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Silverbolt (Character)
from "The Transformers" (1984)

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"Beast Wars: Transformers: Crossing the Rubicon (#3.9)" (1999)
Rampage: This will hardly be any fun at all.
Blackarachnia: Yeah, for you! Blackarachnia... MAXIMIZE!
[Silverbolt gulps]
Rampage: Love the new look... GOOD-BYE!
Blackarachnia: You missed... and you're ugly!
[Blackarachnia goes back to beast mode and flings her grappling hook around Rampage's neck. She swings him around and around then lets go, flinging Rampage into the side of a cliff]
Blackarachnia: [in robot mode] Hmm. Not too shabby.
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia?
Blackarachnia: You're not going to leave me now Bowser? Not after I've had my nails done and everything.

Silverbolt: What is it, Rhinox?
Rhinox: The Pred shell program they implanted is deteriorating. If it continues it will infect her Maximal core conscience.
Blackarachnia: It sounds serious. Oh. I guess using the transmetal driver on myself wasn't such a great idea.
Optimus Primal: I thought you were smarter than that and how did YOU get the driver?
Blackarachnia: I borrowed it.
Rhinox: Why?

Blackarachnia: Transmetals have more power. I WANTED IT.
Silverbolt: Then you should have asked us. We could have helped you.
Blackarachnia: Yeah, right. Like you're going to help the Pred get more power?
Optimus Primal: Maximal or Predacon, you're one of us. You should know that by now.

Silverbolt: Enough! Our only concern now should be Blackarachnia's well-being.
Optimus Primal: You're right. Rhinox?
Rhinox: I can't stop the spark's deterioration but I can try severing the shell program from her core consience. The only problem is it's never been done before.
[Blackarachnia looks worried]
Optimus Primal: And if we don't try?

Silverbolt: I am sorry, but I will forever be your champion, my lady.
Blackarachnia: The way you talk.
[an electrolytic pulse goes through Blackarachnia's face into Silverbolt's face]
Blackarachnia: Transmetal power... Better get used to it.

Rhinox: It's too late. I'm sorry.
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia.
Rhinox: I'll let Optimus know.
Silverbolt: [growling] TARANTULAS!

Silverbolt: TARANTULAS! She's gone and it's all because of you. Silverbolt... MAXIMIZE!

Silverbolt: [as Rhinox begins to turn Blackarachnia's internal systems off] Come back to me soon, beloved.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Agenda: Part 2 (#2.12)" (1998)
Silverbolt: I believe that Blackarachnia will not hurt me me but she would show no such compunctions against Cheetor. For Cheetor's sake please let me try and bring her in.
Optimus Primal: [Heavy sigh] You are confined to quarters. Cheetor... Report to me at once.

Optimus Primal: Yes, Silverbolt?
Silverbolt: I believe that Blackarachnia trusts me but she would show no such compunctions against Cheetor. If anything let me go and get her.
Optimus Primal: You are confined to quarters.

Silverbolt: You wanted to see me, Optimus?
Optimus Primal: Yes! I don't know how long this has been going on but it stops now, understand?
Silverbolt: I am not sure to what you are referring to.
Optimus Primal: I mean you and a certain female Predacon, or am I wrong? Tell me I'm wrong and I'll apologize.
[Silverbolt looks down as if he's guilty of something]
Optimus Primal: It figures.
Silverbolt: I believe I can change her.
Optimus Primal: Don't be a fool. She may have been made from Maximal parts but she is a Predacon to the core.
Silverbolt: As was I.
Optimus Primal: You didn't know any better. The sheer contempt of this is appalling.
[heavy sigh]
Optimus Primal: Silverbolt, you are the most noble individual I know. That is your strength; it is also your weakness. Blackarachnia is using you.
Silverbolt: I do not believe that, sir.
Optimus Primal: Whether you believe it or not is inmaterial. If we weren't holding Megatron... You are confined to quarters. I'll send Cheetor after the spider-woman.
Silverbolt: Optimus, sir.
Optimus Primal: Yes, Silverbolt.
Silverbolt: I believe that Blackarachnia trusts me but she would show no such compunctions against Cheetor. If anything, please let me try and bring her in.
Optimus Primal: [heavy sigh] You are confined to quarters.

