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Bulkhead (Character)
from "Transformers Prime" (2010)

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"Transformers Prime: Loose Cannons (#2.6)" (2012)
Optimus Prime: Wheeljack, this planet is heavily inhabited. Any strike we make against the Decepticons must be carefully measured... as a team. Least we risk endangering the human population.
Wheeljack: Are you suggesting we just sit back and do nothing?
Agent William Fowler: You! Loose cannon! Your cowboy antics almost blew our cover!
Wheeljack: Cover?
Bulkhead: We're robot in disguise, Jacky. You need an Earth-based vehicle mode outside of here.
Agent William Fowler: That spaceship you shot down, NOT EARTH-BASED! Had to jump through some big hoops to get it hauled out of plain sight! You need to keep a tighter leash on your people, Prime!
Wheeljack: "A tighter leash"? Let me clarify, tiny...
Bulkhead: Jacky!
Wheeljack: ...I'm *not* one of Optimus Prime's people.

Wheeljack: You know Wreckers don't call for backup...
Wheeljack, Bulkhead: They call for clean-up!

Bulkhead: [knocks out Wheeljack] Sorry, Jackie. It's because I love you.

[Bulkhead, a bomb strapped to his chest, runs towards the ocean]
Bulkhead: Sorry, fishies!

Bulkhead: Oh yeah, Jack is back!
Agent William Fowler: I dont care if Abraham Lincoln's back! We have to contain the situation before we all wind up on the eleven o'clock news!

Bulkhead: Jackie, look, even if it weren't for the humans we couldn't take on the Cons right now! We're outnumbered!
Wheeljack: Roadbuster, Pyro, Impactor, Rotorstorm, Seaspray... all dust.
Bulkhead: That's what I'm talking about! Wreckers or Autobots, there just aren't that many of us left. But if we get behind Optimus, we have a chance to end this once and for all.
Wheeljack: Guys like Optimus, they talk a good game, but when you're in the scrap they don't wanna get their hands dirty.

"Transformers: Animated: Blast from the Past (#1.6)" (2008)
Bulkhead: Sorry I'm late, guys. Did I miss anything?
Bumblebee: No, I'd say you hit just about every car in the lot.

Prowl: Assess the situation, choose your move, and execute with graceful precision.
[slices some falling leaves in half]
Bulkhead: Access the situation. Choose my move. Execute with graceful precision.
[knocks several trees over]

Bulkhead: Wait. I was thinking, maybe we should try luring them away from civilians first.
Optimus Prime: Good thinking, Bulkhead.
Prowl: He said "good thinking."
Bumblebee: And "Bulkhead."

Prowl: What are you doing?
Bulkhead: I'm doing what you do.
Prowl: Better idea: do what you do.
Bulkhead: [slams into Snarl and knocks him over] Excuse me.
[knocks Swoop out of the air]
Bulkhead: Sorry, my bad.

"Transformers: Animated: A Fistful of Energon (#2.7)" (2008)
Prowl: We have stasis cuffs and an EMP generator, what more do we need?
Bulkhead: Oh, I don't know, how about a little common sense?

Bulkhead: I gotta admit, you had me going there, Prowl. But then I thought, it's not your style to do something crazy like going after Starscream all by your...
[shuttle takes off]
Bulkhead: ...self?

Starscream: Well, if it isn't my favorite band of plucky little Autobots!
Optimus Prime: Autobots, prepare for battle!
Starscream: Wait, you misunderstand. Noble Optimus Prime, wise Ratchet, stealthy Prowl and mighty... eh...
Bulkhead: Bulkhead!
Starscream: Ooh, that's too bad.

Ratchet: Prowl, any sign of the Dinobots?
Prowl: Negative, Ratchet. I'm starting to think those reports of rampages were nothing but exaggeration.
Optimus Prime: We're not taking any chance, Prowl, that's why I had Ratchet lend you his EMP generator and those stasis cuffs.
Prowl: Still, I hardly think they're necessary. The Dinobots are territorial, but if left alone, they're perfectly happy.
[Grimlock roars and runs out of the forest, charging the Autobots]
Bulkhead: He doesn't look too happy to me!

"Transformers: Animated: Transform and Roll Out!: Part Three (#1.3)" (2007)
Bulkhead: She sprung a leak.
Sari Sumdac: It's called crying. It's something we humans do when we feel sad or scared or totally helpless to save the people we care about.
Optimus Prime: All right, I'll consider your plan.
Sari Sumdac: It's also a really useful way to get what we want.

