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Dinobot (Character)
from "Beast Wars: Transformers" (1996)

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"Beast Wars: Transformers: Dark Voyage (#1.20)" (1997)
Dinobot: Mmmm, what a lovely smell. We could only be in a swamp.
Rhinox: You're catching on, Dinobot. We just follow our noses and...

[Rhinox orders everyone to change to beast mode]
Rattrap: Oh, boy. That was weird. A-a-and I still can't see.
Cheetor: Me neither.
Dinobot: I'll tear out Scorponok's cervos for this! And Waspinator's too!

[washed up at the bottom of a waterfall]
Dinobot: What, irony... for a warrior like me to go out blind, wet, and helpless...

Dinobot: What's happening? Are we under attack?
Rhinox: Don't panic.
Dinobot: [ready to attack] You won't get me!
[pounces... into a tree, which bears a lot of pain for him]

Rhinox: Listen to me! You've all got to calm down!
Dinobot: Calm down? We can't seeeee!

[Rhinox awakes at the Maximal base, fully repaired]
Rattrap: [chuckling] Hey, buddy! Good to SEE ya. And, thanks.
Cheetor: Goes double for me, big guy.
Dinobot: Hmm. I suppose you did do a... commendable job out there.

[a javelin is thrown into an energon crystal]
Dinobot: You missed!
Scorponok: Oh, did I? Look again, you fool!
[Dinobot sees that the javelin has a timed explosive]
Rhinox: Rhinox: maximize!
[transforms and pulls the javelin out and hurls it away]
Scorponok: Nice try, but you're too late!
Waspinator: Goodbye, stupid Maximals!
[a huge explosion occurs]

Dinobot: So, now I'm nothing more than an Energon miner! What a waste of my talents.
[his detector goes off]
Dinobot: I've found some! Here!
[discovers an energon deposit far greater than Rattrap's]
Cheetor: Nice find, Dino-miner. You're even better at this than Rattrap!
Dinobot: Hmmm... I'm better at EVERYTHING than Rattrap!
Rattrap: Yeah?

Dinobot: My eyes! My eyes!
Rhinox: Dinobot?
Rattrap: Rhinox? Where are ya, buddy? It's darker'n than the Inferno out here.
Cheetor: Rhinox, Rattrap - Somebody help me! I can't see!

Dinobot: Spare me your eternal optimism.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Victory (#1.12)" (1996)
Dinobot: [protesting his rescue] This is strategically unsound!
Optimus Primal: Tell me about it back on Cybertron!

[last lines]
Rattrap: Aww, man... it's YOUR fault I ain't kickin' back on Cybertron, you overgrown stinky iguana!
Dinobot: I did the planet a favor.
Rattrap: You want me to show you just how velociraptors got extinct?
Optimus Primal: They're taking it well.
Cheetor: I wouldn't want it any other way.
Dinobot: Go scurry through a maze, mouse!
Rattrap: Oh, yeah? Well, why don't you make me? If you weren't in that CR chamber...
[Rattrap shrieks while the rest of the Maximals laugh]

Dinobot: You should have left me behind...
Rattrap: Look, Dino-buster, Optimus went through enemy fire to save your scaly skin, so don't spoil the sacrifice!

Dinobot: [picking up a spider leg] Alas, poor Tarantulas... I knew him, Cheetor. This is the leg that stalked so many victims. That it should come to this...
Cheetor: Awww, you need a hug?

Rattrap: [at the Darkside ship] Let's pillage and plunder!
Optimus Primal: Only for spare parts. It is a Predacon ship, and still very dangerous.
Rattrap: In that case, why not let Chopperface go first?
[accidentally swings a rod into Dinobot's crotch]
Dinobot: Yes, that would be an obvious decision...
[walks away]
Rattrap: Oh, man... I'm pushing all these hot buttons, and I'm gettin' nada! What's with him?
Optimus Primal: Can't you figure it out?