Cheetor: Hey, Silverbolt. I'm really sorry about this and I'll try to bring her back in one piece okay?
Silverbolt: I'm sorry too.
Cheetor: Sorry? For what?
[Silverbolt punches Cheetor in the face]
Silverbolt: Cheetor, are you okay?
Cheetor: Yeah.
Silverbolt: Then I'm, again, sorry for this.
[Silverbolt socks Cheetor in the face again]

Silverbolt: What is it?
Blackarachnia: The Ark.
Silverbolt: I've heard only legends.
Blackarachnia: Oh, it's no legend, Bowser. This ship contained some of Cybertron's greatest heroes. When it explodes in 1984 our ancestors will awaken and start the great war.
Silverbolt: This must have been why Optimus was so worried. This ship's power must be immense.
Blackarachnia: It is and it's all mine.

Blackarachnia: What are you looking at?
Silverbolt: That star. It's a planet really. It's Venus. It reminds me of you.
Blackarachnia: Dark, deadly, and poisonous? You're sweet.
Silverbolt: No, wait. That's not what I meant.

Silverbolt: I know how you're feeling. You don't know whether to kiss me, or kill me.
Blackarachnia: [leaning close] I'm a black widow spider, you idiot. I can do both...
[fuzzy lens occurs]

Silverbolt: What is it?
Blackarachnia: The Ark.
Silverbolt: I've heard only legends.
Blackarachnia: Oh, it's no legend, Bowser. This ship contained some of Cybertron's finest heroes. When it explodes in 1984 our ancestors will awaken and start the great war.
Silverbolt: This must have been why Optimus was so worried. This ship's power must be immense.
Blackarachnia: It is and it's all mine.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Optimal Situation (#3.1)" (1998)
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia, O dark poison of my heart, abide with me yet a while.
Blackarachnia: You got a way with words, Rover. You almost make me wish I was a better girl.
Silverbolt: But you are. For at the last moment you made a stand against evil.
Blackarachnia: Oh, I was saving my own shell.
Silverbolt: And with it the UNIVERSE, and me.

Megatron: *You*?
Blackarachnia: Well, what did you expect, you metal megalomaniac? That I would die for your insane ambition?
Megatron: Then or now, Blackarachnia, there will be no more betrayals.
[Megatron charges his weapon and fires. Blackarachnia screams]
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia?

Rattrap: Sheesh. Where's my cyberviolin?
Rhinox: Very touching, Silverbolt. But she's just in stasis lock.
Rattrap: Yeah, so if you could stop crushing her to your manly torso plate for a while, what say we start the repairs?
Silverbolt: [clearing his throat] Yes, um, very well.
Rhinox: Hurry back with that spark, Optimus, or none of this will have mattered at all.

[Optimus Primal groans in the corner of the Ark]
Rhinox: Hurry.
Blackarachnia: This technology is over four-billion years old. It takes time.
Rattrap: Time you don't have She-Spider.
Silverbolt: You'll have to shoot through me, rodent.
Rattrap: Don't tempt me.
Rhinox: Knock it off. We have bigger problems.

Blackarachnia: [after pushing some buttons] Auxiliary life-support on.
Silverbolt: [continues to plug the life-support machine into Optimus Prime's arm which slows down the time storm] It's done! The time storm... It appears to have stabilized somewhat.
Blackarachnia: But Big Mac here is still fading.
[Blackarachnia and Silverblot begin fading in and out]
Blackarachnia: Reality is still in flux.
Optimus Primal: [flying into the Ark] Sliverbolt. What? Huh? Well, that's just prime.
Rattrap: Well, what's left of him anyways.
[Rhinox slugs Rattrap]

Blackarachnia: Arrgh!
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia!
[Blackarachnia groans]
Silverbolt: Stay by me. Whatever this storm is, I will protect you.
Blackarachnia: No, Bowser Boy. You have no idea what you're dealing with. Just shut up and follow me.
Silverbolt: What are you doing?
Blackarachnia: It's not what I'm doing! It's what I'm *undoing*!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Proving Grounds (#3.7)" (1999)
Blackarachnia: Oh, I get it. You don't trust me either?
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia, I...
Blackarachnia: Back off, Bowser. I tried my best to fit in with you Maximals but it just isn't working.
Silverbolt: That's not true. We've come to think of you as part of the team.
Blackarachnia: Oh, yeah right. That's why Rhinox and ape-face want to unzip my core.

