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Biography for
Thundercracker (Character)
from "The Transformers" (1984)

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Function: Warrior "The deadliest weapon is terror."

Soaring swiftly through the clouds, he gazed with scorn on the creatures below. He was utterly contemptuous of anything that could not fly. Occasionally, he expressed this contempt by diving and striking, leaving flame and destruction as he again sped upward. Yet he wasn't totally convinced of the cause he served. Only the words of his Decepticon companions about the rightness of their cause, the destiny of conquest is their birthright, convinced him to go on. He was persuaded because he wanted to be persuaded. Without a sense of purpose, he felt his life would be unbearable.

Like his fellow Decepticon Seekers, he could attain speeds of up to 1500 mph in F-15 Eagle mode. He had the additional ability to produce controlled sonic booms that could be heard within a 200 mile radius. He could launch a drone rocket with a range of 500 miles that behaved similarly to a cruise missile and had the concussive force of 3000lbs of TNT. He had two shoulder-mounted automatic incendiary guns that shot at 100 rounds per minute heat-resistant ceramic bullets containing a highly explosive flammable material that ignited on impact.

Lingering doubts in his subconscious sometimes surfaced and impeded his effectiveness particularly when innocent human lives were endangered. Usually his fear of Megatron compelled him to overlook those doubts. During the Battle of Autobot City in 2005, he was gravely injured. During the Decepticon escape, he and several other wounded Decepticons were ejected from their ship. Soon though, they came upon Unicron who reformatted them all and gave them a second chance at life. He became Scourge, and upon this transformation, he lost any compassion he may have had.

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