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Bumblebee (Character)
from "The Transformers" (1984)

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Transformers (2007)
Bumblebee: [through his radio] "Message from Starfleet, Captain... Let's get to it!"
Captain Lennox: He's right. If we stay here, we're screwed with Megatron in the other hanger. Mission City is 22 miles away. We're going to sneak that Cube out of here and hide it somewhere in the city.
Keller: Good, right!
Captain Lennox: But we cannot make a stand without the Air Force.
Keller: This place must have some sort of radio link.
Agent Simmons: Yes!
Keller: Shortwave, CV...
Agent Simmons: Right, yes!
Captain Lennox: [to Keller] Sir, you're going to have to find some way to get word out to them... Let's move!

Bumblebee: [fully repaired] Permission to speak, sir?
Optimus Prime: Permission granted, old friend.
Sam Witwicky: You speak now?
Bumblebee: I wish to stay with the boy.
Optimus Prime: If that is his choice.
Sam Witwicky: Yes.

Sam Witwicky: [looking up at Bumblebee] Can you talk?
Bumblebee: [through his radio] "XM Satellite One"..."Digital Cable brings you"..."Columbia Broadcasting System"...
Sam Witwicky: So, you... so you talk through the radio?
Bumblebee: [clapping his hands] "Thank you, you're beautiful! You're wonderful, you're wonderful."
Sam Witwicky: So what was that last night? What was that?
Bumblebee: [pointing skywards] "Message from Starfleet, Captain"..."Throughout the inanimate vastness of space"..."And angels will rain down like visitors from Heaven! Hallelujah!"
Mikaela: Visitors from heaven... so you're, like, an alien?
[Bumblebee points a finger at her and nods, and converts into a Camaro]
Bumblebee: "Any more questions you want to ask?"
Sam Witwicky: He wants us to get in the car.
Mikaela: [laughing nervously] And go where?
Sam Witwicky: Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?

Optimus Prime: You already know your guardian: Bumblebee.
Bumblebee: [does a little dance] "Check on the rep, yep! / Second to none!"

Bumblebee: [slams to a halt on the road] "Move it, yah moron!"

Bumblebee: [through his radio] ..."greater than man..."
[activates a pulse that shatters glass around him]

[Sam wistfully watches Mikaela walk away]
Bumblebee: [turning his radio on] "Who's gonna drive you home?"
Miles: Hey, man, what's wrong with your radio?
Sam Witwicky: I am.
Miles: What?
Sam Witwicky: I'm gonna drive her home!
Miles: What? She's an evil jock concubine, man, let her hitchike!
Sam Witwicky: She lives ten miles away, all right? It's my only chance! Get out of the car!

"The Transformers: Microbots (#2.11)" (1985)
Brawn: [to Perceptor while he is fixing Ironhide] Real work is crushing Decepticons, not fussing with chips!
Perceptor: If I didn't "fuss with chips," you couldn't crush Decepticons.
[Perceptor fixes Ironhide's memory microchip]
Brawn: Oh, bah!
Bumblebee: Hey, lay off, Brawn! Perceptor's as important as any of us!
Brawn: So where is he when we're fighting?
Perceptor: It takes more than muscle to fight.
Brawn: Yeah, it takes courage! Or maybe that word is not in your fancy vocabulary!
Bumblebee: [clutches his fists] Leave him alone, Brawn, or you're gonna tangle with me!
Brawn: [sneers] Oh, I'm shakin' in my proton boots...

[Perceptor, Brawn and Bumblebee, after being reduced to microscopic size, managed to get into Megatron's body, in search for the Heart of Cybertron]
Perceptor: The Heart of Cybertron must be in Megatron's chest, and we've got less than two hours to get to it.
Bumblebee: Why is that?
Perceptor: Because the reductor beam will wear off, and we'll return to normal size.
Brawn: [sarcastically] Now you tell us!
Bumblebee: Yeah, and Megatron ain't big enough for the three of us.