Silverbolt: You're wrong. They would never do that.
Blackarachnia: I heard them say it.
Silverbolt: Oh, thank the matrix. It's Optimus.
Blackarachnia: I've gotta go. It's been a surge.

Silverbolt: Oh, no. This time you're staying.
Blackarachnia: Let go of me. I don't want to hurt you but I will.
Silverbolt: You've already hurt me, but you're going to learn the truth even if... Ow.
Blackarachnia: Told ya. Ohh, that wasn't such a hot idea.

Optimus Primal: That is the Maximal way. Now let's get you back to base.
Silverbolt: Excuse me; that's my job as her commander.
Optimus Primal: Which we're going to have a long talk about later.

Optimus Primal: You two look scrapped.
Silverbolt: We had a little encounter with Dinobot. My mistake, really.
Blackarachnia: Oh, *no way*! I heard you and Rhinox planning to unzip my core so I took off then Dinobot jumped me and Spot rescued me.
Silverbolt: Is it true, Optimus? Were you planning to reprogram her?
Optimus Primal: With reprogramming you could be the Maximal you were always intended to be. But the decision to take that step is and always will be yours to make.
Blackarachnia: You mean I have a choice?
Optimus Primal: That is the Maximal way. Now let's get you back to base.

"Beast Machines: Transformers: A Wolf in the Fold (#2.5)" (2000)
Rattrap: Whoo hoo! Does it ever feel good to be a team again.
Black Arachnia: What's wrong?
Silverbolt: Megatron used me to infect all of you. Still happy to have me back?
Optimus Primal: More than ever, old friend.

Silverbolt: This... This is my fault. I never should have returned.
Black Arachnia: That's right, just run away from your problems.
Rattrap: Yeah! Good riddance!
Black Arachnia: Watch it! He never would have left if it weren't for you.
[angry shouting]

Rattrap: Take it from an authority on the subject, I SMELL A RAT. Hello! This thing is sending an activation signal right through the ground.
Silverbolt: To trigger a preplanted virus, right? HIDDEN IN ME?
Rattrap: Yup! And it's a nasty piece of business, too. It had an adrenaline booster, neocortex suppressor, and a shut-off on the self-diagnostic. And it's contagious.

Black Arachnia: Why don't you keep your long twitchy nose out of it?
Rattrap: Why should I keep my nose out of it when loverboy's spent so much time trying to blow it off my face?
Silverbolt: Evidently I didn't try hard enough.

Silverbolt: [stopping the others from fighting] This madness ends *now*!
Optimus Primal: Yeah. Starting with *you*!
Silverbolt: Stop! We've all been infected with a virus. Can't you feel it?
Nightscream: Why should we trust you, Jetstorm?
Silverbolt: *Because*! I know better than anyone that the hating and the hurting have got to end.
Optimus Primal: Yeah. You're right.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Transmutate (#2.10)" (1998)
Silverbolt: What did the tests show?
Optimus Primal: Well, its data tracks are scrambled beyond recovery, its structure is a nightmare and its logic circuits are barely at the level of a drone. Coupled with its sheer power, it's a danger to itself and everyone around it.
Rhinox: Best thing for us all would be to put it in Stasis Lock, immediately.
Silverbolt: Are we Predacons now? Do we destroy whatever does not fit our definition of perfection?

Silverbolt: [mourning Transmutate] It's over. It's gone. We extinguished its spark before we ever saw its true light.

[last lines]
Optimus Primal: Cheetor and I will take care of Rampage...
Silverbolt: No, let him be. For the moment... we are brothers.

