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Grimlock (Character)
from "The Transformers" (1984)

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The Transformers: The Movie (1986)
Wheelie: Friend find, look behind!
Grimlock: Who say that?
[looks away from Wheelie]
Wheelie: Friend find, look behind! You go wrong way, you fool I say.
Grimlock: [seeing Wheelie] Me Grimlock fool?
Wheelie: Get me you got, no fool you not.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock no like you.
[attacks Wheelie]

Hot Rod: I never thought I'd be so happy to see those big bozos.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock no bozo. Me king!
Quintesson Judge: Sharkticons, execute them!
[Grimlock stomps his foot]
Grimlock: Me Grimlock say, execute *them*!
[the Sharkticons think about it for a second then attack the Quintessons]
Kup: I think the problems on this planet will be solved very shortly.
Hot Rod: Yeah, but what about our problems? We need a ship.

Swoop: Me Swoop no see nothing.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock positive Hot Rod and Kup close.
Slag: Me Slag say you full of beryllium baloney!
Grimlock: Me Grimlock say you full of cesium salami.
Slag: Beryllium baloney!

Grimlock: Me Grimlock not "nice dino". Me mash brains!

Grimlock: Me Grimlock want to munch metal.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock not kisser! Me Grimlock king!

Wheelie: Wheelie say, find friends today!
Grimlock: Me Grimlock say, we on our way!

Optimus Prime: Dinobots, destroy Devastator!
Grimlock: Me Grimlock love challenge!

Kup: Grimlock, get your noodle outta my face!
Grimlock: Me Grimlock love Kup's war stories.
Kup: You're living one, now.
[to Hot Rod]
Kup: Engage the boosters for Cybertron's sake!
Grimlock: Tell Grimlock about petro-rabbits again.
Kup: I'll give you petro-rabbits.

Kup: Yep, I remember the dust was so thick on Beta 4, you had to use windshield wipers on your optic sensors.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock know all about wipers! Want to hear good part of story!
Swoop: Good part, Kup! Tell Swoop good part!
Kup: Okay, okay. Well, the dust was really thick, and this gigantic icthyac came tromping down the mountain, flames spewing out of its nostrils, and I thought for sure...
Hot Rod: Hey, Kup, don't you think we have better things to do now than tell old stories?
Kup: Like what?
Hot Rod: Like maybe figure out how we're gonna rescue our friends and then save Cybertron.
Grimlock: No! Tell story!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Ghosts and Impostors (#1.24)" (2015)
[after finding out Denny and Russell's vacation got rained out]
Sideswipe: That's what they get for taking their vacation on Earth. Should've gone to Cybertron. They could have been speeding in the Sonic Canyons...
Strongarm: Hiking the Manganese Mountains...
Grimlock: Hanging out in the Acid Wastes...
Sideswipe: Why would you want to hang out in the Acid Wastes?
Grimlock: Is that a trick question? The sunsets are amazing!

[the Autobots hide in the ghost town of Edmundville as a bus of tourists arrive unexpectedly]
Tour Guide: [reciting in a bored, flat tone, with unenthusiastic gestures] Here we are folks. Edmundville. One of the last true ghost towns of the formerly wild, wild West. Back in its heyday, this dusty old street was filled with cowpokes, gamblers, miners, and outlaws.
Grimlock: [Grimlock peeks from behind a building and chuckles] Bee could do that human's job, no problem.
Tour Guide: Yet today, Edmundville is complete empty...
[dramatic zoom]
Tour Guide: [equally flat, but rehearsedly measured] Or is it.
[tourists dramatically turn around at this]
Tour Guide: Many legends surround this old town. Take the old mine, for instance. Folks say you can still hear the clink of pickaxes and the laughter of old miners, looooong gooone. That old train hasn't run in more than a hundred years, yet sometimes at midnight its whistle can be heard for miles around.
[hinges creak, swinging doors thump at the saloon. The tourists murmur indistinctly]
Tour Guide: [a little uneasily] Then there's the tale of...
[a ghostly wail, sounding like Sideswipe, rises from the cemetary where a gravestone simply marked "RIP" starts wobbling. The humans turn around and gasp, whimper, and cower three times in rapid succession and in unison. The sound of a train whistle blowing is heard. It's Strongarm imitating it, hiding behind the derelict train. The humans cower together as a group one direction. Wails from the cemetary sending them scuttling down the street. The star falls from the sheriff's station behind them and they exclaim in unison]
Tour Guide: [genuinely frightened] Oh! Tour guide gets to safety first! That's the rule! Excuse me! Move it!
[bus's tires screech as it takes off rapidly. Bumblebee watches it depart from behind the sheriff's station's marquee and laughs]

Bumblebee: [indicating his upper arm] Drift, would you...?
[Drift releases Jetstorm and Slipstream from his arms]
Bumblebee: [to Grimlock, indicating the train Pseudo escaping] Can you get 'em there?
Grimlock: Does a cat have whiskers that shoot lightnin'?