[Dinobot leads the Maximals to the innermost chamber of the Darksyde]
Dinobot: This is what you seek... I will reconnoiter elsewhere...
[walks away]
Rattrap: Psst! Scrape ape! So, uh... what're we gonna do about Dinobot?
Optimus Primal: Why should we do anything?
Rattrap: Oh, man... he's still a Predacon! He's only with us because he thought we'd win, not because he believed in what he stood for! He's a soldier, and with the enemy gone, who else is he gonna fight? Look, this ain't a good time to prove you're a wimp chimp, buddy; he'd screw you up the minute you turned your back...

Rattrap: Hey, Chopperface's back! A little late, but I can tell you're feeling better.
Dinobot: And with good reason - I shall not have to see YOU again!
Rattrap: Woo-hoo, that's another winner!
Optimus Primal: What are you saying, Dinobot? You will NOT return with us to Cybertron?
Dinobot: No. On Cybertron, I will be a Predacon criminal, but here on this planet, I have no equal. I will remain behind to rule this world.
Optimus Primal: I understand. Nonetheless, let the record show that I advise against this action. It will, eventually, lead to your destruction.
Dinobot: Eventually... eventually can be a long time, Optimus Primal. I salute you, my former leader, and my former comrades!
Cheetor: Dinobot? Dinobot...

Rhinox: I'm almost done with these repairs...
Optimus Primal: We'll need to pick up our stasis pods from orbit, and we'll also need to inform Tigatron...
Cheetor: Okay, but after that we're gonna explore the galaxy again, right?
Rattrap: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what're ya talkin' here? Have you seen the way this scrap heap looks lately? Assuming we even get this thing into space, the only place we're goin' is back to Cybertron!
Optimus Primal: I'm afraid Rattrap's right.
Rattrap: Woo-hoo, and about time too! I can hear the dames cryin' over me!
Dinobot: Perhaps it is your return that gives cause for their... unhappiness!

[the Axalon nosedives to Earth]
Rattrap: We're all gonna die!
Dinobot: [points] Wait! Look, in the sky! Is it a bird?
Rhinox: [squints] It could be a plane...
Rattrap: Nah, it's Optimus!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Low Road (#1.22)" (1997)
Dinobot: Wait, I detect a scent! Vile corruption... a whiff of festering putrefaction!
Rattrap: So I ate a limburger sandwich for lunch, I'm a rat! Gimme a break!
Dinobot: I have been uncomfortably aware of your ostench for the past hour, vermin. This is something else... something over THERE!
[Tarantulas takes off]
Rattrap: Oh, yeah! He's mine!
Dinobot: Leave battle to the warriors, mouse!

Dinobot: [holding Tarantulas hostage] Do not fire, Megatron! I have a hostage!
Megatron: Why, so you do.
[opens fire anyway]

Dinobot: Unlike YOU, I do not spend my time scurrying through sewers!
Rattrap: Yeah? Well, a sewer smells better than your breath, bronto-brain!
Dinobot: [snarls] You will get used to it when I bite your useless head off!
Tarantulas: [now standing and aiming] Die, Maximals!
Dinobot, Rattrap: SHUT UP!
[both punch out Tarantulas]

Dinobot: Excuse me, are you implying that the current situation is somehow... MY responsibility?
Rattrap: Well, you did start it... gearhead!
Dinobot: I BEG to differ... cheese-lips!
Rattrap: Pre-evolved birdbrain!
Dinobot: Eater of garbage!
Cheetor: [listening through the com-link] Sheesh, and they call me the immature one...

Rattrap: So... uh... you got a better plan?
Dinobot: No, but I STILL despise the idea of expiring underground. It lacks... a warrior's nobility.
Rattrap: Oh. Hey, no sweat. 'Cause I ain't lettin' nobody waste you down here - that's a job I'm reserving for MYSELF!
Dinobot: Oooh, I appreciate your concern. But let me assure you, being shot in the back by a malodorous MOUSE would not exactly earn me a seat in Silicon Valhalla!

Dinobot: [releases him at the sound of firing] We're under attack!
Rattrap: Oh, really? Got any more astute observations you'd like to make, lizard-lips?

Dinobot: [after Rhinox, thought to be over his sneezing fit, releases another and damages a machine] Gesundheit.

Dinobot: [dropping and kicking Tarantulas] Down, miserable serf!