[Perceptor, Brawn and Bumblebee approach Megatron's brain]
Brawn: Then I got a honey of an idea. Let's bash brain!
Perceptor: No, Brawn! It's too dangerous!
[Brawn ignores Perceptor and walks toward Megatron's brain. Perceptor and Bumblebee grab Brawn and try to pull him away]
Bumblebee: Listen to Perceptor! He's right!
[Brawn, being stronger than the other Autobots, gets free easily]

[Megatron approaches the Autobots' headquarters. Unknown to him, Brawn is about to destroy his brain, ignoring Perceptor's warning]
Perceptor: [to Brawn] If you destroy his brain, he'll fall. The impact could detonate the Heart of Cybertron!
Brawn: It's our only chance.
[Megatron raises his hands, ready to fire at the Autobots, using the power of the Heart of Cybertron. Inside him, as Brawn approaches Megatron's brain, strange things - resembling metallic serpents with sinister expression - coming out of the brain]
Brawn: What are they?
Perceptor: Brain impulses. Evil brain impulses!
[Megatron opens fire, striking the Autobots. Inside him, one of the brain impulses chases Bumblebee]
Bumblebee: Heeelp!
[the brain impulse wraps itself around Bumblebee's neck, makes him fall down]

[after Perceptor watches intently the brain impulses, he snaps his fingers, as he realizes that they are heading for specific location]
Perceptor: Got it!
[Warpath charges at Megatron, but his shots do not harm Megatron. Megatron shoots and strikes him. Meanwhile, Brawn frees Bumblebee from the impulse. Grabbing it by its "tail" and swinging it, Brawn smashes the impulse]
Perceptor: That's Megatron's database conveying orders to the Heart of Cybertron. If we can hitch a ride, it'll lead us straight to it!
[Bumblebee notices that one more brain impulse coming out of Megatron's brain]
Bumblebee: Here comes one!
Perceptor: Grab it!
[the three Autobots jump astride on the brain impulse. It carries them to the Heart]
Perceptor: [as they get closer to the Heart] There it is! Jump!
[the Autobots jump off the impulse, as it absorbs into the Heart. Meanwhile, Megatron continue shooting at Warpath. The impact causes Warpath to turn on his side and fall upside down]
Brawn: Let's rip the wires and get out of here!
[Brawn bends down to rip the wires which connect the Heart to Megatron]
Perceptor: [stops Brawn] No! This thing's like a hyper bomb. One wrong move and the whole planet is rubble!

[the microbots are running back to the gap at Megatron's shoulder, Brawn carries the Heart of Cybertron. They grow bigger in size with each step]
Bumblebee: [pants] Is it my imagination, or is this tunnel getting tighter?
Perceptor: It's us! We're returning to our normal size. We've got to get out of here!
Optimus Prime: Now we'll see who's finished!
[Optimus Prime opens fire at Megatron, hits him severely, striking him down. As Megatron lies down, the three Autobots coming out of his body, returning to their normal size while stepping on Megatron's body. Megatron recovers in time to see Bumblebee stepping on him]
Bumblebee: Uh... excuse us!
Megatron: [standing on his feet, furious at his failure] You... filthy retro-rats! Uhhh!
[Megatron flies away]
Wheeljack: He's getting away! Stop him!
Perceptor: No! Wait! We've got the Heart of Cybertron!
Brawn: But it's destabilizing! It could explode at any second!

"Transformers: Animated: The Thrill of the Hunt (#1.7)" (2008)
Ratchet: It's primitive! It's barbaric! There ought to be a law against it!
Optimus Prime: It's just an auto supply store.
Ratchet: You mean they actually sell spare parts on the open market? What kind of malfunction would be crass enough to buy this stuff?
Bumblebee: Hey, guys, check out my new horn!

Bumblebee: Loosen up! Enjoy the bright lights, the big city!
[lights go out]
Bumblebee: Okay, enjoy the big city!

Bumblebee: You can hide, but you can't run!

Bumblebee: [running from lasers] Ow, ow! Watch the racing stripes!

Bumblebee: That's Prime's ax!
Lockdown: [knocking Bumblebee down] Prime's ax and pretty soon, I'll have your stingers!

Bumblebee: This place has the greatest stuff!
[pulls out mirror dice, a dashboard hula girl, and a pink tree-shaped air freshener]
Bumblebee: Fuzzy cube thingies, miniature human female replicas... and I don't know what this thing is.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: The Devourer (#1.2)" (2015)
[from trailer]
Bumblebee: If we're going to wrap these fugitives up, we'll need something humans will accept... we need to be Robots in Disguise!