Bulkhead: I got it!
Starscream: Fool! Did you really think you could keep the AllSpark out of the hands of -
[Bulkhead's wrecking ball hits him in the gut]
Starscream: oof!
Bulkhead: I said, I got it.

Sari Sumdac: No, he can't be gone. He can't!
Bulkhead: I don't think that leaking thing is gonna get you what you want.

"Transformers: Animated: Survival of the Fittest (#1.12)" (2008)
Prowl: Watch out, quicksand.
Bulkhead: I see it. You have to be a real glitch head to get caught in that.
Captain Fanzone: Help!

Captain Fanzone: Anything out of the ordinary happen?
Bulkhead: Just the usual stuff: hanging out, teaching her ninja nerve blows, watching cartoons...
Captain Fanzone: Whoa, back up.
Bulkhead: Watching cartoons.
Captain Fanzone: No, before that.
Bulkhead: Ninja nerve blows?
Captain Fanzone: You're teaching an eight-year-old ninja nerve blows?
Ratchet: You want her to pick it up on the street?
Bulkhead: It's not as if we're having her fight Decepticons.
Prowl: Yet.

Bulkhead: Sari, you're okay! I found you! How'd I do that?

"Transformers Prime: Armada (#2.10)" (2012)
Ratchet: [examining Airachnid in Insecticon pod] Stasis. She deserves worse.
Airachnid: I intended worse... more times than you know.
Optimus Prime: You are stronger for the choice you made.
Bulkhead: [rolls in honking, transforms] Guys, you're not gonna believe the day I had.
[Bulkhead spots Airachnid in stasis]
Bulkhead: Oh, you too, huh?

[repeated line]
Bulkhead: [to Starscream's POV] This for Cliffjumper!
Bulkhead: [wrecker-ball blow to head] For Bumblebee!
Bulkhead: [another blow] For everything. Aah!
[death blow]

[standing over Starscream's corpse, Bulkhead looks at his wrecking-ball fist]
Bulkhead: You left me no choice.

"Transformers: Animated: Human Error: Part I (#3.8)" (2009)
Bumblebee: Prime! You're hideous!
Bulkhead: We're all hideous! We're people!

Ratchet: [looking at Prowl's salad] Hey, how come your fuel is different from ours?
Prowl: I chose the vegetable fuel because it burns cleaner. Don't you know where that animal flesh comes from?
Bulkhead: [wolfing down burgers] No, but I know where it's going.
Bumblebee: Half of it is going on your clothes.

Bulkhead: There's no anti-lock brakes on these servos!
Bumblebee: I think the humans call them legs.

"Transformers: Animated: Total Meltdown (#1.5)" (2008)
Bulkhead: [woman on TV pumps gas] That looks like it hurt.
Prowl: [two cars crash on TV] Not as much as that.

Prowl: That's a human?
Bulkhead: Must be a new model.

Bulkhead: His attention span must be short, too.
Bumblebee: I heard that!
Prowl: Apparently so is his fuse.
Bulkhead: Oh, the ninja bot gets in a good one!
[gives him five]
Ratchet: Who knew he had it in him?

"Transformers Prime: Con Job (#1.8)" (2011)
Bulkhead: I'm still picking shrapnel out of my backside!
Arcee: I'm not surprised, given the size of your backside.

Ratchet: I'll prepare sick bay.
Bulkhead: [laughs] Who for, the Cons? This is Wheeljack we're talking about!

"Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2010)
[Bulkhead arrives, driving off two Decepticon drones]
Arcee: What took you?
Bulkhead: Traffic.

Miko Nakadai: I'm Miko. Who are you?
Bulkhead: Bulkhead.
Miko Nakadai: Are you a car? I bet you're a truck - a monster truck! Do you like heavy metal? How much do you weigh? Ever use a wrecking ball for a punching bag?
[Bulkhead looks confused]

"Transformers Prime: Scrapheap (#1.7)" (2011)
Bulkhead: I'd invite you in, but the place is a mess.

Bulkhead: Did she just scream like a little girl?

"Transformers Prime: Chain of Command (#3.6)" (2013)
Miko Nakadai: [beating down Vehicons] Who's wrecking who now?
Bulkhead: Miko?
Ultra Magnus: Perhaps you weren't wrong to bring the human along...

