinox: Yeah? What's that?
Megatron: Sometimes Predacons gloat too much!
[blasts Rhinox with the Transuter, rendering him a Maximal again]
Rhinox: [bewildered] W-what-wh-what happened?
Megatron: [striking him] Maximal buffoon! Thought you'd outwit ME?

Rhinox: There's more than one way to skin a cat. So to speak.
[glances at Cheetor who shakes his head]

Rhinox: Oh, I'm being *real* careful. See, *I'm* on this side, and it's all gonna fall - *that way*!
[drops a crate on Scorponok]

[last lines]
Cheetor: What's it actually feel like bein' a Pred?
Rhinox: Mmmm... Like you're three gigabytes of attitude on a two-gig hard drive. No wonder they got personality problems.
[the Maximals burst out laughing except Dinobot, who shakes his head grinning grudgingly after a minute]

Optimus Primal: Well done, old friend. Steady nerves and quick thinking.
Rhinox: Comes with the job description.
Optimus Primal: No, I'm serious. If you ever wanted to, you'd make one prime leader.
Rhinox: Thanks anyway, but I'll leave that sort of thing to you. I'd rather just tag along behind and smell the flowers.

Rhinox: Afternoon, all. This a private club, or can anybody join?

Rhinox: Nice little setup, chief. I think I'm gonna feel right at home.

Rhinox: And what's in this for me?
Megatron: The satisfaction that you have, played a leading role, in the destruction of your former comrades.
Rhinox: Destruction... Yep. Destruction is always good.

Rhinox: Oh, you're back on their side now? Gee, a guy can hardly keep track.

Rhinox: Something wrong?
Megatron: There must be a malfunction with the image-decompression protcom ray.
Rhinox: Gee. Hope it's under warranty.

Rhinox: [after hitting Waspinator with a crate so he slams into a wall] Heads up.

Rhinox: You're gonna keep your big beak shut, and do exactly a I tell ya. 'Cause one false move and you're a new fast-food sensation: pterodactyl hot wings.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Dark Voyage (#1.20)" (1997)
Dinobot: Mmmm, what a lovely smell. We could only be in a swamp.
Rhinox: You're catching on, Dinobot. We just follow our noses and...

Rhinox: There's more than one way to see, Dinobot.

Dinobot: What's happening? Are we under attack?
Rhinox: Don't panic.
Dinobot: [ready to attack] You won't get me!
[pounces... into a tree, which bears a lot of pain for him]

Rhinox: Listen to me! You've all got to calm down!
Dinobot: Calm down? We can't seeeee!

[a snake attempts to make Rattrap its dinner... ]
Rattrap: Where is it? Where is it?
Rhinox: [catching the snake in his teeth] Got ya now.
[tosses it]

[Waspinator finds the Maximals crossing a log bridge slowly]
Waspinator: Mmmmm you are! Awwww, something wrong with Maximals?
Waspinator: Aw, they can't see! This will be easy!
[Waspinator transforms... ]
Rhinox: Wait a minute. I heard some -
[Waspinator blasts the log, and all Maximals fall down the waterfall]

Cheetor: What do we do now?
Rhinox: Nowhere to run... so we fight.

[an ailing Rhinox senses someone in the air and prepares to battle to his last... ]
Optimus Primal: Rhinox!
Rhinox: Optimus. I knew you'd c...
[With a sigh of relief, Rhinox passes out]

[last lines]
Rhinox: [transforms into beast mode] I'm gonna go smell some flowers.
[walks out]
Rattrap: Eh... ya know, ya gotta love the big lugnut.

[a javelin is thrown into an energon crystal]
Dinobot: You missed!
Scorponok: Oh, did I? Look again, you fool!
[Dinobot sees that the javelin has a timed explosive]
Rhinox: Rhinox: maximize!
[transforms and pulls the javelin out and hurls it away]
Scorponok: Nice try, but you're too late!
Waspinator: Goodbye, stupid Maximals!
[a huge explosion occurs]

Dinobot: My eyes! My eyes!
Rhinox: Dinobot?
Rattrap: Rhinox? Where are ya, buddy? It's darker'n than the Inferno out here.
Cheetor: Rhinox, Rattrap - Somebody help me! I can't see!