Strongarm: Ready for your backup plan, sir!
Bumblebee: I don't have one! Get out of here!
Grimlock: Why don't we just start punchin' and see how it turns out?

Bumblebee: Fixit, you are my favorite Mini-Con!
[the Capture device breaks]
Bumblebee: Fixit, I'm rethinking my rankings!

Optimus Prime: Together you will confront many challenges. The forces facing Earth are immense and formidable, but I am certain you will accomplish great things. As you did today.
Bumblebee: But we needed your help, Optimus. We always will.
Optimus Prime: You are ready to lead, Bumblebee. Do not doubt yourself.

Bumblebee: I... WE won't let you down Optimus. And if I say it enough, maybe I'll actually believe it.

[from trailer]
Strongarm: Teach me, like Optimus taught you!
Bumblebee: I'm NOT OPTIMUS!
Sideswipe: That's too bad, because we could really use a Prime right about now...

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Ghosts and Impostors (#1.24)" (2015)
Bumblebee: C'mon, Earth is unpredictable! That's part of it's charm!
Drift: I would not describe molten lava as charming.

Bumblebee: [into comms] Fixit, give us some fun facts about this amazing place you've sent us to.
Fixit: Let's see. Uh, you're not far from the ghost town of Edmundville.
Bumblebee: [ebullient] A ghost town? Cool!
Fixit: Your location has the highest temperature in the area. The average rainfall is slightly less than zero. Oh, the variety of desert lizards where you are is spectable- spectacle-
[hits self]
Fixit: spectacular! The region is home to over 200 different species, including the leopard lizard, the horned lizard, the spiny lizard, the gecko, the iguana, the skink...
[Swideswipe silent mocks Fixit's running of the mouth with his hand as Grimlock laughs]
Bumblebee: Uh, thank's Fixit.
[Bumblebee closes comms]

Bumblebee: [into comms] Fixit, are there any Decepticons that can make themselves invisible?
Strongarm: This is a ghost town *and* a Decepticon town?
Fixit: I'm sorry about all this, Lieutenant. I'm ending my career as a travel agent. I found one Decepticon matching your criteria, sir.
[12-second pause as the database animates searching for and pulling up the record, during which Fixit could, nay should, have been delivering his previous line]
Fixit: He can do more than make himself disappear. His name is Pseudo. He was Cybertron's sneakiest shy- fly-
[a clank is heard over comms]
Fixit: spy! Arrested for selling Cybertronian secrets to off-world enemies.
Bumblebee: So he *does* have the power of invisibility.
Fixit: No. He's a shifter. Pseudo can change his appearance and even his actual physical structure to blend in with any environment.
Bumblebee: Thanks, Fixit.

Bumblebee: [indicating his upper arm] Drift, would you...?
[Drift releases Jetstorm and Slipstream from his arms]
Bumblebee: [to Grimlock, indicating the train Pseudo escaping] Can you get 'em there?
Grimlock: Does a cat have whiskers that shoot lightnin'?

[last lines]
[groundbridge opens behind them]
Bumblebee: Okay, team. Time to head for...
Sideswipe: [looking away from the groundbridge] Whoa.
[they all turn to look at a spectactular desert sunset]
Grimlock: Now that *is* better than the Acid Wastes.
Fixit: [over comms] Hey, are you guys coming back or not? I want to hear about your trip. Hey, did you bring me any souvenir lizards samples? Hello?

"Transformers: Animated: Transform and Roll Out!: Part One (#1.1)" (2007)
Optimus Prime: Ok, what seems to be the problem?
Bumblebee: I think the technical term is "a bunch of big honking rocks jaming Space Bridge".

Bumblebee: Hello, we're repair crew. Please tell me you're not actually thinking of taking on Decepticons!

Bumblebee: You'd be grumpy too if you had one servo in the scrap heap.
Ratchet: I may have one servo in the scrap heap, but I can still hear!

Bumblebee: But we're repair bots! We're not programmed for this kind of action!
Optimus Prime: Then consider this an upgrade.

Bumblebee: You know what? You're even uglier from this angle.
Megatron: Grrr!
Bumblebee: Scarier, too.

"Transformers: Animated: Velocity (#2.5)" (2008)
Master Disaster: Ah, a loyal paying customer.
Bumblebee: Well, loyal anyway.