Bulkhead: Come on, we're all on the same team. Hey, Beast Hunters, right?

"Transformers Prime: One Shall Fall (#1.23)" (2011)
Optimus Prime: [Opening lines] And it was written in the Covenant of Primus, that when the 47 spheres align, a perpetual conflict with culminate upon a world forged by chaos. And the weak shall perish in the shadow of a rising darkness.
Arcee: No sky is raining fire?
Ratchet: Goes without saying, it is a doom prophesy after all.
Bulkhead: I say it's a load of hooey.
Ratchet: I always assumed the ancients were referring to our home planet. But being that Cybertron has been dark for eons...
Optimus Prime: And considering what has befallen this planet since Megatron's arrival here...
Bulkhead: Wow, wow, wow... we've known about these superstitions for ages and never gave them a second thought.
Arcee: Why all the ominous rumbling now?
Optimus Prime: Because the planetary alignment to which the prophesy refers is nearly upon us.
Ratchet: And it would seem it's end point... is Earth.
Bulkhead: Uhh... crazy coincidence! Heh... R-right?
Arcee: How long are we talking?
Ratchet: A few days, at most.
Optimus Prime: However unsettling this revelation may be, I am more concerned about those who might believe that the prophesy speaks to them alone.

Arcee: Don't take it personally. Primes are built that way.
Bulkhead: Never seen Optimus laugh, cry, or lose his cool.
Ratchet: While Optimus certainly keeps his emotions in check, I've known him for far longer than any of you have. And he *was* different before he was made a Prime.
Rafael 'Raf' Esquivel: Optimus wasn't always a Prime?
Ratchet: On Cybertron, one isn't born into greatness, but rather one must earn it.
Jack Darby: So, different how? We talking "party animal"?
Ratchet: No, no. Optimus was more like... Jack.
Jack Darby: What? I'm nothing like...

"Transformers: Animated: Velocity (#2.5)" (2008)
Bulkhead: Looks like this one needs a repair shop.
Optimus Prime: You mean hospital.
Captain Fanzone: You mean prison ward!

Bumblebee: Where do you get the idea you can just do whatever you want?
Bulkhead: I can't imagine.

"Transformers Prime: Partners (#1.20)" (2011)
Optimus Prime: Starscream's loyalty to Megatron has always been questionable. If he has truly split from the Decepticons, our prisoner's knowledge of their agendas could make him a valuable ally.
Bulkhead: You don't mean "permanently"? As in keys to the base and everything?
Optimus Prime: However unlikely that scenario, every sentient being deserves an opportunity for redemption.
Arcee: Even Bot-killers? Even Airachnid?
Optimus Prime: Without that hope, we may never achieve lasting peace.

Starscream: [Captured by the Autobots] No need to use force. I'll tell you anything you want to know.
Bulkhead: Is that right? And what do you want in return?
Starscream: I want to be... on your side.
[the Autobots pause for a moment]
Bulkhead: On our side? Haha, yeah right! And I've been lobbying with the Fallen!
Arcee: You wouldn't betray the Decepticons.
Starscream: Wouldn't I? What have they done for me lately, besides humiliate me, spy on me, demote me? Megatron tried to extinguish my spark in cold blood, then all but replaced me with that traitorous wretch Airachnid! She abandoned me! Left me for scrap! So why not rat them out?
[Optimus, Bulkhead and Arcee move away from Starscream to talk in private]
Arcee: He's telling the truth about Megatron trying to scrap him. I saw it with my own eyes.
Bulkhead: You're not saying you actually trust Starscream?
Arcee: Trust him? Never. But this may be the one time our objectives align.
Optimus Prime: You're right to be weary, Bulkhead. But I agree with Arcee.

"Transformers: Animated: Headmaster (#1.13)" (2008)
Bumblebee: Where's the fire extinguisher?
Bulkhead: Attached to Prime!

Bulkhead: What I need is a body!
Bumblebee: All right, all right, don't lose your head.

"Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising: Part 2 (#1.2)" (2010)
Bulkhead: Team Prime knows when to use force, and how much to use!
[Bulkhead breaks off and crushes Ratchet's medical equipment]
Ratchet: Bulkhead, I NEEDED THAT!

