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Blackarachnia (Character)
from "Beast Wars: Transformers" (1996)

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"Beast Wars: Transformers: Bad Spark (#2.8)" (1998)
Cheetor: Silverbolt, watch your back! Widow alert!
Blackarachnia: [punching Silverbolt in the face] Come on! Fight back! How long will you carry this silly chivalry? This dark damsel is not impressed!

Silverbolt: Are you damaged?
Blackarachnia: Just enough to make me interesting.
Silverbolt: I suspect that Tarantulas will still be after you.
Blackarachnia: Yeah. I expect you're right.
Silverbolt: I will not let him harm you.
Blackarachnia: I'm counting on it. So... how about making like a hero and flying me out of here?
Silverbolt: I am unable to.
[Silverbolt's wings making grinding sounds]
Silverbolt: My wing mechanism is offline. We must travel by foot to the peak of that mountain above the energon storm where we can contact our respected bases.
Blackarachnia: Not my first, choice but lead the way.

Blackarachnia: [about a severely beaten Tarantulas] He's gone into stasis lock! That explosion didn't do this.
Silverbolt: No, this is the work of...
Blackarachnia: Of what?
Silverbolt: Protoform X.
Blackarachnia: I thought its spark was extinguished?
Silverbolt: Apparently it did not and it may never.
Megatron: Hmmm... interesting. Computer, fashion for me a blade, long, very sharp and comprised of energon.
Predacon Computer: Acknowledged.
Silverbolt: You're leaving him behind?
Blackarachnia: I want out of here. *Now*!
[Blackarachnia and Silverbolt walk around the corner and come upon a shadowy form, which makes Blackarachnia scream]

Rampage: [crushing Silverbolt] Is that fear you are feeling, Maximal? My spark feeds off terror. Let it grow, let it consume your circuitry, yes, feel it, you must feel it, YES...!
[Silverbolt pricks back his ears and screams in terror]
Blackarachnia: Silverbolt!

Optimus Primal: Silverbolt, wait. Let her go. Come on, let's get back to base.
Silverbolt: My lady, you may be a Predacon on the outside but on the inside you're still a Maximal. Someday you'll come to understand that.
Blackarachnia: [snorts] Like I needed him to catch me anyways.

Silverbolt: Lest you forget you were originally a Maximal protoform
Blackarachnia: Don't even go there.
Silverbolt: What you did back there is more indicative of your more noble heritage.
Blackarachnia: I said drop it!
Silverbolt: Just admit that there is a spark of goodness in you and then...
Blackarachnia: [blam!] Shall I elaborate?
Silverbolt: Perhaps not.

Blackarachnia: Are you damaged?
Silverbolt: [smiling] Just enough to make me interesting.

Silverbolt: Tarantulas!
Blackarachnia: Where?
Silverbolt: Do not worry, he has been... disarmed.
Blackarachnia: To say the least.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Crossing the Rubicon (#3.9)" (1999)
Rampage: This will hardly be any fun at all.
Blackarachnia: Yeah, for you! Blackarachnia... MAXIMIZE!
[Silverbolt gulps]
Rampage: Love the new look... GOOD-BYE!
Blackarachnia: You missed... and you're ugly!
[Blackarachnia goes back to beast mode and flings her grappling hook around Rampage's neck. She swings him around and around then lets go, flinging Rampage into the side of a cliff]
Blackarachnia: [in robot mode] Hmm. Not too shabby.
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia?
Blackarachnia: You're not going to leave me now Bowser? Not after I've had my nails done and everything.

Blackarachnia: I can't explain it. One minute I saw this light, then I saw Silverbolt in danger...
Optimus Primal: And you rushed off on your own as usual. NOT a very Maximal approach.
Blackarachnia: Even when I'm good I'm still bad.

Silverbolt: What is it, Rhinox?
Rhinox: The Pred shell program they implanted is deteriorating. If it continues it will infect her Maximal core conscience.
Blackarachnia: It sounds serious. Oh. I guess using the transmetal driver on myself wasn't such a great idea.
Optimus Primal: I thought you were smarter than that and how did YOU get the driver?
Blackarachnia: I borrowed it.
Rhinox: Why?

Blackarachnia: Transmetals have more power. I WANTED IT.
Silverbolt: Then you should have asked us. We could have helped you.
Blackarachnia: Yeah, right. Like you're going to help the Pred get more power?
Optimus Primal: Maximal or Predacon, you're one of us. You should know that by now.

Silverbolt: I am sorry, but I will forever be your champion, my lady.
Blackarachnia: The way you talk.
[an electrolytic pulse goes through Blackarachnia's face into Silverbolt's face]
Blackarachnia: Transmetal power... Better get used to it.

Optimus Primal: Thanks for all of your help...
Blackarachnia: Spare me the Maximal mush and let's get this over with.

Rhinox: How are you feeling?
Blackarachnia: Like someone is playing squash-the-spider with an energon ball.
Optimus Primal: Are you ready?
Blackarachnia: All except for one thing. Decrypt datatrax Widow's Edge. Prepare for direct download. The Ark's access codes. I figure you have the best chance of keeping them away from Mega-Ego.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Optimal Situation (#3.1)" (1998)
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia, O dark poison of my heart, abide with me yet a while.
Blackarachnia: You got a way with words, Rover. You almost make me wish I was a better girl.
Silverbolt: But you are. For at the last moment you made a stand against evil.
Blackarachnia: Oh, I was saving my own shell.
Silverbolt: And with it the UNIVERSE, and me.

