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Sideswipe (Character)
from "The Transformers" (1984)

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"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: New Mission on Earth (#1.1)" (2015)
Sideswipe: [at the Cybertron Museum] PLEASE take me to jail. This place is so much worse!

Strongarm: You're a punk, you know how to take out security systems don't you?
Sideswipe: No! Maybe.

Underbite: You ever been to Nuon City?
Sideswipe: No!
Underbite: That's cause I ATE IT!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Ghosts and Impostors (#1.24)" (2015)
Sideswipe: It's quiet. Too quiet.
Drift: A location cannot be too quiet. It is either quiet or it is not.

[after finding out Denny and Russell's vacation got rained out]
Sideswipe: That's what they get for taking their vacation on Earth. Should've gone to Cybertron. They could have been speeding in the Sonic Canyons...
Strongarm: Hiking the Manganese Mountains...
Grimlock: Hanging out in the Acid Wastes...
Sideswipe: Why would you want to hang out in the Acid Wastes?
Grimlock: Is that a trick question? The sunsets are amazing!

[last lines]
[groundbridge opens behind them]
Bumblebee: Okay, team. Time to head for...
Sideswipe: [looking away from the groundbridge] Whoa.
[they all turn to look at a spectactular desert sunset]
Grimlock: Now that *is* better than the Acid Wastes.
Fixit: [over comms] Hey, are you guys coming back or not? I want to hear about your trip. Hey, did you bring me any souvenir lizards samples? Hello?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
[after slicing Sideways in half]
Sideswipe: Damn, I'm good.

Major Lennox: Bring in Sideswipe!
Sideswipe: [transforms] Clear a path!

[surrounded by soldiers]
Sideswipe: What is the meaning of this?
Ironhide: You dare point a weapon at ME? You want a piece of me? I WILL TEAR YOU APART!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)
[Ironhide and Sideswipe vs Crankcase and Hatchet]
Sideswipe: Whoa, we got us a little Mexican standoff!
Ironhide: Weapons down!
Sideswipe: And we'll let you escape with your dignity!

Sideswipe: Autobots, attack!
Ratchet: Mortar that bridge!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Hunting Season (#1.12)" (2015)
Drift: Your inexperienced law officer, juvenile delinquent, oafish Dinobot, damaged Mini-Con, and human pets are no match for an enemy as devious as Fracture.
Sideswipe: HEY! Strongarm is not oafish!

Sideswipe: [picks up Divebomb] How about you pick on someone NOT your own size?

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Similarly Different (#1.22)" (2015)
Bumblebee: Ok, Autobots. Let's wreck and roll!
Bumblebee: You see, "wreck" because Scowl wrecks, and then I was like "roll" because... that's what we do.
Sideswipe: And "lame" because that was lame.

Grimlock: What if I take him under my claw? I could be what you were for me! You know, a minotaur?
Bumblebee: Mentor! And I don't think that's a good idea, Grimlock. Based on his rap sheet, Scowl seems unlikely to change his ways any time soon.
Sideswipe: His name is Scowl. I mean, it's totally a bad guy name.
Drift: Besides, mentorship is not without its difficulties.
Jetstorm: I think he was referring to you, Slipstream.
Slipstream: Clearly he was referring to you, Jetstorm.
Bumblebee: Grimlock, I get it. I fought hard to make you a membr of this team, remember? But Scowl is not like you. He's a violent criminal!
Grimlock: He is my buddy! He won't hurt anyone, I made him promise not to!
[Scowl pounces on the Autobots]
Grimlock: [nervous] Hey, buddy...

"The Transformers: Dinobot Island: Part 2 (#2.4)" (1985)
[after saving Spike and Bumblebee, the Autobots are ready to deal with the time-warp and the creatures which came though it]
Hound: Warning, Optimus Prime! The energy disturbance is directly ahead!
Ironhide: Let me get a better look and - huh?
[the Autobots watch in amazement the mammoth and its barbarian rider]
Ironhide: What are they?
Hound: New Earth-like forms?
Optimus Prime: Or old ones that entered this era through that time warp.
[Optimus points at the time-warp]
Hound: There's something on the other side of the warp... and it's coming through!
[more barbarians and mammoths emerge from the time warp. They roam the street, destroying cars and other property, scaring the people away. One of the barbarians notices jewelery store. He stops his mammoth mount near it, dismounts and examines the merchandise at the store window. $ 27,500 worth necklace catches his eye. Mumbling in incomprehensible language, he breaks the window with his club and grabs the necklace, ignoring the alarm. Examining the necklace closely, he mumbles in amazement]
Ironhide: We gotta do something, Optimus!
Optimus Prime: Agreed, but gently. Remember, those creatures are flesh and blood, not unfeeling machines like the Decepticons. Forward!
Sideswipe: [smiles, rubbing his palms] Then we'll just have to pull our punches!

[Optimus Prime stops as close as possible to the time-warp. The trailer doors are opened]
Ironhide: Come on, you walkin' sandrugs! Time to go back to your time!
[the three mammoths step outside Optimus' trailer, Ironhide directing them into the time-warp. Sideswipe shoots near the barbarians, forcing them to run back into the time-warp]
Sideswipe: Keep movin'!
Optimus Prime: That should do the trick.
[all the barbarians and mammoths enter the time-warp and disappear within it. Few moments later, the time-warp closes and vanishes, as if never existed]
Huffer: [sighs in relief] I thought they'd never leave!

Transformers: Devastation (2015) (VG)
Sideswipe: Megatron. 'Bot-o-'Bot. It's about time.
Megatron: Less talk, Autobot, more dying!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Collect 'Em All (#1.7)" (2015)
Sideswipe: Polly wants to crack me!

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: A Day at the Museum (#1.5)" (2015)
Terrashock: Hey, are you the bot that Contrail sent me to wise up?
Sideswipe: Probably not?
Terrashock: Course you're gonna say that! What do you think I am, stupid?
Sideswipe: Is that a trick question?

"The Transformers: City of Steel (#2.18)" (1985)
Sideswipe: Say uncle or I'll shove your nose in your afterburner!
Starscream: Uncle, UNCLE!
Sideswipe: Gee, I didn't know Decepticons had uncles!

"The Transformers: S.O.S. Dinobots (#1.7)" (1984)
Sideswipe: Well I'll be a Cybertronic bolt-bat!

"The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1984)
Sunstreaker: What about my paint?
Sideswipe: Don't worry. Nobody'll notice. Just make left turns.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: The Devourer (#1.2)" (2015)
[from trailer]
Strongarm: Teach me, like Optimus taught you!
Bumblebee: I'm NOT OPTIMUS!
Sideswipe: That's too bad, because we could really use a Prime right about now...

"The Transformers: A Plague of Insecticons (#1.16)" (1984)
Skyfire: That's no way to travel little fella.
Sideswipe: Yeah. Next time I'll call a cab.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Overloaded: Part 1 (#2.1)" (2016)
Strongarm: [after Optimus relates a story] Amazing. Tell us another.
Sideswipe: Ugh. Give it a rest, will ya, Strongarm? You bugging Pops for war stories is getting older than, well, Pops.
Bumblebee: Sideswipe, you'd better watch your...
Optimus Prime: Young Bot, you may call me Optimus Prime or Optimus. Those are your only options. Understood?
Sideswipe: [cowed] Yes, sir.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Out of Focus (#1.14)" (2015)
Bumblebee: Okay, Autobots, let's hit the trail.
Sideswipe: [aside to others] 'Cause Bee wants to bail.
Bumblebee: Hey, I do the rallying cries.