Rhinox: We never really appreciated what we're capable of in beast form. Now... we know.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Web (#1.3)" (1996)
Rhinox: [after Cheetor has awakened with a scream] Good as new.
Rattrap: And doubly loud; ow!

Optimus Primal: I'm going to call Dinobot in from the perimeter! We'll need his knowledge of the Predacon base to do something about that mega-cannon!
Cheetor: I can get inside their base! Let me do it, Optimus!
Optimus Primal: You've done enough!
Rhinox: I'd better come up with a plan. If I know Optimus he'll want to move fast.
Rattrap: Yeah, with me in front. Heh! No, thanks, partner. The pussycat got us into hot oil, let HIM dance into Predacon HQ.

Rhinox: [shaking his head] Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Rattrap: What?
Rhinox: You know what he's going to do.
Rattrap: Ah, he's just grinding his gears! I mean even HE's not dumb enough to disobey the great Optimus again... Okay, okay, okay, okay! I'll stop him! That's if I can catch up with him...
[Grumbling, Rattrap goes after Cheetor, with Rhinox giving a small smile]

Cheetor: I just heard some kind of explosion. I'm gonna check it out. I'll talk to ya in a minute.
[cuts connection]
Optimus Primal: Explosion? Wait, Cheetor! Don't...!
Rhinox: He's moving again...
Optimus Primal: I'm going after him. If he calls in, tell him to get out of there NOW!

[first lines]
Optimus Primal: Good work, Rhinox.
Rhinox: Well, it still needs a field test.
Cheetor: Test?
[sprints through a door and nearly crashes into the two]
Cheetor: I'm your bot!

Optimus Primal: Whatcha got?
Optimus Primal: Rhinox cobbled together a new comlink. It's going to solve our long-range communication problems.
Rhinox: If it works...
Cheetor: Well, let's find out!
[Cheetor grabs the comlink and clips it on]
Cheetor: Whoa! Ultra-gear!
[Rhinox frowns at Optimus]
Optimus Primal: Cheetor, it's a valuable piece of equipment. Take care of it!

Optimus Primal: Head away from the bae at Vector Omega and check in every ten microquads. We'll see how far we can track you. If you encounter any Predacons, return immediately.
Cheetor: I'll be moving too fast for them to see me!
[with a snarl, charges out of the base]
Rhinox: [shaking his head] Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Optimus Primal: [Chuckles reassuringly] He'll do fine.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Beast Wars: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1996)
Rhinox: [the Maximals try to communicate with Cheetor in vain] No good. The Energon fields mess up the comlinks - anything over a hundred metres. They ain't worth scrap!
Optimus Primal: Well, that's just prime!

[the Maximals meet Dinobot for the first time - on a narrow bridge blocking their path]
Rhinox: Do we blast him?
Optimus Primal: Keep that option open, but hang on...

[last lines]
Dinobot: Attention, Dinobots! My name is Dinobot! I have left the Predacons to join your group... as LEADER!
Cheetor: WHAT? Did I hear the word "leader"?
Rhinox: [to Rattrap] This guy's got bearings of chrome steel...
Dinobot: I hereby challenge you, Optimus Primal, to a one-on-one battle! The winner shall lead the Maximals, and the loser shall be destroyed!

Tarantulas: Tarantulas: terrorize!
Rhinox: Rhinox: maximize!
Rhinox: Scorponok: terrorize!
Rattrap: Rattrap: maximize!
Terrorsaur: Terrorsaur: terrorize!
Megatron: Megatron: terrorize!
Optimus Primal: Optimus Primal: maximize!

[During a battle, Rattrap refuses to attack and is picked up by a fed-up Rhinox]
Rattrap: Hey! Lemme go, yah big bulldozer!
Rhinox: Cover fire... they need it, we give it! NOW!