Sari Sumdac: What's the matter? Don't you trust me?
Bumblebee: Yeah, like I trust myself.

Bumblebee: You stole something?
Sari Sumdac: Like you're such a shining example, Mr. Cross-My-Fingers.

Bumblebee: Where do you get the idea you can just do whatever you want?
Bulkhead: I can't imagine.

"Transformers: Animated: Human Error: Part I (#3.8)" (2009)
Bumblebee: Prime! You're hideous!
Bulkhead: We're all hideous! We're people!

Ratchet: [looking at Prowl's salad] Hey, how come your fuel is different from ours?
Prowl: I chose the vegetable fuel because it burns cleaner. Don't you know where that animal flesh comes from?
Bulkhead: [wolfing down burgers] No, but I know where it's going.
Bumblebee: Half of it is going on your clothes.

Bumblebee: We are so scrapped.

Bulkhead: There's no anti-lock brakes on these servos!
Bumblebee: I think the humans call them legs.

"Transformers: Animated: Transform and Roll Out!: Part Two (#1.2)" (2007)
Bumblebee: Hi! I'm Bumblebee!
Sari Sumdac: I'm Sari!
Bumblebee: Oh, don't be! I like my name!

Optimus Prime: We need someone small and fast.
Bumblebee: Why is everyone looking at me?

Sari Sumdac: Uh, am I gonna be able to breathe down there?
Bumblebee: Oh, sure. What's breathe?

Optimus Prime: So I suppose you have an explanation.
Bumblebee: Actually, I'm narrowing it down to my top five.

"Transformers: Animated: Total Meltdown (#1.5)" (2008)
Cyrus 'Colossus' Rhodes: Stand and fight! What are you, yellow?
Bumblebee: Well, duh.

Bulkhead: His attention span must be short, too.
Bumblebee: I heard that!
Prowl: Apparently so is his fuse.
Bulkhead: Oh, the ninja bot gets in a good one!
[gives him five]
Ratchet: Who knew he had it in him?

Bumblebee: If this is about the wrestling match, I'm retired from the ring!

Bumblebee: I may be small, but I'm scrappy! I got major skills!
[starts driving in circles]
Sari Sumdac: He's gonna be impossible to live with now, isn't he?
Ratchet: Oh, yeah. Big time.

"The Transformers: Sea Change (#2.37)" (1985)
[first lines]
Seaspray: [pulling a water skiing Bumblebee around a lake] Hey, Bumblebee! What do you think of waterskiing so far?
Bumblebee: Whoooaa!
[Bumblebee notices that he is heading toward a ramp]
Bumblebee: Nooo!
[Bumblebee tries to jump the ramp, but slides and falls headfirst into the water, losing his water-skis. He exits the lake, dripping water. Seaspray joins him, patting on his shoulder]
Seaspray: Bumblebee, you are great!
Bumblebee: [pants] Yeah! For a submarine.
Seaspray: [points to the sky] Hey, look. The first star of the evening. What do you say we make a wish?
[Seaspray and Bumblebee sit down on a rock. Bumblebee shakes water off his head]
Bumblebee: I know what MY wish is. No more waterskiing. How 'bout yours?
Seaspray: Mmm, can't tell ya, Bumblebee, 'cause then it won't come true.

Alana: Meet us at the second step of the waterfall. The water there's safe. You can swim, can't you?
Seaspray: Can I swim?
Alana: [blows Seaspray a kiss] Then I'll see you there!
Seaspray: She kissed me! She kissed me!
Bumblebee: Ah, dream on, bubble-brain!

Deceptitran: Megatron! This is Deceptitraan! You must save me! My floating city's under attack!
Megatron: Why should I bother, you hysterical computer?
Deceptitran: If you don't, all my energon will be destroyed!
Megatron: I care nothing for the computer, but the energon must be saved!
Bumblebee: [sarcastic] I wonder what made them change their minds!

[last lines]
Bumblebee: Look. The first star of the evening. Wanna make a wish?
Perceptor: Whatever for?
Bumblebee: Ah, just an old Earth superstition I heard of. Probably nothin' to it...

"Transformers: Animated: Blast from the Past (#1.6)" (2008)
Bulkhead: Sorry I'm late, guys. Did I miss anything?
Bumblebee: No, I'd say you hit just about every car in the lot.

