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Quotes for
Kup (Character)
from "The Transformers" (1984)

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The Transformers: The Movie (1986)
Kup: Don't act hostile, I'll use the universal greeting.
Hot Rod: Universal greeting?
Kup: Watch, I'll have them eating out of my hands. Bah weep gragnah weep nini bong!
Hot Rod: Bah weep gragnah weep nini bong?
Allicon: Bah weep gragnah weep nini bong!
Kup: See, the universal greeting works every time.

Springer: [Unicron self-destructing, Spike and Daniel find remaining Autobots] Spike! Daniel!
Spike: Springer, what's going on?
Springer: No time for that now! Let's get out of here!
[Autobots start to escape Unicron's hull]
Daniel: Look!
[sees Hot Rod, now Rodimus Prime, running from the depths of Unicron]
Rodimus Prime: Autobots, transform and roll out!
[Spike and Daniel climb into transformed Rodimus Prime]
Kup: I always knew you had potential, lad.
[Autobots escape out Unicron's eye as he self-destructs]

Daniel: [views the shuttle from a viewscope] Hot Rod, look, there's a hole in the shuttle!
Hot Rod: [shocked] What?
Hot Rod: [zooms his eyes in on the damaged shuttle] Decepticons!
Kup: [sees Hot Rod shooting at the incoming shuttle] What's that darn fool doing?

Arcee: The Decepticons are retreating!
Kup: Prime did it! He turned the tide!

Hot Rod: Heh, not bad for an old timer.
Kup: Old Timer? That's something you'll never be, if you don't get back to the city.
Hot Rod: [shouts] Save it, Kup!
[Blitzwing comes screaming over head very closely while shooting at the two]
Hot Rod: Let's *burn rubber*!
[Both Hot Rod and Kup transform]

[Optimus Prime has thrown Megatron to the ground]
Kup: Finish him off, Prime! Do it now!
[Optimus Prime picks up his laser rifle and takes aim]
Megatron: [feigning defeat as he reaches for a laser gun] No more, Optimus Prime! Grant me mercy, I beg of you!
Optimus Prime: You, who are without mercy, now plead for it? I thought you were made of sterner stuff!

Wreck-Gar: Have a nice day and please, close cover before striking, friends! Breep drit, aw rootie! So say the Junkions!
Hot Rod: Where did you learn to talk like that?
Wreck-Gar: T.V. We talk T.V. You talk some T.V.?
Kup: I talk some T.V. And now the news, don't touch that dial.

Hot Rod: I never thought I'd be so happy to see those big bozos.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock no bozo. Me king!
Quintesson Judge: Sharkticons, execute them!
[Grimlock stomps his foot]
Grimlock: Me Grimlock say, execute *them*!
[the Sharkticons think about it for a second then attack the Quintessons]
Kup: I think the problems on this planet will be solved very shortly.
Hot Rod: Yeah, but what about our problems? We need a ship.

Kup: Reminds me of the Nitith slave mines on Galganas 7.
Hot Rod: Every place reminds you of some place else.
Kup: Experience, lad. You should learn to appreciate it.
Hot Rod: A lot of good it's done us so far.

Quintesson: Would you like to beg for your lives? It sometimes helps... but not often.
Kup: I can't transform.
Hot Rod: Keep trying.
Quintesson: Silence or you'll be held in contempt of this court.
Hot Rod: I have nothing but contempt for this court.

Hot Rod: They're closing on us.
Kup: Yep, like the Shrikebats of Dromedon.
Hot Rod: How'd you beat them?
Kup: I'm trying to remember. There were an awful lot of casualties that day. Oh, yeah. We invented polarities!

Kup: The Insecticons are in our way.
Hot Rod: Wrong. They're our way in! Hyah!

Springer: [sees Unicron attacking Cybertron] I don't believe it.
Hot Rod: Doesn't this remind you of anything, Kup?
Kup: Nope, I've never seen anything like this before.

Kup: Of all the circuit glitched, diode blown dimwittery. You left a piece out.
Hot Rod: No way. You're just a little stiff.
Kup: Anyway all things considered you did an amazing job lad. Amazing.
Hot Rod: Really?
Kup: Yeah. You even got rid of a nasty burr in my rotator. Now let's find the Dinobots and get off of this twisted planet.