Rhinox: We're going down...

"Beast Wars: Transformers: A Better Mousetrap (#1.11)" (1996)
Rhinox: Rattrap, what are you doing?
Rattrap: We can't abandon the base, and since I turned this thing on I'm the one who's gotta turn it off! Oh, man, I'm starting to sound like Optimus Pinhead...
[heads into the ship's ventilation system]

[last lines]
Rhinox: Rattrap? But how did you...
Rattrap: ...avoid getting scrapped? Well, it was no oil bath. But the bottom line is: the defense system ain't built that can beat me! Right, Sentinel? Ya just gotta know how to talk to it!

Dinobot: Danglers? Defense guns? What kind of defense grid is this?
Rhinox: What's coming out of your gearing?
Dinobot: These toys won't work against Predacons in battle mode! Lethal threat demands lethal response!
Rattrap: Oh, yeah? Well respond to this, Chopperface!
[programs the system to attack Dinobot]

[the defense system starts to malfunction]
Rattrap: Show's over, Rhinox; shut it down!
Rhinox: How? The console's junked, thanks to you and Dinobot!
Cheetor: [entering] Hey, what's going on?
Rhinox: Sentinel thinks we're intruders! We have to get out of here! Help Dinobot!
Rattrap: Uh... what about that friend-and-foe program?
Rhinox: That's what I was working on when you pulled that stunt!
Rattrap: Ooops...

[the defense grid is deactivated]
Cheetor: Hey, the defense grid's down...
Rhinox: Oh, no...
Optimus Primal: What is it, Rhinox?
Rhinox: Sentinel would not have deactivated if, if the intruder was still active...
Cheetor: Rattrap... gone? No way. I don't believe it.
Optimus Primal: He was a difficult Maximal to deal with - at times, impossible. But I'll remember him with honour.
Dinobot: I won't disgrace his memories with lies! He was a stinking, omnivorous pestilence! But yet... in some perverse way... I shall miss him.
Rhinox: Sure, he smelled, he was a rat - but he was my best friend.
Rattrap: [surprising them] Oh, boohoo, boohoo! Don't stop!... Ya motorheads are killing me!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Spark (#1.15)" (1996)
Airazor: You're Rhinox.
Rhinox: How'd you know?
Airazor: I'm not sure, but I think I owe you my life.
Rhinox: Let's say we're even.

Rhinox: This will only take a nano-clip, but you'll have to go offline.
Cheetor: I could use the snooze. Repair mode.

Rhinox: [in a dream of Cheetor's] What's new, pussycat?
Cheetor: Rhinox - what's goin' on?
[Rhinox holds a glowing sphere of light in his hand]
Cheetor: A spark.
Rhinox: Yup. This is the very thing that makes us what we are. Every Cybertronian, Maximal or Predacon, has one, and each one is different. When a spark comes online, there is great joy. When it is extinguished... the universe weeps.
Cheetor: [Wakes up] Whoa... that was ultra-gear!

[last lines]
Rhinox: When a spark comes online, there is great joy.
[Cheetor gives him a surprised yet pleased look]

Rhinox: Download sequencer program through my central processor.
Maximal Computer: Warning. Processor could cause damage to your circuitry.
Maximal Computer: Just do it!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Fallen Comrades (#1.7)" (1996)
[a bridge is blown to bits in an attack]
Rhinox: That was some cold slag...

Optimus Primal: Greetings, Tigatron! I'm Optimus Primal, Maximal commander! You had us worried for a little while. We didn't know if you'd made it.
Tigatron: I almost didn't... the crash damaged my identity circuits... I didn't know who I really was... or what side I was on... until...
[looks at Rhinox, Rattrap and Cheetor]
Optimus Primal: Until I saw you willing to risk your lives to save us.
Tigatron: Well, we're just glad you came through. We could use another member on the Maximal force. Our ship, or what's left of it is due south about a hundred clips...
Tigatron: No. I am sorry... I am still more tiger than Maximal... until my identity circuits restore themselves, I believe my place is here in the wilds, with my kind. But you may count on my loyalty.
Rhinox: Sounds good to me!
Rattrap: Yeah, we could use a scout up here, in case the Preds get up to something...
Optimus Primal: Then it's settled, for now. But I have a feeling we'll be meeting again, Tigatron, and soon...