Prowl: [trying to train Bulkhead] No, you must move like a gentle wind.
Bumblebee: Gentle wind? You'll be lucky to get him down to an omega-class solar storm!
Ratchet: Nice, Prowl. Maybe next you can try teaching an engine block to float.

Bulkhead: Wait. I was thinking, maybe we should try luring them away from civilians first.
Optimus Prime: Good thinking, Bulkhead.
Prowl: He said "good thinking."
Bumblebee: And "Bulkhead."

"Transformers: Animated: Human Error: Part II (#3.9)" (2009)
Bumblebee: Not that "processor over matter" garbage again! That trick never...
[Prowl disappears]
Bumblebee: works?

Bumblebee: Virtual Fanzone's gonna be ticked!

"The Transformers: Megatron's Master Plan: Part 2 (#2.16)" (1985)
[as the Autobots' spacecraft gets closer to the sun, its metal body begin to melt due to the immense heat. The sign "BERGER INC" is burnt. Brown vapors rising from the Autobots' bodies]
Bumblebee: Hey... my circuits are overheating!
Huffer: We'll, uhh... we'll...
Hound: We'll vaporize!
Optimus Prime: Cosmos... take action!
[Cosmos also suffers the same damage from the heat]
Cosmos: Like what?
Optimus Prime: [straining to speak] If I knew, I'd do it myself!
Cosmos: [transforms to robot mode] I guess anything is better than nothing...
[Cosmos enters the spacecraft and clicks the controls]
Ironhide: Well... any luck?
[Cosmos clicks the controls, then raises his hands in despair]
Cosmos: No...
[the spaceship continues its deadly, unstoppable course into the sun]

[Millions miles from Earth, in deep space, the Autobots are safe: Trailbreaker activated his force-field, surrounding the other Autobots with it. Cosmos pulls the force-field, with all the Autobots inside it, toward the sun]
Bumblebee: Huh, if it hadn't been for your force field, Trailbreaker, we'd be molecules now.
Optimus Prime: You did well, Trailbreaker. Cosmos, put it in gear and let's get back to Earth. Cosmos, we're heading back toward the Sun! What's the problem?
Cosmos: Sorry, Prime. My navigational systems are still controlled by Teletraan 1.

"Transformers: Animated: Predacons Rising (#3.7)" (2009)
Bumblebee: So... uh... Wasp-inator? You... look taller. And you can fly too! T-That's cool!
Waspinator: Waspinator MEGA-cool, thanks to new friend!
Bumblebee: Hey, speaking of friends, I wanted to say I'm sorry. You know, for everything I did and didn't do.
Waspinator: ...Wasp forgive Bumble-bot.
Bumblebee: Really?
Waspinator: But Waspinator never forgive!

Bumblebee: What happened?
Optimus Prime: She sacrificed herself to save us.
Sentinel Prime: More like she sacrificed Wasp and used his trans-warp field to bug out. Either way, we're rid of them both.

"Transformers: Animated: Megatron Rising: Part 2 (#1.16)" (2008)
Bumblebee: Hey, Blitzbrain! Is that your jet mode, or did your pal Lugnut dump out some spare parts?... How come you have three faces? Couldn't decide which was the ugliest?... And who uses ice as a weapon? What are you, a refrigerator?
Blitzwing: [Hothead takes over] You want heat? I'll give you more than you can handle!
[changes into tank mode... in mid-air]
Blitzwing: [Hothead] OH, SLAG, NOT AGAIN!

Bumblebee: So what do we do now? Wait for him to turn back into a tank and crash like last time?
Ratchet: Nobody gets that lucky twice.
Prowl: Perhaps we can make our own luck. I've noticed a connection between Blitzwing's multiple personalities and his vehicle modes. We can use that weakness against him... but it will require using Bumblebee's greatest strength.
Bumblebee: What, my stingers? My turbo-speed?
Prowl: Your obnoxious personality.

"The Transformers: Prime Target (#2.34)" (1985)
Hector Ramirez: Tension between the US and the Soviet Union reached its highest point today since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviets accuse the US of using a submarine to steal a top secret Russian jet fighter. While the US denies the charge, both nations have placed their armed forces on full alert.
Bumblebee: Decepticons.