[last lines]
[groundbridge opens behind them]
Bumblebee: Okay, team. Time to head for...
Sideswipe: [looking away from the groundbridge] Whoa.
[they all turn to look at a spectactular desert sunset]
Grimlock: Now that *is* better than the Acid Wastes.
Fixit: [over comms] Hey, are you guys coming back or not? I want to hear about your trip. Hey, did you bring me any souvenir lizards samples? Hello?

"Transformers: Animated: Blast from the Past (#1.6)" (2008)
Grimlock: Cars and trucks eat dinosaurs? Cars and trucks BAD!

Megatron: My prospects are grim, locked in this place.
Grimlock: Grim. Lock. Me Grimlock!

Ratchet: Don't these things ever learn?
Grimlock: Cars and trucks BAD!
Prowl: Apparently they learned to talk.

Grimlock: Cars and trucks bad. Nature good.
[bird droppings land on his head, he tries to breathe fire on the birds, they fly away]
Grimlock: Stupid nature! Come back and fight like Dinobots!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: The Devourer (#1.2)" (2015)
[from trailer]
Strongarm: You can't let some criminal ride with you!
Grimlock: I'm not a criminal!... At least I don't think I am.

Strongarm: Ready for your backup plan, sir!
Bumblebee: I don't have one! Get out of here!
Grimlock: Why don't we just start punchin' and see how it turns out?

Grimlock: We got a dance to finish skrud!
Underbite: You're from the prison ship too. I'm not gonna eat the whole planet, just the crunchy parts. So why're you botherin' me?
Grimlock: I like to pick on things my own size. And just because we rode here together, doesn't make us travel buds!

Grimlock: YEAH! I'm on probaaaation! Yes on probaaation!

"The Transformers: Dinobot Island: Part 2 (#2.4)" (1985)
[Megatron runs away from the battlefield]
Megatron: If only one Decepticon survives this assault, it shall be I...
[the Dinobtos emerge behind small hill, blocking Megatron's way]
Megatron: No! It isn't possible! I saw you perish beneath the tar pits!
[Grimlock shoots at Megatron. Megatron collapses, severely damaged]
Grimlock: You wrong, and you ugly, too!
Megatron: [painfully] Retreat, Decepticons! This battle has been lost!
[Megatron flies away. The other Decepticons follow]

[on Dinobot Island, it becomes more and more unstable as the Decepticons continue to plunder the energy sources - the volcanos erupt and the earth shakes constantly. The Decepticons already accumulated large pile of energon cubes - but this is not enough for Megatron]
Megatron: More energon cubes! More, I say!
Starscream: No! We have violated this island with cataclysmic results! We must leave now before the entire island explodes!
[a volcano erupts near them, and earthquake occurs, but Megatron does not care]
Megatron: I don't care if the entire Earth explodes! We can always relocate!
[as the heat increases, it vaporizes the tar in which the Dinobots drowned earlier. They are still pinned to the ground and partially covered by small patches of dried tar. Slag uses his fire breath to remove the tar off the other Dinobots, but gets tired before finishing]
Slag: Ohhh... Slag tired.
[the Dinobots continue trying to release themselves, and Swoop manages to. He gets out of the pit and shoots at the others, removing the tar without harming them. When he finishes, Snarl gives him the same treatment]
Swoop: Good! Tar off! Good!
[Swoop tranforms into robot. The other Dinobots climb out of the pit and tranform into robots too]
Grimlock: [raises his hands in victory pose] Ahh, free! Me Grimlock, everybody free! But Dinobot Island in danger.
[the near volcanos erupt and the ground shakes]
Swoop: Aaahh... maybe Decepticons do bad stuff to island.
Slag: [clutches his fist] Then we do more badder stuff to Decepticons! Melt them down!
Grimlock: Yes, yes, yes! Wreck Decepticons now!
[the Dinobots fly toward the Decepticons]

Sludge: Uhh, now, Grimlock? We attack Decepticons now?
Grimlock: Yes, but not alone! Me Grimlock smart! Inspire dumb dinosaurs fight, too!
[several dinosaurs gather nearby. The Dinobots approach them, Grimlock shoots in the air to attract their attention. The dinosaurs turn and watch the Dinobots. Grimlock transforms into dinosaur mode, creats fire ball in his mouth and snarls in sound of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs look at each other, then advance toward the Dinobots]
Slag: They inspired, all right! Now we fight together!
[the other Dinobots transform into dinosaur mode too, and start walking to the battlefield. The dinosaurs obediently follow them]