[first lines]
Rhinox: [at a console] Incoming stasis pod! Its orbit has decayed into the Northern sector!
Optimus Primal: Heads up, bots; get ready to move!
Rhinox: Impact in 5 seconds... 4... 3... 2... 1...
[the stasis pod crashes in the Arctic]
Terrorsaur: [at a console] IMPACT! It landed in Sector 6175885, a hundred clicks due north! Shall we go?
Megatron: Nooo, not yet...

Megatron: The stasis pod is ours, Maximal! And I know your weaknesses, yeesss...
[Megatron blasts an outcrop where two tigers are standing; the tigers plunge down to the ground and Megatron utters a sadistic laugh]
Rhinox: Let them go! They're not part of this!
Megatron: That's right, just innocent creatures.
[aims his blaster at the tigers]
Megatron: So surrender yourselves and this pod, or they shall be terminated!
[the Maximal squad slowly lower their guns]
Rattrap: You win, you depraved wad of stinkin' slag...!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Crossing the Rubicon (#3.9)" (1999)
Silverbolt: What is it, Rhinox?
Rhinox: The Pred shell program they implanted is deteriorating. If it continues it will infect her Maximal core conscience.
Blackarachnia: It sounds serious. Oh. I guess using the transmetal driver on myself wasn't such a great idea.
Optimus Primal: I thought you were smarter than that and how did YOU get the driver?
Blackarachnia: I borrowed it.
Rhinox: Why?

Silverbolt: Enough! Our only concern now should be Blackarachnia's well-being.
Optimus Primal: You're right. Rhinox?
Rhinox: I can't stop the spark's deterioration but I can try severing the shell program from her core consience. The only problem is it's never been done before.
[Blackarachnia looks worried]
Optimus Primal: And if we don't try?

Rhinox: It's too late. I'm sorry.
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia.
Rhinox: I'll let Optimus know.
Silverbolt: [growling] TARANTULAS!

Rhinox: How are you feeling?
Blackarachnia: Like someone is playing squash-the-spider with an energon ball.
Optimus Primal: Are you ready?
Blackarachnia: All except for one thing. Decrypt datatrax Widow's Edge. Prepare for direct download. The Ark's access codes. I figure you have the best chance of keeping them away from Mega-Ego.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Victory (#1.12)" (1996)
Rattrap: But we still can't trust Dinobot...
Rhinox: Before we decide where he's going, we have to decide where WE're going!

Rhinox: I'm almost done with these repairs...
Optimus Primal: We'll need to pick up our stasis pods from orbit, and we'll also need to inform Tigatron...
Cheetor: Okay, but after that we're gonna explore the galaxy again, right?
Rattrap: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what're ya talkin' here? Have you seen the way this scrap heap looks lately? Assuming we even get this thing into space, the only place we're goin' is back to Cybertron!
Optimus Primal: I'm afraid Rattrap's right.
Rattrap: Woo-hoo, and about time too! I can hear the dames cryin' over me!
Dinobot: Perhaps it is your return that gives cause for their... unhappiness!

Cheetor: I'm coming with you!
Rhinox: Cheetor, NO!
Optimus Primal: Back in your seat! That's an order!
Cheetor: You're gonna need backup! Besides, Cybertron wouldn't be the same without you!
Optimus Primal: ...All right. Let's him 'em hard and fast!
Cheetor: I'm your bot!