Tracks: Very insightful of Optimus Prime to send me on this supply run to show the humans that Autobots not only have strength, but refinement as well.
Bumblebee: Not to mention humility.
Tracks: Bumblebee, I fear some of us have much to be humble about.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Similarly Different (#1.22)" (2015)
Bumblebee: Ok, Autobots. Let's wreck and roll!
Bumblebee: You see, "wreck" because Scowl wrecks, and then I was like "roll" because... that's what we do.
Sideswipe: And "lame" because that was lame.

Grimlock: What if I take him under my claw? I could be what you were for me! You know, a minotaur?
Bumblebee: Mentor! And I don't think that's a good idea, Grimlock. Based on his rap sheet, Scowl seems unlikely to change his ways any time soon.
Sideswipe: His name is Scowl. I mean, it's totally a bad guy name.
Drift: Besides, mentorship is not without its difficulties.
Jetstorm: I think he was referring to you, Slipstream.
Slipstream: Clearly he was referring to you, Jetstorm.
Bumblebee: Grimlock, I get it. I fought hard to make you a membr of this team, remember? But Scowl is not like you. He's a violent criminal!
Grimlock: He is my buddy! He won't hurt anyone, I made him promise not to!
[Scowl pounces on the Autobots]
Grimlock: [nervous] Hey, buddy...

"Transformers: Animated: The Elite Guard (#2.1)" (2008)
Sentinel Prime: As you know I've scanned some typical earth vehicles, sir, so we won't attract attention to ourselves.
Ultra Magnus: Good work Sentinel Prime, transform!
[they transforms into a heavy transporter and odd looking truck]
Bumblebee: Yeah, who's gonna notice that...

Bumblebee: Sentinel is a glitch-head. With all due respect...

"Transformers: Animated: A Bridge Too Close: Part I (#2.12)" (2008)
Bumblebee: All right, Zippy, start talking!
[Blurr transforms from vehicle mode to robot mode]
Blurr: First of all, the name's not "Zippy"! As a matter of fact, I don't believe I've ever met another bot named Zippy, so one can only assume that you came up with "Zippy" in reference to my speed, which may be technically accurate, but lacks a certain creativity!
Bumblebee: Eh... eh-eh...
Blurr: More to the point, the name's Blurr! I'm an Autobot intelligence agent, sent to this planet by the Elite Guard to keep an eye on Optimus Prime and his crew as well as monitor the Decepticon activity, and you, my friend, have just blown a decacycle of covert surveillance designed to uncover Megatron's plot to conquer Cybertron. Everything was going according to plan when I intercepted a communication between the Decepticon leader and an unknown double agent! They were in the midst of plotting the abduction of an unsuspecting Autobot, which now, from the status of the current ground situation, appears to have been successful. Got that so far?
Bumblebee: Uh... could you repeat the last part?
Blurr: Which last part?
Bumblebee: Oh, everything after "The name's not Zippy."

Optimus Prime: So let me get this straight, you're an Autobot intelligence officer and you've found Megatron's hideout?
Blurr: That is correct, Optimus Prime. I have already reported my findings to the Elite Guard, requesting immediate reinforcements, but was informed that initial support would be delayed due to the fact that the Autobot forces are stretched too thin combating Decepticon uprisings along the edge of the galaxy. Further intelligence has also revealed that a human named Isaac Sumdac has been cooperating with the Decepticon leader by reverse engineering a space bridge schematic stolen by your ship. Which in Megatron intends to use to stage a sneak attack inside of Cybertron while planet's defense forces are at their weakest. But he's runnign difficulty getting the device operational. That's where you fellow buck comes in. Earlier today, I intercepted a communication between Megatron and a Decepticon double agent involving a plot to kidnap Autobot Bulkhead after discovering he's the galaxy's foremost expert in space bridge technology. Average to course, I mean that some kind of cooperation would undoubtedly have dire results and lead to Megatron's...
Bumblebee: Woah, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up!
Prowl: Did he just say Bulkhead?
Optimus Prime: Our Bulkhead?
Ratchet: An expert? On anything?

"Transformers: Animated: Headmaster (#1.13)" (2008)
Bumblebee: Where's the fire extinguisher?
Bulkhead: Attached to Prime!

Bulkhead: What I need is a body!
Bumblebee: All right, all right, don't lose your head.