Dinobot: These wild bean vines could provide cover for a Predacon ambush, rodent. One must always be on the alert for sneak attacks.
Rattrap: [chuckling] Funny... that's just what I was thinkin'. Fore...!
[strikes a bean so it strikes Dinobot and knocks him down]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Code of Hero (#2.9)" (1998)
Dinobot: The rodent's words give off the stench of truth. Destiny has one great test in store for us all. Has mine already come? And have I failed it? A deed once done cannot be undone, but perhaps, it may yet be mitigated.

Megatron: Hmm... my ears are burning... yes... why, Dinobot. What a delightful surprise. Let's see... where are we now? Um... I have the golden disk... I have the power to change the future... and the only remaining obstacle in my path to unimaginable glory... is yourself. Exhausted... damaged beyond recovery... defeated.
Dinobot: Not... just... yet.

Dinobot: The question which once haunted my being has been answered. The future is not fixed, and my choices are my own... and yet, how ironic! For I now find, I have no choice at all! I am warrior... let the battle be joined.

Optimus Primal: Well fought, my friend. You saved the valley. You saved the lives of those who live here, and those still to come.
Dinobot: Then... there is nothing to regret...

Tarantulas: Never turn your back on a spider. They tend to be venomous!
Dinobot: But they still SQUASH!

[last lines]
Dinobot: Tell my tale to those who ask it. Tell it truly, the good and the bad, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence.

Rattrap: It's like I said... you're just a slag-stinkin' saurian, but uh... it's nice to know where you stand...
Dinobot: Upwind of you for preference, vermin.

Quickstrike: What's a warrior without weapons?
Dinobot: A warrior STILL!

Megatron: Face it, Dinobot, you're obsolete technology! What can you do against me?
Dinobot: Improvise!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Gorilla Warfare (#1.10)" (1996)
Dinobot: This is not the way, Cheetor.
Cheetor: We've gotta back him up!
Dinobot: It is a doomed mission! There's no strategy, just blind aggression.
Cheetor: Maybe that's what we've been needing: a little less brain and a little more guts!
Dinobot: We must try to think what Optimus - the old Optimus - would do.
Cheetor: And that would be?
Dinobot: Negotiate.

Rattrap: Well?
Cheetor: It didn't work! All we did was tip 'em off, and now they're gonna be waitin' for him!
[turning on Dinobot]
Cheetor: You and your bright ideas!
Dinobot: It would appear that only Optimus can truly think like Optimus. For the rest of us, we must now... think on their own.

Rhinox: What do you mean, "use it to our advantage"?
Dinobot: Optimus, is a war machine. I say we point him in the right direction, give him full armaments, and then, unleash him upon the Predacons. If we want the antivirus, that is the only way to get it.
Rattrap: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Eh, normally, I would love to see the Preds get their little scheme tossed right back at 'em. But you're forgettin', just one little thing.
Dinobot: Oh? And that would be?
Rhinox: Optimus would get blown to scrap. BIG problem.
Dinobot: Well... that depends on your viewpoint.
Rattrap: Hey, hey-hey-hey - shut up!

[a flower spits a prickly pellet at Dinobot after he insults it]
Dinobot: AHHHHHHHHH! Get this thing off me! I can't reach it! GET IT OFFFFFFF!
Optimus Primal: Hold on. Hold on!
[removes it]
Optimus Primal: [chuckles] Got you in the one place you can't reach, didn't it?
[it starts spinning in his grip so he drops it on the ground, where it instantaneously germinates]
Optimus Primal: You see? That's how it spreads its seed. We've learned something...
Dinobot: Yeeeees... From now on I shoot my dinner salad before I eat it.

Cheetor: You were supposed to be his backup!
Dinobot: We were ambushed! And - don't tell me my duties, furball. Or you, shall soon be occupying several recycling bins!
Cheetor: [Growls] Wanna try it now, Lizard Lips?
Rattrap: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, heeh! Eh... as much as I'd love to see the both o'you scrap yourselves... ehh... just save it for my birthday.