[after finding his arm-cannon, Megatron crawls under the dinosaurs and runs away from the battlefield]
Megatron: If only one Decepticon survives this assault, it shall be I...
[Megatron is shocked when the Dinobtos emerge behind small hill, blocking his way]
Megatron: No! It isn't possible! I saw you perish beneath the tar pits!
[Grimlock shoots fireball at Megatron. Megatron collapses, severely damaged]
Grimlock: You wrong, and you ugly, too!
Megatron: [painfully] Retreat, Decepticons! This battle has been lost!
[Megatron flees, and the rest of the Decepticons follow. The dinosaurs go away]
Optimus Prime: Now perhaps we can restore the time flow to normal by releasing the energy stolen from this island...
[Optimus Prime and the Dinobots shoot at the pile of the energon cubes. The cubes explode, and the energy is restored to the island. With this done, the volcano eruptions and earthquakes subside. The island is peaceful once again]

"The Transformers: Heavy Metal War (#1.14)" (1984)
[the Dinobots engage in battle with the Constructicons]
Sludge: Sludge not see these Decepticons before.
Snarl: [shoots] Not see again either, because we dino-mite them to pieces!
Slag: Dinobots, no fool around!
Grimlock: Right! Dinobots, transform!
[the Dinobots transform into dinosaur mode]

[the Constructicons find the location of Teletraan 1, above the tunnel they dug]
Scavenger: [activating his shovel sensors] Now, the Autobot computer, Teletraan 1, is just beyond this cavern ceiling.
Scrapper: We'll have to blast through. Mixmaster, we need acid!
Mixmaster: Okay. Er, let's mix up some, uh, H2SO4 with, er... with, er, HCl, with, er... I know! I'll combine some of each of the stronger acids!
[Mixmaster sprays the cave ceiling with acid stream, creating hole large enough for the Constructicons, near Teletraan 1. The security alarm is activated. The Dinobots, who stayed at the Autobots' headquarters, detect the alarm, their eyes blinking]
Grimlock: Uhh... Teletraan 1 calls. Dinobots respond.
[the Constructicons transform into robots and invade the Autobots' headquarters via the hole Mixmaster made]
Scrapper: [points at Teletraan 1] There's Teletraan 1. For Megatron, destroy it!
[as the Constructicons point their weapons at Teletraan 1, the Dinobots surprise them]
Grimlock: No destroy Teletraan 1! Dinobots destroy you!
[the Dinobots open fire, hitting the Constructicons. One of Grimlock's shots hit the cave wall, creating a tunnel into which the Constructicons retreat. The Dinobots chase the Constructicons, ignoring their shots]
Sludge: Sludge not see these Decepticons before.
Snarl: Not see again, either, because we dynamite them to pieces!

[the Dinobots forced the Constructicons out of the Autobots' base to the open. The Constructicons desperately try to evade the Dinobots' shots]
Slag: Dinobots, no fool around!
Grimlock: Right! Dinobots, transform!
[to the amazement of the Constructicons, the Dinobots transform into dinosaurs. Sludge hits the ground heavily with his front paw, creating a ravine. Lava flows from the underground volcanic lake, filling the ravine. Slag breathes fire at the Constructicons, and they recoil in horror]
Hook: [clutches his fists] It's bad news, Scrapper. They've brought out the heavy artillery.
[Snarl turns back and shoots from his tail spikes, hitting Scrapper's left shoulder]
Scrapper: [grabbing his damaged shoulder] Then it's time we did the same, only heavier! Constructicons, transform - phase one!
[the Constructicons transform into vehicles]
Scrapper: Now, transform - phase two!
[the Constructicons combine together into giant Decepticon - Devastator]
Devastator: Prepare to meet your doom! Nothing can withstand the might of Devastator!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Collect 'Em All (#1.7)" (2015)
Grimlock: Who needs punching?

[attaches wheels and a grill to look like a truck]
Grimlock: I'm a truck! Vroom vroom honk honk! Heh heh! Right? Yeah? Aw, come on!

"The Transformers: Grimlock's New Brain (#3.24)" (1986)
Computron: I am Computron. My computation capacity is nearly infinite, but I lack the intelligence to feed my capacity.
Grimlock: Kneel Computron.
[Computron kneels before Grimlock]
Grimlock: You will now receive my intelligence.
Computron: But Grimlock...
[after Grimlock has transferred his intelligence into Computron]
Grimlock: . Me Grimlock say you smart now. Me no can help you any more.