[the Axalon nosedives to Earth]
Rattrap: We're all gonna die!
Dinobot: [points] Wait! Look, in the sky! Is it a bird?
Rhinox: [squints] It could be a plane...
Rattrap: Nah, it's Optimus!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Optimal Situation (#3.1)" (1998)
Rattrap: Sheesh. Where's my cyberviolin?
Rhinox: Very touching, Silverbolt. But she's just in stasis lock.
Rattrap: Yeah, so if you could stop crushing her to your manly torso plate for a while, what say we start the repairs?
Silverbolt: [clearing his throat] Yes, um, very well.
Rhinox: Hurry back with that spark, Optimus, or none of this will have mattered at all.

Rhinox: His spark can't exist outside of a living body.
Optimus Primal: I know.
Rattrap: What? Are you NUTS? You can't hold two sparks in your body.

[Optimus Primal groans in the corner of the Ark]
Rhinox: Hurry.
Blackarachnia: This technology is over four-billion years old. It takes time.
Rattrap: Time you don't have She-Spider.
Silverbolt: You'll have to shoot through me, rodent.
Rattrap: Don't tempt me.
Rhinox: Knock it off. We have bigger problems.

Rhinox: Whew! He's back in normal stasis and reality has been restored.
Rattrap: Yeah. Now all we've gotta do is keep it that way for the next couple of million years. Sheesh, no problem.
Optimus Primal: Rattrap is correct. The first thing we have to do, Maximals...
Blackarachnia: Ahem!
Optimus Primal: And Predacon, is fortify this place so gather up all of the salvage you can find... We're moving in.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Gorilla Warfare (#1.10)" (1996)
Rhinox: What do you mean, "use it to our advantage"?
Dinobot: Optimus, is a war machine. I say we point him in the right direction, give him full armaments, and then, unleash him upon the Predacons. If we want the antivirus, that is the only way to get it.
Rattrap: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Eh, normally, I would love to see the Preds get their little scheme tossed right back at 'em. But you're forgettin', just one little thing.
Dinobot: Oh? And that would be?
Rhinox: Optimus would get blown to scrap. BIG problem.
Dinobot: Well... that depends on your viewpoint.
Rattrap: Hey, hey-hey-hey - shut up!

Rattrap: Rhinox, what's the cinch?
Rhinox: Looks like a viral mine. It's fused with his net core. He can't transform while that thing's attached.
Cheetor: Well, then, let's get it off! He took enough energon damage just getting back here!
Rhinox: [shakes his head] Can't be done. The mine's rerouted all his life-support functions to itself. We yank it, he lives for less than a minute.
Cheetor: Ohhh. That's bad.
Rhinox: Gets worse. Right after that, the mine explodes, takin' out everyone within sprintin' distance.

Optimus Primal: I don't fear you... I don't fear ANY OF YOU!
Rhinox: I thought that thing was supposed to turn him into a coward.
Dinobot: No doubt that *was* its intention. But, Scorponok is notoriously incompetent.

Optimus Primal: Hey... they made what I am today... So I figure it's time to say THANK YOU! Now! Yeah!
[starts shooting, blowing out a light and causing the alarm to go off]
Optimus Primal: Ohhhh... Stupid slagging circuit systems! Ah, shut up!
[goes back into a berseker rage and starts firing at everything]
Rhinox: We've got to stop him before he hurts himself!
Rattrap: Heh! Him? Heh! Try us!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Beast Wars: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1996)
[about Dinobot's challenge towards Optimus Primal]
Rhinox: Don't WE get a say in this?
Rattrap: Let Chopperface and the Boss Monkey duke it out! Ain't no fur off of MY tail...
Cheetor: No way! Hey, Scale Belly, how's about you try a piece of the fat kitty, huh?

[the energon mountain starts to vibrate... ]
Rhinox: It's gonna blow!
Cheetor: Time to fade, heroes!

Dinobot: Release me! Let me fall and save yourself!
Optimus Primal: Now where's the honor in that?
[Optimus Primal's grip weakens... ]
Dinobot: You have no choice.
Optimus Primal: Then we BOTH go!
[Both begin to fall, but Rhinox grabs Optimus]
Rhinox: Going up!
[pulls both up]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Call of the Wild (#1.19)" (1997)
[first lines]
[Cheetor wakes from a nightmare to find the Predacons attacking the Maximal base]
Optimus Primal: Damage report!
Rhinox: The autoguns are offline! They've been taken out!