Optimus Prime: Military involvement will only result in catastrophe. Perhaps you can condone widespread human casualties, Agent Fowler. I, however, cannot.
Agent Fowler: Then do us both a favor and handle this, Prime... under the radar. Or I will.
[Agent Fowler leaves]
Bulkhead: Pretty big bearings... for a human.

"Transformers Prime: Rock Bottom (#1.19)" (2011)
Bulkhead: If you think I'm going to beg for mercy, Starscream, forget it!
Starscream: Er, yes, begging for mercy would be quite pathetic, wouldn't it? Well, you're much more valuable to me alive. Imagine Megatron's appreciation when I not only rescue him, but deliver an Autobot. I believe that would restore my stature quite nicely.

"Transformers: Energon" (2004)
Kicker: Inferno don't listen to this Decepti-creep. You're as much an autobot as Ironhide or any of the others. My father told me that the greatest strength of any autobot is your ability to stick together. Your belief in "all for one." You've got to be strong and believe in that. Don't let Scorponok get into your head. Draw from your strength and don't give up.
Inferno, Autobot A: Don't worry Kicker. I'll never give up. I am not a decepticon... I AM AN AUTOBOT!
Bulkhead: [laughing] Alright Inferno. You've made an old autobot very proud.
Kicker: Huh? Who's that?
Bulkhead: Do you mind if a few of your fellow soliders helped you out a bit?
Inferno, Autobot A: I'd never turn down an offer like that. Especially from one of my own.
Hot Shot: Disengage.
Inferno, Autobot A: INFERNO!
Cliffjumper: CLIFFJUMPER
Inferno, Autobot A, Cliffjumper: Powerlinx Inferno

"Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising: Part 5 (#1.5)" (2010)
[Bulkhead loses balance upon magnetizing himself to the Space Bridge]
Bulkhead: [to himself] Don't look down... Or up... Or left.

Transformers Prime: The Game (2012) (VG)
Bulkhead: Where are we?
Miko Nakadai: Don't you remember? You all fell from way up in space.
Bulkhead: Ugh! So that's why it feels like my dents have dents in them.

"Transformers: Animated: The Thrill of the Hunt (#1.7)" (2008)
Bulkhead: [hit with a hardening agent] That stuff can't hurt me!
Lockdown: Don't need to hurt you.
[walks away while Bulkhead tries to get free]
Bulkhead: Hey! No fair!

"Transformers: Animated: The Elite Guard (#2.1)" (2008)
Jazz: Man... That was some funky blinked color light show! What you call those things again?
Bulkhead: Traffic lights

"Transformers Prime: The Human Factor (#2.19)" (2012)
[Smokescreen offers Bulkhead the Apex armor]
Bulkhead: You think I need a crutch?
[Bulkhead bats its aside, into and damaging a display monitor]
Ratchet: Bulkhead! I needed that!

"Transformers Prime: Deus Ex Machina (#1.10)" (2011)
Bulkhead: Look Miko, before I became a warrior I was a laborer-construction. I can build stuff, I can break stuff, and that's it.
Miko Nakadai: I love breaking stuff! I wanna be just like you, Bulk.
Bulkhead: Aaargh... why would you wanna be like me, when you can be a medic like Ratchet?

"Transformers: Animated: Where Is Thy Sting? (#3.5)" (2009)
Bulkhead: No Wasp, you were always mean to me and Bumblebee. You may not have been a traitor, but you were never a good bot.

"Transformers Prime: Speed Metal (#1.11)" (2011)
Arcee: Have you guys seen Jack?
Miko Nakadai: ...not since we last saw him.
Arcee: They're racing, aren't they?
Rafael 'Raf' Esquivel: Just this once.
Arcee: Did you know about this?
Bulkhead: NO. Maybe, a little.

"Transformers: Animated: Rise of the Constructicons (#2.6)" (2008)
Mixmaster: Come on, Bulkie, don't be a puny little yellow compact!
[clucks and does the chicken dance]
Bulkhead: Hey! My best friend is a puny little yellow compact!

"Transformers: Animated: Autoboot Camp (#2.9)" (2008)
Bumblebee: Monitor duty. Is there anything worse than monitor duty?
Bulkhead: Scraping barnacles? Washing out Sari's old socks? Getting a wheel alignment from Ratchet?
Bumblebee: It was a rhetorical question.