"Transformers: Animated: Sari, No One's Home (#2.11)" (2008)
Ratchet: After those two lost their memories, they forgot everything except how to guzzle oil and be obnoxious.
Bumblebee: Well, then we'd better hurry. They're halfway to being Decepticons already.

Man: Dude, why you whalin' on my truck?
Bumblebee: Sorry, I thought you - he - your truck was someone else.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Out of Focus (#1.14)" (2015)
Bumblebee: Okay, Autobots, let's hit the trail.
Sideswipe: [aside to others] 'Cause Bee wants to bail.
Bumblebee: Hey, I do the rallying cries.

Bumblebee: Ugh. It's like herding domesticated Earth felines.

"The Transformers: Fire on the Mountain (#1.15)" (1984)
Luisa: And when we get back home, I want Bumblebee to meet my brother's convertible. We call her Juanita. And i think the two of them will get along just fine.
Bumblebee: Aw, shucks.

"Transformers: Animated: S.U.V.: Society of Ultimate Villainy (#2.8)" (2008)
[chasing a rejuvenated Nanosec]
Bumblebee: How come he looks young again?
Sari Sumdac: Hmm... wrinkle cream?

"The Transformers: The Ultimate Doom: Revival (3) (#1.10)" (1984)
Bumblebee: We've gotta get outta here.
[Bumblebee runs straight into Shockwave]
Shockwave: Destruction to all trespassers!
Brawn: I don't suppose I could interest any of you in a magazine subscription?

"Transformers: Animated: Garbage in, Garbage out (#2.4)" (2008)
Bumblebee: [seeing Wreck-Gar for the first time] What are you?... What is he?
Bumblebee, Sari Sumdac: I don't know, but he's giving off a ton of AllSpark energy.
Wreck-Gar: I am Wreck-Gar! I give off a ton of AllSpark energy!
Bumblebee: So, what, an AllSpark fragment just brought a junk pile to life and made some new kind of Autobot?
Wreck-Gar: I am Wreck-Gar! I am some new kind of Autobot?
Ratchet: Listen up, scrapheap! You're not an Autobot, and you never will be an Autobot. You're only good for one thing: GARBAGE!
Wreck-Gar: I am Wreck-Gar! I am only good for one thing: GARBAGE! I must deliver garbage to all!
[transforms into a garbage truck and rolls out... but first granting Sari and the Autobots a generous heap of garbage]
Sari Sumdac: [to Ratchet] You really have a way with words, don't you?

Transformers: The Return of Optimus Prime (1987) (V)
Bumblebee: Back, I'm better than ever! I've gone beyond being plain old Bumblebee! I'm a Gold Bug!
Optimus Prime: That your are, Bumblebee! So from now on, that's exactly who you'll be, Goldbug.

Transformers: Devastation (2015) (VG)
Bumblebee: They call me Goldfire!... Ridiculous, I know.

"The Transformers: Countdown to Extinction (#1.12)" (1984)
Bumblebee: Hey Prime, what do you think Megatron's gonna do to Starscream?
Optimus Prime: Nothing gentle, I would say.
Jazz: I think we seen the last of ol' Starcreep alright! And that's the first thing that's gone right all day.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Hunting Season (#1.12)" (2015)
Bumblebee: I saved you, you saved me. I hereby release you from your life debt, with my deepest thanks.
Drift: That is not how you conclude a life debt.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising (2013) (TV)
Bumblebee: Optimus Prime would deem it a tragedy to stain Cybertron's fresh soil with any newly-spilled energon. So help us prove what Megatron was never willing to: that more than one race can peacefully co-exist on our planet.
Predaking: You assume that because I turned against Megatron, I can forgive the Autobots their role in the destruction of my brethren on Earth? Leave me be and dare not trespass here again.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Battlegrounds: Part 1 (#1.25)" (2015)
Bumblebee: Dirft, Grim, let's roll to the rescue. Wait. No. Somebody is already using that battlecry. N-never mind. Let's just move out.

"The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1984)
Bumblebee: Prime told me there'd be days like this.
Wheeljack: And you didn't believe him?
Bumblebee: I do now.

"The Transformers: The Return of Optimus Prime: Part 2 (#3.30)" (1987)
Goldbug: Back, I'm better than ever! I've gone beyond being plain old Bumblebee, I'm a Gold Bug!
Optimus Prime: That you are, Bumblebee! So from now, on that's exactly who you'll be, Goldbug.