[first lines]
Optimus Primal: [exploring the terrain and discovering a beautiful flower] Ah. Here's a new specimen... Dinobot, come on! You're supposed to be assisting.
Dinobot: Of course. But pardon my lack of enthusiasm for a bunch of worthless weeds.
Optimus Primal: Dinobot, I signed on for this mission as an explorer. Just because we bumped into Predacons is no reason to stop learning new things.
Dinobot: Well, if we encounter any of Megatron's forces, you may learn that it is unwise to dally with plants.
Optimus Primal: Knowledge of the territory can be an advantage in battle, Dinobot. You're a soldier, you should know that.
Dinobot: I somehow doubt this plant will be a turning point...

Optimus Primal: I don't fear you... I don't fear ANY OF YOU!
Rhinox: I thought that thing was supposed to turn him into a coward.
Dinobot: No doubt that *was* its intention. But, Scorponok is notoriously incompetent.

[last lines]
[Optimus wakens to find Dinobot in his quarters]
Optimus Primal: Bedside vigil, Dinobot? Not like you.
Dinobot: I-It was... my shift. Well... it's, uh, good to... have you back.
Optimus Primal: Back home? Or back to normal?
Dinobot: Both.
[smiles then leaves; Primal sees, on a stool next to him, the flower which earlier he was studying and Dinobot had scorned; he chuckles and goes back to sleep]

Rattrap: And, uh, what if he goes ape-slag on us?
Dinobot: Hm. Fine by me.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Law of the Jungle (#1.23)" (1997)
Dinobot: A Predacon wouldn't miss!

Tigatron: I cannot do this again.
Cheetor: It's... it's never easy to bury a friend.
Tigatron: [looking over the devastation] But it is too easy to do THIS...
Cheetor: We had no choice! The Preds...
Tigatron: Predacons or Maximals, what difference does it make? In my lust for battle, I caused the death of an innocent.
Dinobot: Brah! There are no innocents! This is war! And this... well, this is simply a battlefield.
Tigatron: We MADE it so! And every time we do, this world suffers! But I will have no more of it. From this moment on, I am no longer part of the Beast Wars.

Tigatron: I do not wish to fight!
Dinobot: THEN DIE!

Dinobot: [outraged] You would desert in the face of an enemy?

Dinobot: Predacons know how to deal with those who will not fight...
[to Cheetor]
Dinobot: Go back to base. You need repairs.

[Tigatron senses someone approaching, and hides. Soon, Dinobot approaches and locates Tigatron]
Dinobot: You have the instincts of a warrior. You know when danger's approaching.
Tigatron: Why do you stalk me?
Dinobot: To... talk.
Tigatron: I have nothing more to say.
Dinobot: Then look!
[Dinobot points towards a meadow where gazelles are grazing peacefully. Suddenly a tiger attacks and pounces upon one of the gazelles... ]
Dinobot: That is the law of the jungle - the hunter and the hunted! Scrap or be scrapped!
Tigatron: Animals fight to survive!
Dinobot: What do you think war is about?

Dinobot: Maximals, they believe in peace! But Predacons... you do not know the Predacons! We... THEY live for the glory of conquest! If Megatron takes the energon wealth of this planet unopposed, he will start a war that will destroy all of Cybertron, and then the galaxy... until only one side remains. It has been this way for hundreds of stellar cycles, ever since Autobots and Decepticons began the Great War three centuries ago!

[last lines]
Optimus Primal: Well fought, Maximal.
Dinobot: You chose a perfect time to return to our ranks. I am in your debt.
Tigatron: I must still grieve for my friend... but as long as there are Predacons to harm this world, I will fight to protect it.

[first lines]
Dinobot: [on a scouting mission] Such a task is below my station...
Cheetor: Rhinox thinks those alien sites are dangerous. He feels that...
Inferno: [appearing] *Forrrr the royalty!*

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Beast Wars: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1996)
[as they duel on a narrow rock bridge, Optimus Primal nearly falls, but is rescued by Dinobot]
Optimus Primal: What are you doing? You'd won.
Dinobot: You slipped. To defeat you in such a manner would be lacking in honor. I would not have earned the right to lead. I prefer to beat my opponents the old-fashioned way... BRUTALLY!
[the fight continues]
Optimus Primal: For a Predacon, Dinobot, you have qualities I could like.
Dinobot: And you... have proved to be a worthy adversary. I will have you recycled with full honors.
Optimus Primal: [lunges] Well, that's... just... PRIME!

