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Quickstrike (Character)
from "Beast Wars: Transformers" (1996)

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"Beast Wars: Transformers: Nemesis: Part 1 (#3.12)" (1999)
Inferno: That will be our new colony.
Quickstrike: Ewww! I don't wanna move in there! It got all 'em hairy critters in it! Unless... unless you mean we's gonna slag 'em! Oh, oh please tell me that's what you're plannin'!
Inferno: The royalty demands a new colony. And we shall take it. By force.
Quickstrike: YAHOO! Now you're talkin!

Quickstrike: How's about it, bug boy? You ready to rip?
Waspinator: No.
Quickstrike: ...what?
Inferno: But the royalty commands!
Waspinator: I said NO! Dragon-bot command you, Sub-commander kiss-butt! Dragon-bot not command Waspinator! Not any more! Waspinator sick of being evil! Sick of being Predacon! And Waspinator sick of being blown to scrap all the time! Sooo, Waspinator quits! As of NOW! Which means Ant-bot and Two-head can just pucker up their mandibles and plant big wet juicy ones right here on Waspinator's big, fat, stripy...
[blam! Inferno and Quickstrike blast Waspinator]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Code of Hero (#2.9)" (1998)
Quickstrike: What's a warrior without weapons?
Dinobot: A warrior STILL!