[Transmutate finds Rampage]
Rampage: I knew you wouldn't fail me. We are two of a kind. We belong together...
Silverbolt: STOP! That one is not for you!
Rampage: It is ONLY for me!
[Silverbolt and Rampage fight]

"Beast Machines: Transformers: In Darkest Knight (#2.4)" (2000)
Black Arachnia: Mind your manners. I rescued your spark from oblivion. I chose you as my general for a reason.
Black Arachnia: Yeah! To satisfy his twisted sense of humor. Don't listen to him.
Megatron: You are a creature of honor, Silverbolt. You fight for just causes. I gave you such a cause.
Black Arachnia: The destruction of all organic life?
Megatron: Cybertron is a haven for machines... where Optimus was deluded by the visions of a malfunctioning computer I have been restoring Cybertron's purity and surely that is the most honorable cause of all.
Black Arachnia: A world without free will? Where's the honor in that? Don't listen to him, Silverbolt. He turned you into a monster.
Megatron: I gave you strength. I gave you courage.
Black Arachnia: We gave you friendship... I gave you my heart.
Megatron: I gave you power. I gave you life.
Silverbolt: You gave me NOTHING!

Black Arachnia: Silverbolt?
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia?
Black Arachnia: Is it really you?
Silverbolt: Get back! What am I? No! NOOOOO!
Black Arachnia: Silverbolt! Come back!

Silverbolt: I don't hate Megatron for what he made me do. He freed me from my code of honor, and I revelled in it. Don't you see? I... enjoyed it. I don't know what I am anymore.
Black Arachnia: You are what you've always been... Honest, pure, virtuous to a fault.
Silverbolt: You're taking a huge risk.
Black Arachnia: Considering how well I know the goodness in your heart, it really isn't a risk at all.

"Beast Machines: Transformers: Techno-Organic War II: The Catalyst (#1.12)" (1999)
Waspinator: Oh glitch! Just when Waspinator making move on spider-bot!
Silverbolt: Sir, you insult my lady's honor! I have at you!

Silverbolt: Black Arachnia... oh dark poison of my heart!
Black Arachnia: There's only... one Transformer... who could say something that corny with a straight face!
Silverbolt: It is I, my love!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Changing of the Guard (#3.3)" (1998)
Silverbolt: We're approaching the target area. How you faring in there, Rattrap?
Rattrap: If Optimus ever asks me for anything again, MAN am I gonna shove that blaster right up his a...
Silverbolt: Target dead ahead! Prepare for drop!

Rattrap: Looks like that Predacon of yours did something right!
Silverbolt: Yes, my beloved has... many skills.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Agenda: Part 1 (#2.11)" (1998)
Rattrap: [Silverbolt returns to base after his secret meeting with Blackarachnia] So... Where you been, birddog?
Silverbolt: S-scout patrol...
Rattrap: Oh, yeah, yeah... he-he... Scouting the enemy, yeah... Find any new positions?

Rattrap: What now?
Silverbolt: Well, given our close proximity, I breathe through my mouth.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Agenda: Part III (#2.13)" (1998)
Blackarachnia: I think we're almost through...
Silverbolt: Then stand back!
Blackarachnia: Wait, we just...
[Silverbolt blows the cave open]
Blackarachnia: Uh, never mind... what is it with guys and high explosives?

"Beast Machines: Transformers: Sparkwar War I: The Strike (#2.7)" (2000)
Nightscream: I hate to be a busybatty but what's with you and Legs?
Silverbolt: Until the threat of Megatron is quelled, love is a luxury I can't afford.
Nightscream: Did he really say 'quelled'?

"Beast Machines: Transformers: Endgame III: Seeds of the Future (#2.13)" (2000)
Silverbolt: The menace is past. At last we can truly be together, dark venom of my heart.
Black Arachnia: Oh, of all the corny...

"The Transformers: The Key to Vector Sigma: Part 2 (#2.40)" (1985)
Silverbolt: [to Optimus Prime] Hi! I used to be a courier ship, but now I think I'm Silverbolt?
Air Raid: And I'm Air Raid!
Fireflight: Geez! What is this place? Who are you guys?
Optimus Prime: Who are you?
Fireflight: Oh, right. I'm Fireflight.
Skydive: I'm Skydive.
Slingshot: I'm Slingshot. Used to be a speed shuttle. Now I'm the fastest, smartest, hottest jet you ever saw!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Nemesis: Part 2 (#3.13)" (1999)
Silverbolt: [injured from an explosion] Worry not, my love. 'Tis but a... scratch.
[Silverbolt's arm falls off]
Optimus Primal: Maybe. But I think you're due some time in the CR chamber.
Silverbolt: Sir, I'm fine, I...
Blackarachnina: Shut up and obey your commander, bone-brain!
[Silverbolt's head falls off]
Silverbolt: Yes, dear.