[Optimus Primal defeats Dinobot]
Dinobot: I still live... finish it!
Optimus Primal: That's not how we Maximals do things.
Dinobot: Then that will have to CHANGE!
[uses his optic lasers on Optimus]

[first lines]
Dinobot: Face me, Optimus! I, Dinobot, challenge you for leadership of the Maximals! You and I, one on one! The winner shall be leader, and the loser, well... it is a long way down!
Optimus Primal: I don't want to fight you!
Dinobot: You do not have a choice!

[Dinobot deflects a missile aimed at Optimus Primal, saving him]
Optimus Primal: Thanks.
Dinobot: My actions do not imply loyalty, Optimus. I owe you my life. Now we are merely... even.
Optimus Primal: I'll accept that.

Optimus Primal: You are welcome to join us, but you shall NOT lead!
Dinobot: I beg to differ! In preparation for my role as leader, I have already reprogrammed my activation code! Dinobot: MAXIMIZE!

Dinobot: Release me! Let me fall and save yourself!
Optimus Primal: Now where's the honor in that?
[Optimus Primal's grip weakens... ]
Dinobot: You have no choice.
Optimus Primal: Then we BOTH go!
[Both begin to fall, but Rhinox grabs Optimus]
Rhinox: Going up!
[pulls both up]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Fallen Comrades (#1.7)" (1996)
Cheetor: OPTIMUS! Oh, man... can you hear me?
Dinobot: Fear not, Optimus, I shall ensure your funeral is a glorious one, as befits a warrior who died in battle!
Optimus Primal: [stirring] 'Fraid I'll have to miss it, Dinobot - I'm not scrap yet!
Dinobot: Hmmm, are you certain? It would be a triumphant passage...

Rattrap: [on a comlink] Maximal base, Rattrap calling. Hello? Chopperface, we got a real problem here!
Dinobot: [opens the connection at the base] Speak, vermin!
Rattrap: The Preds attacked; we got no bridge! Looks like we'll have to take the scenic route! Not much chance of catching up now...
Dinobot: No excuses, you pathetic rodent! Keep moving! Dinobot out.
Dinobot: HEY! You can just kiss my pink hairy...
[Dinobot breaks the connection]

Dinobot: I am not usually an advocate of caution, Optimus Primal, but in this case I must register my concern...

Dinobot: Ambush, as suspected!

[Megatron finds Dinobot setting up a communications station]
Megatron: Ahhh, Dinobot, yeesss...
Dinobot: Dinobot: maximize!
Megatron: Nooo, nooo, nooo, nooo! Calmness, calmness, please! I came only to talk, yeesss... After all, you are alone and in command of the Maximal base. An excellent opportunity, is it not? You were a Predacon once - become one again! Turn the base over to me, and the Beast Wars will be over! We Predacons will rule the galaxy, and you shall be my second-in-command! So, what do you say?
Dinobot: EAT SLAG!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Chain of Command (#1.5)" (1996)
Dinobot: [laughs] Ooh, great system, your democracy. No mechanism to break a tie.

Dinobot: I've heard enough from this scrawny thief! I will break the tie and be your leader, by force if necessary!
[prepares to duel with Rattrap]

Dinobot: [awakening] Maximal torture chamber!
[breaks out of his ligatures and and runs then faces the others bracing himself to attack]
Cheetor: Hey! Whoa! Hey, power down; you're on our side now, remember?
Dinobot: [gets his breath back] Affirmative.
Rattrap: And Maximals don't have torture chambers. Although, ya know, heh-heh, I could get behind that idea.

Dinobot: You were selfless in putting that shield back online. I ought to have followed your command. I... am dishonored.
Rattrap: Ehhh... uh, next time.

