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Tigatron (Character)
from "Beast Wars: Transformers" (1996)

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"Beast Wars: Transformers: Law of the Jungle (#1.23)" (1997)
Tigatron: [thrashing Inferno] You will leave the wild alone!

[at the grave of his animal friend]
Tigatron: Goodbye, Snowstalker. Let your hunting ground shelter you now.

Tigatron: I cannot do this again.
Cheetor: It's... it's never easy to bury a friend.
Tigatron: [looking over the devastation] But it is too easy to do THIS...
Cheetor: We had no choice! The Preds...
Tigatron: Predacons or Maximals, what difference does it make? In my lust for battle, I caused the death of an innocent.
Dinobot: Brah! There are no innocents! This is war! And this... well, this is simply a battlefield.
Tigatron: We MADE it so! And every time we do, this world suffers! But I will have no more of it. From this moment on, I am no longer part of the Beast Wars.

Tigatron: I do not wish to fight!
Dinobot: THEN DIE!

Waspinator: [mistaken upon meeting Snowstalker, Tigatron's friend] Tiger-bot!
Tigatron: [above] Half right, Predacon!
[jumps on Waspinator]

Tigatron: Back off, Predacon! You'll kill no more beasts today!

[Tigatron senses someone approaching, and hides. Soon, Dinobot approaches and locates Tigatron]
Dinobot: You have the instincts of a warrior. You know when danger's approaching.
Tigatron: Why do you stalk me?
Dinobot: To... talk.
Tigatron: I have nothing more to say.
Dinobot: Then look!
[Dinobot points towards a meadow where gazelles are grazing peacefully. Suddenly a tiger attacks and pounces upon one of the gazelles... ]
Dinobot: That is the law of the jungle - the hunter and the hunted! Scrap or be scrapped!
Tigatron: Animals fight to survive!
Dinobot: What do you think war is about?

Optimus Primal: Tigatron, I hate this war as much as any of us...
Tigatron: All the more reason to stop it! We don't belong here, Optimus!
Optimus Primal: But we ARE here. And as Maximals, we've got a duty to explore and defend this world.

[Tigatron puts out a burning bush]
Tigatron: Once again this planet pays the price for our war!

[last lines]
Optimus Primal: Well fought, Maximal.
Dinobot: You chose a perfect time to return to our ranks. I am in your debt.
Tigatron: I must still grieve for my friend... but as long as there are Predacons to harm this world, I will fight to protect it.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Trigger: Part 2 (#1.17)" (1996)
Tigatron: May I be forgiven, for what I must do...

Tigatron: How are you feeling?
Airazor: Better... still thrashed... can't fly.
Tigatron: Then the lady shall ride a tiger...

[trapped in a shrinking gorge]
Tigatron: Can you transform?
Airazor: Do you think I haven't been trying?
Tigatron: Then we have but one choice... Tigatron: maximize!
[transforms and blows out an exit]
Tigatron: Now, we run!

Rattrap: Wait a minute, wait a minute... you're saying that whoever built this island places an obstacle course all around this island, which doesn't let you use energy weapons?
Optimus Primal: What are you getting at, Rattrap?
Rattrap: This isn't a paradise, it's a puzzle. This island was built to bring subjects from this planet here, and, uh, test them...
Airazor: Test them? Test them for what?
Rattrap: I don't know, Bird Lady. But I can tell you this: being a guinea pig ain't my idea of a long-term career gig, you get what I'm sayin'? I say we ditch this joint!
Tigatron: No! This is a land of peace! I will protect it!
Optimus Primal: It won't be peaceful much longer... Look!
[points towards two approaching Predacons]

[last lines]
[a beam of light spears into the sky from the flying island]
Rhinox: Whoa... what do you suppose that beam was all about?
Cheetor: Some kind of signal?
Tigatron: A message! We were given a paradise! All we had to do was live in peace! But we proved unworthy... and the paradise is no more.
Optimus Primal: Yes. It's an old story. Perhaps one day we'll learn...
Rattrap: I hate to be pragmatic in this philosophical moment, but I'm a little more concerned about who got that message. You gotta know, they ain't gonna be too happy...
Cheetor: What do you think's gonna happen?
Rhinox: I guess we'll have to wait and see...

"Beast Wars: Transformers: A Better Mousetrap (#1.11)" (1996)
Tigatron: I don't need help hunting Predacons!

[Optimus Primal startles Tigatron]
Tigatron: Not many can sneak up on me like that...
Optimus Primal: I think you could learn a lot from Rattrap... if you could stand him.

Optimus Primal: Tigatron? What is this?
Tigatron: It's a long funny story...

Blackarachnia: In fifteen cycles, we will be inside the Maximal base...
Tigatron: The only place you're headed for is the slag heap!
[removes the sonic projector and runs off]
Blackarachnia: He's stolen my invention!
[the Predacons transform and chase Tigatron]

Blackarachnia: You can't win, cat! The device will explode and take you with it!
Tigatron: In that case, allow me to return it!
[hurls the device at the Predacons]
Blackarachnia: NOOO!
Terrorsaur: Let's get out of here!
[the Predacons scatter]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Trigger: Part 1 (#1.16)" (1996)
[last lines]
[a cyberbee projects an image... ]
Cheetor: Hey! it's Tigertron!
Tigatron: Attention Maximals. This is a code 1 emergency message from Tigertron: Airazor has been damaged. She and I are trapped on a mysterious flying island. This island is a self-contained ecosystem guarded by powerful weapons of alien design. Blackarachnia and Scorpinok have already managed to invade. If the Predacons gain control of the island and its weapons the Predacons will be able to destroy the Maximal base...
Cheetor: What?
Tigatron: ...and win the Beast Wars!