Transformers: War for Cybertron (2010) (VG)
Bumblebee: I'm more than meets the eye.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: As the Kospego Commands! (#1.6)" (2015)
Grimlock: You know that feelin' when somethin' throws you through a mountain?
Strongarm: No.
Bumblebee: Yes.
Grimlock: Well, it was like that, only painful... -er.

"The Transformers: Transport to Oblivion (#1.4)" (1984)
Bumblebee: How are we gonna get out of this?
Spike Witwicky: By the skin of our teeth.
Bumblebee: I didn't know human teeth had skin.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: New Mission on Earth (#1.1)" (2015)
[from trailer]
Optimus Prime: I need you on Earth, Bumblebee...
Bumblebee: Optimus?

The Transformers: The Movie (1986)
Spike: This is Spike and Bumblebee up here on Moon Base Two.
Bumblebee: This thing, this monster planet, just ripped the first moon to shreds.
Spike: And it's heading this way.
Bumblebee: We'll try and slow it down.
Spike: But you'd better get here fast because we're not gonna...
[static obscures the messaage]
Daniel: Dad!

"Transformers: Animated: Rise of the Constructicons (#2.6)" (2008)
Scrapper: I've had enough of this dipstick in the mud!
[pushes Optimus Prime]
Bumblebee: Hey! He's our dipstick!

"The Transformers: Fire in the Sky (#1.13)" (1984)
[last lines]
Ratchet: The energy drain has been stopped.
Bumblebee: The Earth'll heat up again.
Hound: And the Decepticons are defeated.
Spike Witwicky: But Skyfire is... is gone.
Optimus Prime: He won't be forgotten, Spike. He will live forever so long as freedom exists. We shall remember you, Skyfire.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Beyond Appearances (#1.4)" (2015)
[from trailer]
Bumblebee: I helped save the universe from Starscream, Megatron and Dark Energon - I refuse to become the laughing stock of some bug-eyed bot's gaming club!

"The Transformers: Child's Play (#2.30)" (1985)
[after unpleasant encounter with a bully named Marty]
Aron: Marty's the meanest guy in the universe!
Bumblebee: Heh, he's never met up with Megatron.

"Transformers: Animated: Autoboot Camp (#2.9)" (2008)
Bumblebee: Monitor duty. Is there anything worse than monitor duty?
Bulkhead: Scraping barnacles? Washing out Sari's old socks? Getting a wheel alignment from Ratchet?
Bumblebee: It was a rhetorical question.

"Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Overloaded: Part 1 (#2.1)" (2016)
Strongarm: [after Optimus relates a story] Amazing. Tell us another.
Sideswipe: Ugh. Give it a rest, will ya, Strongarm? You bugging Pops for war stories is getting older than, well, Pops.
Bumblebee: Sideswipe, you'd better watch your...
Optimus Prime: Young Bot, you may call me Optimus Prime or Optimus. Those are your only options. Understood?
Sideswipe: [cowed] Yes, sir.

"The Transformers: Changing Gears (#2.7)" (1985)
Gears: Owww... Wouldn't you know it. Everytime I get set to lube my cable-relays something happens!
Ironhide: Action first, Gears; maintenance later.
Gears: Easy for you to say. Your pulleys don't squeak!
Bumblebee: Your squeaking's not the problem
[does a forward flip over Gears]
Bumblebee: it's your squawking!

"The Transformers: Dinobot Island: Part 2 (#2.4)" (1985)
[the Autobots arrive where the first time-warp was detected. Sideswipe uses his hand drills to release Spike and Bumblebee from the wrecked building]
Bumblebee: About time you guys showed up!
Ironhide: What about Spike? Is he...
Spike Witwicky: Not a scratch, Ironhide, though I can't say the same for Bumblebee. He protected me with his body. He's a real hero!
Bumblebee: [meekly] Aw... anybody'd have done the same.

"The Transformers: Megatron's Master Plan: Part 1 (#2.15)" (1985)
Sunstreaker: I knew the humans would turn on us someday. They're such undependable creatures. Inferior lifeforms.
Bumblebee: Ahh, I'm not so sure, Sunstreaker. Some of my best friends are humans.