Optimus Primal: Attack? Where?
Rhinox: Not an attack, yet. They're just trying to shake us up. None of us have slept for two days!

Rattrap: Oh, man... I hate using these tiny little arms and legs! I wanna maximize!
Optimus Primal: No! The Energon buildup will fry your system!
Rattrap: Yeeah? Well, if you weren't such a coward...!
[Opimus Primal and Rattrap start snarling at each other bestially]
Rhinox: Stop it! Stop It! STOP IT!
[flips a table over and shatters a window]
Optimus Primal: What's happening to us?
Rhinox: We've been in beast mode too long, it's starting to dominate our programming...

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Possession (#1.21)" (1997)
Rhinox: I'd say it's tramplin' time!

Dinobot: I do not think we have much to worry about...
Rhinox: What?
Dinobot: Remember the Cybertronix Dictionary? All records replaced "traitor" with the name "Starscream" and stuck in an image for good measure. Soon, hopefully very soon, Megatron will have other concerns besides Maximals to deal with...
Optimus Primal: True. But in the meantime...

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Trigger: Part 2 (#1.17)" (1996)
Cheetor: Terrorsaur and Waspinator just took off from Pred Central! They must be back online!
Rhinox: You hear that, Optimus?
Optimus Primal: More than hear it, Rhinox... we're in the middle of it live!

[last lines]
[a beam of light spears into the sky from the flying island]
Rhinox: Whoa... what do you suppose that beam was all about?
Cheetor: Some kind of signal?
Tigatron: A message! We were given a paradise! All we had to do was live in peace! But we proved unworthy... and the paradise is no more.
Optimus Primal: Yes. It's an old story. Perhaps one day we'll learn...
Rattrap: I hate to be pragmatic in this philosophical moment, but I'm a little more concerned about who got that message. You gotta know, they ain't gonna be too happy...
Cheetor: What do you think's gonna happen?
Rhinox: I guess we'll have to wait and see...

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Power Surge (#1.6)" (1996)
Cheetor: Terrorsaur's leading the Predacons now! He's going to attack our base!
Optimus Primal: What about Megatron?
Cheetor: Terrorsaur scrapped him like he was a maintenance bot! he must have found some monster energy source on that floating mountain!
Rhinox: Floating mountain?
Rattrap: I knew it... you got your circuits crossed, kid! Even on this weird dirtball, mountains don't fly!

Rhinox: You know, it's possible... if the energon was unstable, and if there was a big enough concentration... it could lift a mountain off the ground!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Low Road (#1.22)" (1997)
Optimus Primal: We can't wait any longer. For Rhinox's sake, we have to launch of a frontal attack.
Rhinox: Wait. I'm coming too.
Cheetor: Hey, hang on, brood buddy. You're a little under the weather, aren't'cha?
Rhinox: Hey, if I'm going to wreck the wallpaper, I might as well do it on Pred turf.

Optimus Primal: [Rhinox sits down groaning] What's wrong?
Rhinox: Wild bean vines, hard to digest
[turns around]
Megatron: Do not turn your back on me Maximal scum
[Rhinox still turns to the maximals shock]
Megatron: Huh?
[Rhinox is ready to fart]
[Rhinox farts, It's visible from Space, scene cuts to Tarantula's ruined lab]
Optimus Primal: Oh that did it! Let's go!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Code of Hero (#2.9)" (1998)
Rattrap: Oh, man... no matter how soon we get there, it's going to be way too late.
Rhinox: Do you always have to see the bright side?
Rattrap: Dinobot against six Preds - there won't be enough left of him to make a toaster.

Rhinox: Remember that transwarp cell explosion?
[Optimus Primal stares at him]
Rhinox: Okay, stupid question...

