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Scavenger (Character)
from "The Transformers" (1984)

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"The Transformers: Heavy Metal War (#1.14)" (1984)
[the Constructicons, who were digging a tunnel to the Autobots' headquarters, come upon underground volcanic lake]
Scrapper: Careful, Scrounge. This volcano isn't inactive!
[Scavenger lifts his shovel, his sensors detecting the location of Teletraan 1]
Scavenger: Scrapper, I-I'm picking up computer signals from above! Oh, we're directly under Teletraan 1!
[Teletraan 1's sensors detect the presence of the Constructicons. Its security alarm is activated, and images of the Constructicons appear on its main screen, rapidly alternating]

[the Constructicons find the location of Teletraan 1, above the tunnel they dug]
Scavenger: [activating his shovel sensors] Now, the Autobot computer, Teletraan 1, is just beyond this cavern ceiling.
Scrapper: We'll have to blast through. Mixmaster, we need acid!
Mixmaster: Okay. Er, let's mix up some, uh, H2SO4 with, er... with, er, HCl, with, er... I know! I'll combine some of each of the stronger acids!
[Mixmaster sprays the cave ceiling with acid stream, creating hole large enough for the Constructicons, near Teletraan 1. The security alarm is activated. The Dinobots, who stayed at the Autobots' headquarters, detect the alarm, their eyes blinking]
Grimlock: Uhh... Teletraan 1 calls. Dinobots respond.
[the Constructicons transform into robots and invade the Autobots' headquarters via the hole Mixmaster made]
Scrapper: [points at Teletraan 1] There's Teletraan 1. For Megatron, destroy it!
[as the Constructicons point their weapons at Teletraan 1, the Dinobots surprise them]
Grimlock: No destroy Teletraan 1! Dinobots destroy you!
[the Dinobots open fire, hitting the Constructicons. One of Grimlock's shots hit the cave wall, creating a tunnel into which the Constructicons retreat. The Dinobots chase the Constructicons, ignoring their shots]
Sludge: Sludge not see these Decepticons before.
Snarl: Not see again, either, because we dynamite them to pieces!

"The Transformers: Microbots (#2.11)" (1985)
[the Decepticons clear a path through the dense jungle on their way to their spaceship, carelessly destroying the vegetation]
Rumble: Nice scenery.
Scavenger: Yeah! Let's waste it! I hate nice things.
[Starscream shoots at trees, but misses to his disappointment]
Rumble: He-he-he, good shot, Starscream!
Starscream: [angrily pointing his arm-cannon at Rumble] Shut up or I'll blast you, punk!
[Starscream does not notice that huge python is about to drop on top of him]
Rumble: [notices the python] Hey, hold that pose! I wanna remember you that way!
[the python drops on top of Starscream, wrapping itself around him]
Starscream: Uhhh! Help! Get this thing off me! Oh-oh-uhh!
[the Decepticons burst out laughing at Starscream's predicament]
Rumble: [laughs nastily] I think it looks stunning on ya! He-he-he!
[a leopard attacks Ravage. Using his weapons, Ravage fights it off]
Starscream: Enough of this! Let's fly! Uuh!
[at last, Starscream manages to shake off the python]
Megatron: No! We must remain on the ground to avoid satellite detection.

"The Transformers: The Master Builders (#2.12)" (1985)
Megatron: Ah, my loyal Constructicons. You are loyal, aren't you? No! You're traitors! And you can't deny it!
[shows footage of the Constructicons talking with Hoist and Grapple]
Scrapper: Megatron, y-y-you've got it all wrong!
Hook: We're still working for you and for the glory of the Decepticons.
Bonecrusher: You see, we eavesdropped on their plans...
Long Haul: ...plans to build a whopper solar tower...
Scavenger: ...that would produce mega-watts of energy!
Mixmaster: Energy we could use to destroy the Autobots! Get it, get it, huh?
Megatron: Perhaps this can be used to our advantage. But be warned: Do not betray me.