[last lines]
Dinobot: And more importantly, who are they? Friends, enemies... or something more?
Optimus Primal: Hm. Good question. I wonder when we'll find out the answer.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Beast Wars: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1996)
Dinobot: [examining the Golden Disk] No, no, NO! It's all wrong! This cannot be Earth! Megatron, you FAILED! Not only did you fail to destroy the Maximals when you had the chance, you failed to bring us to the right PLANET! We stole the Golden Disk for nothing! You IDIOT!
Megatron: [soft but dangerous tone] I beg your pardon? What did you call me?
Dinobot: You heard! You are an idiot and an incompetent leader, and I am taking over! Dinobot: terrorize!
[Dinobot transforms into robot mode and prepares to duel]
Dinobot: I challenge you to battle, Megatron. The winner shall lead the Predacons, and the loser shall be destroyed!
Megatron: Ahh, you're so impulsive, Dinobot. Brave... but misguided.

Dinobot: Do you accept my challenge?
Megatron: [laughing] There's more to being a leader than simple courage. Well, there's cleverness and cunning as well. Isn't that right, Scorponok?
[Scorponok swiftly dispatches Dinobot with a missile]
Megatron: Loser!

Dinobot: Their shields are down! Destroy them!
Megatron: Now where's the fun in that? A little torment I think first, Yesss.

[last lines]
Dinobot: Attention, Dinobots! My name is Dinobot! I have left the Predacons to join your group... as LEADER!
Cheetor: WHAT? Did I hear the word "leader"?
Rhinox: [to Rattrap] This guy's got bearings of chrome steel...
Dinobot: I hereby challenge you, Optimus Primal, to a one-on-one battle! The winner shall lead the Maximals, and the loser shall be destroyed!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Nemesis: Part 2 (#3.13)" (1999)
Megatron: Destroy them!
Dinobot II: Negative!
Megatron: WHAT? What possible reason do you have to disobey me? I am your master! I am your creator!
Dinobot II: And I... have my honor!

Megatron: "I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come! And you will know my name is Megatron when I lay my vengeance upon you!"
Dinobot II: You've already read the Covenant of Primus?
Megatron: Just the good parts.

Optimus Primal: Dinobot! Save yourself!
Dinobot II: Farewell, Optimus Primal.

Megatron: Hmm... I suppose, given my imminent godhood, these primitives should really be beneath my intention. Ah, still, no score is too small to settle, I always say.
Dinobot II: You would turn the full fury of this mighty warship on a lone anthropoid? Tell me, Megatron, where's the honor in that?
Megatron: [growls] You dare use the h-word to me?
Dinobot II: I... I apologize! I... I merely felt our power should be conserved for the... the larger battle!
Megatron: Ah. Duly noted... and ignored!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Double Dinobot (#1.14)" (1996)
[confronting a clone of himself]
Dinobot: What in the Inferno are you?
Dinobot: What you would have been, had you not betrayed Megatron!

Dinobot: [in robot mode] Well, come on then! Transform!
Dinobot: I... I can't! I was only constructed in beast mode, and have no robot mode!
Dinobot: Then I shall defeat you in a manner worthy of honour...
[transforms back into beast mode]

[last lines]
Rattrap: If there was a clone, then where is he, huh?
Dinobot: I am afraid he is no longer with us. A pity, really. He was such a handsome creature... and very tasty.
[gives a burp, much to the Maximals' horror]
Optimus Primal: [revolted] You're disgusting!
[Dinobot smirks]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: A Better Mousetrap (#1.11)" (1996)
[Cheetor, Dinobot and Rhinox exit the Maximal base post-haste]
Cheetor: Giga-bummer! We're locked out!
Dinobot: It appears you've built a better mousetrap...
[Rhinox glares at him]

Dinobot: Danglers? Defense guns? What kind of defense grid is this?
Rhinox: What's coming out of your gearing?
Dinobot: These toys won't work against Predacons in battle mode! Lethal threat demands lethal response!
Rattrap: Oh, yeah? Well respond to this, Chopperface!
[programs the system to attack Dinobot]