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Trigger: Part 1 (#1.16)" (1996)
[examining the scene of Tigatron's last stand]
Optimus Primal: This place is a battleground. Blast craters and missile debris everywhere. From the angle, it was an aerial attack.
Dinobot: Hrmmm. Waspinator and Terrorsaur.
Rattrap: Oh, thanks for the insight there, Dinobrain. You want your expert consultant fee now?
Dinobot: No need... I can simply excise it from your hide!
Rhinox: HEY! Not. Now.

Optimus Primal: Are you sure?
Airazor: Positive! It was Terrorsaur and Waspinator, and they were both seriously slagged, almost scrap!
Rhinox: It couldn't be Tigatron. That's not his style.
Optimus Primal: No. He may defend himself, but total destruction goes against everything he believes in.
Dinobot: He's a fool, then!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Nemesis: Part 2 (#3.13)" (1999)
Rhinox: For everything that ever was...
[crashes his ship into The Nemesis]

Rhinox: Blackarachnia, how's that capacitor coming?
Blackarachnia: I need a conduit cable to finish the connection... aha!
[sees Rattrap's sword-tail and lops it off]
Rattrap: Hey! Ya emasculatin' fembot!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Agenda: Part III (#2.13)" (1998)
[Rattrap falls into Rhinox's arms]
Rattrap: Ah... my hero!
[kisses Rhinox on the lips]
Rhinox: [dropping him] Oh, get down!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Bad Spark (#2.8)" (1998)
Rhinox: [about Protoform X] Primus help us all if that thing survived...

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Coming of the Fuzors: Part 1 (#2.2)" (1997)
Rhinox: Journey well, friends. You are part of this planet. Let its heart guide your own.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Aftermath (#2.1)" (1997)
Rhinox: [stops him as he's about to fight Rattrap] Enough. Stand down, Dinobot.
Dinobot: By what right do you command me? With Optimus gone, I should be...
Rhinox: [Grabs him by the throat and lifts him off the ground] I'm in a bad mood. Understand?
Dinobot: Uh-huh.
[Rhinox lets him drop]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Proving Grounds (#3.7)" (1999)
Optimus Primal: Can you reactivate her Maximal programing?
Rhinox: It's tricky and dangerous. It could dump her entire core and leave her a blank.
Optimus Primal: And if we do nothing.
Rhinox: She'll be a Predacon forever.
Optimus Primal: That might be too big of a risk to take right now. Let's go find her.
Blackarachnia: [listening in] So that's the way it is, huh? Nobody's unzipping this girl's core.

"Beast Machines: Transformers: Revelations Part 3: Apocalypse (#1.9)" (1999)
Optimus Primal: Rattrap, delay that order! Maximals, stand down.
Cheetor: But, Optimus, he was...
Optimus Primal: Rhinox has made, his choice. If we tamper with his mind then we're no better than Megatron. Let him go. Megatron wants this planet to run harmoniously. But harmony without free will isn't harmony at all, freedom at all.
[to Tankorr]
Optimus Primal: I pray you understand that in time.
Rhinox: Good-bye, Optimus. When we meet again, it will not be as allies.
Cheetor: [underground] How could you let him go? He wasn't just one of us, he was, the best of us.
Black Arachnia: He doesn't like it any more than you do, Cheetor, so let it go. He understands the Matrix, and our role in the grand scheme.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Chain of Command (#1.5)" (1996)
Rhinox: Make a device to extract physical molecular structure from an alien probe? Man, I've gotta be a miracle-worker!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Other Victories (#3.11)" (1999)
Rhinox: That's no meteor. Its readings are off the scale.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Transmutate (#2.10)" (1998)
Silverbolt: What did the tests show?
Optimus Primal: Well, its data tracks are scrambled beyond recovery, its structure is a nightmare and its logic circuits are barely at the level of a drone. Coupled with its sheer power, it's a danger to itself and everyone around it.
Rhinox: Best thing for us all would be to put it in Stasis Lock, immediately.
Silverbolt: Are we Predacons now? Do we destroy whatever does not fit our definition of perfection?