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Nightscream (Character)
from "Beast Machines: Transformers" (1999)

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"Beast Machines: Transformers: A Wolf in the Fold (#2.5)" (2000)
Nightscream: It must be a new strain of that ancient hate-plague virus. Or didn't you guys ever take history?
Cheetor: So how do we counteract it?
Rattrap: In two words? Im-possible.
Megatron: aand I have two more words for you Maximals: GOOD-BYE!

Silverbolt: [stopping the others from fighting] This madness ends *now*!
Optimus Primal: Yeah. Starting with *you*!
Silverbolt: Stop! We've all been infected with a virus. Can't you feel it?
Nightscream: Why should we trust you, Jetstorm?
Silverbolt: *Because*! I know better than anyone that the hating and the hurting have got to end.
Optimus Primal: Yeah. You're right.

"Beast Machines: Transformers: Sparkwar War I: The Strike (#2.7)" (2000)
Nightscream: I hate to be a busybatty but what's with you and Legs?
Silverbolt: Until the threat of Megatron is quelled, love is a luxury I can't afford.
Nightscream: Did he really say 'quelled'?