[first lines]
[a tremor rips through a mountain range under Tigatron's scrutiny]
Tigatron: By the mother lode...! This is not a volcanic area. Curious...
[Some rocks drop on him]
Tigatron: Though my heart is bound to these rugged lands, they still have its mysteries... and I have my duties to perform. Time for my weekly report!

Rattrap: You've reached Good Guy Central here! So what's new, pussycat? Any Preds in sight?
Tigatron: This is a peaceful land, Rattrap, at least for now... huh?
[the communications station picks up something]
Tigatron: Uh-oh...
[Waspinator and Terrorsaur transform and fire their blasters]
Tigatron: Revise that! I am being attacked!

Tigatron: [exploring it] This island seems to be well developed...
[passes a rock, which unknown to him has a strange glowing symbol engraved on it. Then several booby traps appear out of the ground]
Tigatron: ... and protected! Tigatron: maximize!

Tigatron: It seems that energy weapons are not welcome in this strange land. Beast mode.
Tigatron: Let me be a visitor, not an invader.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Call of the Wild (#1.19)" (1997)
Tigatron: Remember, do not fight your beast instincts. Let them help your robot forms both in battle and in peace. But for now, maximize... AND SLAG SOME BUTT!

[Airazor awakes fully repaired, but finds only Tigatron at the base]
Airazor: What's going on?
Tigatron: [grimly assessing the situation] It's called a hunt.

[Tigatron locates all the feral Maximals and collects them together]
Tigatron: I know you are frightened, but I can help. Accessing Maximal core consciousness. Password: Tigatron.
[the Maximal animals cry out in agony]
Tigatron: SILENCE! Good. Now, listen, and learn...

Tigatron: Once, we were merely robots in disguise. But on this planet, we Maximals have become something more. Maximal programming is designed to block our beast urges, but that has proved to be an error. Our beast modes are part of us. Fighting their nature only makes them stronger. You must accept both beast and robot forms. Feel your core consciousness. Find the programming block and delete it! Bring your beast and robot forms together! Let them work in harmony... and let them both make you stronger than you were before.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Fallen Comrades (#1.7)" (1996)
Optimus Primal: Greetings, Tigatron! I'm Optimus Primal, Maximal commander! You had us worried for a little while. We didn't know if you'd made it.
Tigatron: I almost didn't... the crash damaged my identity circuits... I didn't know who I really was... or what side I was on... until...
[looks at Rhinox, Rattrap and Cheetor]
Optimus Primal: Until I saw you willing to risk your lives to save us.
Tigatron: Well, we're just glad you came through. We could use another member on the Maximal force. Our ship, or what's left of it is due south about a hundred clips...
Tigatron: No. I am sorry... I am still more tiger than Maximal... until my identity circuits restore themselves, I believe my place is here in the wilds, with my kind. But you may count on my loyalty.
Rhinox: Sounds good to me!
Rattrap: Yeah, we could use a scout up here, in case the Preds get up to something...
Optimus Primal: Then it's settled, for now. But I have a feeling we'll be meeting again, Tigatron, and soon...

Megatron: Open the stasis pod!
[the gloating Predacons open the stasis pod... ]
Megatron: WHHAAAT?
[There's nothing inside]
Megatron: It's empty! Where is the Maximal?
Tigatron: Right here...
[the Predacons turn and see one of the tigers facing them]
Tigatron: Tigatron: maximize!

[last lines]
Tigatron: Let the trails lead where they may. I will follow...

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Victory (#1.12)" (1996)
Tigatron: [entering the Maximal base] It feels strange to be in such an artificial setting...
Rattrap: Hey, hey, hey, it's Tigatron the Barbarian!

Tigatron: I cannot stand aside and watch my friends engage the enemy! Tigatron: maximize!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Other Visits: Part 1 (#2.6)" (1998)
[last words]
[caught in an alien snare]
Tigatron: Wherever you go, my spark shall find yours!
Airazor: ...and mine, yours!
[both vanish into a bright light]

[Airazor and Tigatron scout a beautiful orchard]
Tigatron: I forgot what this planet has to offer.
[Tigatron and Airazor move together to kiss... ]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Other Voices: Part 2 (#1.26)" (1997)
Airazor: Take care, Optimus. Come back to us.
Tigatron: May the Matrix protect your spark for all eternity.
Rattrap: Just in case you don't come back... can I have your quarters?
Optimus Primal: No. Whatever happens out there, I want you to know that you're the finest crew I've ever served with.
Blackarachnia: Do Maximals always talk such slop?
[Airazor punches her out]
Rattrap: My sentiments exactly.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Before the Storm (#1.24)" (1997)
Terrorsaur: Don't even twitch your whiskers, pussycat, or I'll fragment your hard-drive!
Tigatron: You cannot shoot. We have a truce, remember?
Terrorsaur: Oh, I remember. but you know, my trigger finger, it just might forget.
Tigatron: Then permit me to jar its memory!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Spark (#1.15)" (1996)
Scorponok: You'll get nothing out of me, Maximal! Scorponok: terror...
Tigatron: [zapping and freezing Scorponok] Sorry, I have no time to play.
Blackarachnia: [zapping Tigatron with cyber-venom] What a pity!