[the defense grid is deactivated]
Cheetor: Hey, the defense grid's down...
Rhinox: Oh, no...
Optimus Primal: What is it, Rhinox?
Rhinox: Sentinel would not have deactivated if, if the intruder was still active...
Cheetor: Rattrap... gone? No way. I don't believe it.
Optimus Primal: He was a difficult Maximal to deal with - at times, impossible. But I'll remember him with honour.
Dinobot: I won't disgrace his memories with lies! He was a stinking, omnivorous pestilence! But yet... in some perverse way... I shall miss him.
Rhinox: Sure, he smelled, he was a rat - but he was my best friend.
Rattrap: [surprising them] Oh, boohoo, boohoo! Don't stop!... Ya motorheads are killing me!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Nemesis: Part 1 (#3.12)" (1999)
[about a Decepticon warship]
Dinobot: Hmm... impressive.
Megatron: Oh, it is more than that, my malevolent minion. That is the most powerful Decepticon warship in Transformer history. The ship that shot down the Ark itself! THE NEMESIS! The Nemesis...

Dinobot: My spark... it feels WHOLE... again...
[stands like himself]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Trigger: Part 1 (#1.16)" (1996)
[examining the scene of Tigatron's last stand]
Optimus Primal: This place is a battleground. Blast craters and missile debris everywhere. From the angle, it was an aerial attack.
Dinobot: Hrmmm. Waspinator and Terrorsaur.
Rattrap: Oh, thanks for the insight there, Dinobrain. You want your expert consultant fee now?
Dinobot: No need... I can simply excise it from your hide!
Rhinox: HEY! Not. Now.

Optimus Primal: Are you sure?
Airazor: Positive! It was Terrorsaur and Waspinator, and they were both seriously slagged, almost scrap!
Rhinox: It couldn't be Tigatron. That's not his style.
Optimus Primal: No. He may defend himself, but total destruction goes against everything he believes in.
Dinobot: He's a fool, then!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Maximal, No More (#2.5)" (1997)
Megatron: Inferno, aide Quickstrike.
Inferno: Yes, my queen...
Dinobot: I was not aware you had given yourself a new title.
Megatron: The ant has some faulty programming.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Possession (#1.21)" (1997)
Dinobot: I do not think we have much to worry about...
Rhinox: What?
Dinobot: Remember the Cybertronix Dictionary? All records replaced "traitor" with the name "Starscream" and stuck in an image for good measure. Soon, hopefully very soon, Megatron will have other concerns besides Maximals to deal with...
Optimus Primal: True. But in the meantime...

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Feral Scream: Part 2 (#3.6)" (1999)
Optimus Primal: Cheetor. Watch out for the other bot!
Cheetor: Which bot? Oh, you mean this one right here?
[blasts Waspinator]
Cheetor: You hurt my friend, freak-bot.
Dinobot: Yes, and now I shall neautralize you!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Bad Spark (#2.8)" (1998)
Dinobot: Forget the rescue plan, Optimus, and start devising an attack plan! Megatron has lost two, but we have only lost one!
Optimus Primal: I'll remember that next time YOU'RE out missing in an energon storm!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Coming of the Fuzors: Part 1 (#2.2)" (1997)
Dinobot: To be, or not to be. That is the question. These disks I hold, are they a record of what will be, or only what MAY? For if the future is indeed immutably foretold, then my demise is but moments from the confirmation. For I could not live if not the master of my fate! But IF the future can be changed, if these disks record merely one path of all the myriad ways the cosmos might conform, then their power is infinite! And yet, still limited, for they could be used but once and in that change be rendered fiction forever more. I could destroy them! But no... it would be a coward's answer. I will know the truth instead. Then, it will be either them or me that face oblivion...

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Aftermath (#2.1)" (1997)
Rhinox: [stops him as he's about to fight Rattrap] Enough. Stand down, Dinobot.
Dinobot: By what right do you command me? With Optimus gone, I should be...
Rhinox: [Grabs him by the throat and lifts him off the ground] I'm in a bad mood. Understand?
Dinobot: Uh-huh.
[Rhinox lets him drop]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Call of the Wild (#1.19)" (1997)
Rattrap: Rat... robot. Rat... robot. Hey, I'm a robot AND a rat! I like it!
Dinobot: I do not see why...