Ultra Magnus: You're all alive!
Hot Rod: The Matrix?
Ultra Magnus: It's gone...
Kup: And with it all hope.
Hot Rod: No!
Arcee: Galvatron has it.
Hot Rod: Where's Galvatron? Where is he?
Wreck-Gar: And the answer is... Unicron!

Hot Rod: We've got to get a new travel agent. What is this place?
Kranix: The world of the savage Sharkticons and their cruel masters the Quintessons. I am Kranix. My planet was destroyed by Unicron.
Hot Rod: Unicron? Who's Unicron?
Kranix: A planet that devours everything in its path.
Kup: So that's the monster's name.

Kup: [to Hot Rod] Turbo roddin' young punk! I'll straighten you out yet.

Rodimus Prime: Let this mark the end of the Cybertronian wars as we march forward to a new age of peace and happiness... Till all are one!
Springer, Arcee, Kup: Till all are one!

Kup: Grimlock, get your noodle outta my face!
Grimlock: Me Grimlock love Kup's war stories.
Kup: You're living one, now.
[to Hot Rod]
Kup: Engage the boosters for Cybertron's sake!
Grimlock: Tell Grimlock about petro-rabbits again.
Kup: I'll give you petro-rabbits.

Hot Rod: [after landing on the planet of Junk and encountering the Junkions] Guns aren't exactly friendly.
Kup: Neither are they in case you haven't noticed!

[as Optimus Prime battles Megatron]
Hot Rod: I've got to help Prime!
Kup: Stay away, lad! That's Prime's fight.

Kup: Yep, I remember the dust was so thick on Beta 4, you had to use windshield wipers on your optic sensors.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock know all about wipers! Want to hear good part of story!
Swoop: Good part, Kup! Tell Swoop good part!
Kup: Okay, okay. Well, the dust was really thick, and this gigantic icthyac came tromping down the mountain, flames spewing out of its nostrils, and I thought for sure...
Hot Rod: Hey, Kup, don't you think we have better things to do now than tell old stories?
Kup: Like what?
Hot Rod: Like maybe figure out how we're gonna rescue our friends and then save Cybertron.
Grimlock: No! Tell story!

"The Transformers: The Return of Optimus Prime: Part 2 (#3.30)" (1987)
Hot Rod: [as Galvatron walks past them] Does this mean the fighting will continue?
Kup: Hard to say.
Galvatron: [shakes Optimus Prime's hand] There will be no war today, Optimus Prime. You have *earned* Galvatron's respect!

"The Transformers: The Burden Hardest to Bear (#3.27)" (1986)
Kup: Heck of day...
Rodimus Prime: Tell me about it; I was at the Imperial Palace all afternoon with the Prime Minister.
Kup: Ah, you've had worse times.
Rodimus Prime: Yeah, when do they get better? That's what I wanna know.
Kup: What's eating you?
Rodimus Prime: I don't know Kup. I feel... boxed in.
Kup: Like the weight of the world rests on your shoulders?
Rodimus Prime: Yeah...
Kup: Like you wanna... run away?
Rodimus Prime: Yeah, and how. The responsibilities...
[Marissa drives up behind Rodimus and comes running out of her vehicle]
Marissa Faireborne: Hey Rodimus, we've got a problem! Earth Defense Command needs -
Rodimus Prime: Not you too! Gimme a break, will ya? Since when am I the only one who can solve everbody's problems?
Marissa Faireborne: But... but...
Rodimus Prime: [transforms and drives away] Just leave me alone!
Marissa Faireborne: What's with him?
Kup: Giri.
Marissa Faireborne: Giri?
Kup: Japanese word; it means "the burden hardest to bear."
Marissa Faireborne: Ah, he's feeling the pressures of leadership; is that it?
Kup: Same thing happened to Optimus Prime after the Matrix was passed to him; Optimus learned to live with his Giri and respect it.
Marissa Faireborne: And now it's Rodimus' turn. Is there anything we can do to help?
Kup: Nope. He's gotta resolve it for himself.
Marissa Faireborne: Still, maybe he could use somebody to talk to.