Grimlock: Why do you think Grimlock stupid? Me not stupid. Grimlock smartest Dinobot of all.
Perceptor: Unfortunately, that's probably true. I just wish all the Dinobots had more sophisticated brains.
Grimlock: Brains? Grimlock know how to bash brains. Maybe bash yours.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Brainpower (#2.6)" (2016)
Grimlock: You two don't think I'm smart enough for strategy and planning and strategying... ing.

Grimlock: I hesitate to state the obvious, but if I remain behind your mission is 71% more likely to meet with failure and 54% more likely to meet with humiliating failure.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: New Mission on Earth (#1.1)" (2015)
Grimlock: [breaks out of his pod] I hear fighting! Who's fighting? I wanna fight!
Fixit: [stuns Grimlock] Get back in your cell! Back!

Grimlock: Hey, aren't you Underbite, the 'Con who ate that city?
Underbite: Finally! What gave it away? The muscles?
Grimlock: The smell!

Transformers: Devastation (2015) (VG)
Grimlock: Megatron has Ferro-taxi!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Sideways (#1.13)" (2015)
Grimlock: [about Clampdown] Who moves like that? It's just weird!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: A Day at the Museum (#1.5)" (2015)
Grimlock: Cowboy Grimlock... I like the sound of that!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: As the Kospego Commands! (#1.6)" (2015)
Grimlock: You know that feelin' when somethin' throws you through a mountain?
Strongarm: No.
Bumblebee: Yes.
Grimlock: Well, it was like that, only painful... -er.

"The Transformers: War of the Dinobots (#1.11)" (1984)
Grimlock: You, Megatron, tricked us! Make us fight good leader, Optimus Prime. Prime risk own life to save us. Bad Megatron!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Can You Dig It? (#1.10)" (2015)
Grimlock: Helloooo! Anybody up there? Dinobot in a hole!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Similarly Different (#1.22)" (2015)
Grimlock: What if I take him under my claw? I could be what you were for me! You know, a minotaur?
Bumblebee: Mentor! And I don't think that's a good idea, Grimlock. Based on his rap sheet, Scowl seems unlikely to change his ways any time soon.
Sideswipe: His name is Scowl. I mean, it's totally a bad guy name.
Drift: Besides, mentorship is not without its difficulties.
Jetstorm: I think he was referring to you, Slipstream.
Slipstream: Clearly he was referring to you, Jetstorm.
Bumblebee: Grimlock, I get it. I fought hard to make you a membr of this team, remember? But Scowl is not like you. He's a violent criminal!
Grimlock: He is my buddy! He won't hurt anyone, I made him promise not to!
[Scowl pounces on the Autobots]
Grimlock: [nervous] Hey, buddy...

"The Transformers: The Ultimate Doom: Search (2) (#1.9)" (1984)
Optimus Prime: Look at the monitors! You must help stop these disasters.
Grimlock: Uh, me Grimlock not care whole planet fall apart. Make no difference to me Grimlock.
Wheeljack: With you on it?
Grimlock: Hmm, hadn't thought of that. Dinobots transform!

"The Transformers: Five Faces of Darkness: Part 1 (#3.1)" (1986)
Rodimus Prime: These guys are hurtin'. I never thought I'd feel sorry for the Decepticons.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock, not feel sorry. Me Grimlock laugh!
Rodimus Prime: Y'know... they couldn't be responsible for the kidnappings.
Grimlock: [Loudly] They not? But if not they, WHO ARE? WHO ARE TH...
Rodimus Prime: [Cover's Grimlock's mouth] Grimlock! Shh!

"Transformers: Animated: A Fistful of Energon (#2.7)" (2008)
Grimlock: [roars] Me Grimlock better.
[passes out]

"The Transformers: Desertion of the Dinobots: Part 1 (#2.19)" (1985)
Wheeljack: Dinobots, we got a job for you.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock no like orders.
Slag: Me Slag no like anything.
Wheeljack: We really need your help. Why won't you give us a hand?
Grimlock: Me don't know why not. So we help. This time.
Wheeljack: I've got to work on their personality circuits.

"The Transformers: Five Faces of Darkness: Part 4 (#3.4)" (1986)
Judge Deliberata: [as the Quintessons and Decepticons attack] Yes! Yes! Even if it means my life is forfeit, destroy them! Destroy th-ooh!
[Grimlock smacks Deliberta with his tail]
Grimlock: Me Grimlock say shut your faces!