Megatron: *You*?
Blackarachnia: Well, what did you expect, you metal megalomaniac? That I would die for your insane ambition?
Megatron: Then or now, Blackarachnia, there will be no more betrayals.
[Megatron charges his weapon and fires. Blackarachnia screams]
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia?

[Optimus Primal groans in the corner of the Ark]
Rhinox: Hurry.
Blackarachnia: This technology is over four-billion years old. It takes time.
Rattrap: Time you don't have She-Spider.
Silverbolt: You'll have to shoot through me, rodent.
Rattrap: Don't tempt me.
Rhinox: Knock it off. We have bigger problems.

Rhinox: Whew! He's back in normal stasis and reality has been restored.
Rattrap: Yeah. Now all we've gotta do is keep it that way for the next couple of million years. Sheesh, no problem.
Optimus Primal: Rattrap is correct. The first thing we have to do, Maximals...
Blackarachnia: Ahem!
Optimus Primal: And Predacon, is fortify this place so gather up all of the salvage you can find... We're moving in.

Megatron: Farewell, Maximals. With the destruction of Optimus Prime, the Decepticons and Predacons now take their rightful places as rulers of Cybertron. I, Megatron, have triumphed... Yeeesssss.
Blackarachnia: NO. You forget I was a Maximal protoform. Teletron 1, activate.
[Megatron yells]

Blackarachnia: [after pushing some buttons] Auxiliary life-support on.
Silverbolt: [continues to plug the life-support machine into Optimus Prime's arm which slows down the time storm] It's done! The time storm... It appears to have stabilized somewhat.
Blackarachnia: But Big Mac here is still fading.
[Blackarachnia and Silverblot begin fading in and out]
Blackarachnia: Reality is still in flux.
Optimus Primal: [flying into the Ark] Sliverbolt. What? Huh? Well, that's just prime.
Rattrap: Well, what's left of him anyways.
[Rhinox slugs Rattrap]

Blackarachnia: Arrgh!
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia!
[Blackarachnia groans]
Silverbolt: Stay by me. Whatever this storm is, I will protect you.
Blackarachnia: No, Bowser Boy. You have no idea what you're dealing with. Just shut up and follow me.
Silverbolt: What are you doing?
Blackarachnia: It's not what I'm doing! It's what I'm *undoing*!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Proving Grounds (#3.7)" (1999)
Blackarachnia: Oh, I get it. You don't trust me either?
Silverbolt: Blackarachnia, I...
Blackarachnia: Back off, Bowser. I tried my best to fit in with you Maximals but it just isn't working.
Silverbolt: That's not true. We've come to think of you as part of the team.
Blackarachnia: Oh, yeah right. That's why Rhinox and ape-face want to unzip my core.

Silverbolt: You're wrong. They would never do that.
Blackarachnia: I heard them say it.
Silverbolt: Oh, thank the matrix. It's Optimus.
Blackarachnia: I've gotta go. It's been a surge.

Silverbolt: Oh, no. This time you're staying.
Blackarachnia: Let go of me. I don't want to hurt you but I will.
Silverbolt: You've already hurt me, but you're going to learn the truth even if... Ow.
Blackarachnia: Told ya. Ohh, that wasn't such a hot idea.

Optimus Primal: You two look scrapped.
Silverbolt: We had a little encounter with Dinobot. My mistake, really.
Blackarachnia: Oh, *no way*! I heard you and Rhinox planning to unzip my core so I took off then Dinobot jumped me and Spot rescued me.
Silverbolt: Is it true, Optimus? Were you planning to reprogram her?
Optimus Primal: With reprogramming you could be the Maximal you were always intended to be. But the decision to take that step is and always will be yours to make.
Blackarachnia: You mean I have a choice?
Optimus Primal: That is the Maximal way. Now let's get you back to base.

Optimus Primal: Can you reactivate her Maximal programing?
Rhinox: It's tricky and dangerous. It could dump her entire core and leave her a blank.
Optimus Primal: And if we do nothing.
Rhinox: She'll be a Predacon forever.
Optimus Primal: That might be too big of a risk to take right now. Let's go find her.
Blackarachnia: [listening in] So that's the way it is, huh? Nobody's unzipping this girl's core.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Spark (#1.15)" (1996)
Tigertron: [beating Scorponok] You won't be getting any of our secrets from that pod, Predacons!
Blackarachnia: [knocks him down] ... and you won't be getting any older, Stripes.

Scorponok: You'll get nothing out of me, Maximal! Scorponok: terror...
Tigatron: [zapping and freezing Scorponok] Sorry, I have no time to play.
Blackarachnia: [zapping Tigatron with cyber-venom] What a pity!

Cheetor: By the way, how do you dance with all those skinny legs?
Blackarachnia: Ugh! This must be my day for cats!

Blackarachnia: Come out, kitty-cat. I won't hurt you... much.

Blackarachnia: You don't know the meaning of fast, cat!
Cheetor: I know what ugly is, and you're it!
[Cheetor blasts the outcrop Blackarachnia stands on, tumbling and burying her under debris]
Cheetor: Fast cat: one. Spider: zippo!
[Blackarachnia transforms and blasts out of the debris]
Blackarachnia: No one does that to me!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Agenda: Part 2 (#2.12)" (1998)
Silverbolt: What is it?
Blackarachnia: The Ark.
Silverbolt: I've heard only legends.
Blackarachnia: Oh, it's no legend, Bowser. This ship contained some of Cybertron's greatest heroes. When it explodes in 1984 our ancestors will awaken and start the great war.
Silverbolt: This must have been why Optimus was so worried. This ship's power must be immense.
Blackarachnia: It is and it's all mine.

Blackarachnia: What are you looking at?
Silverbolt: That star. It's a planet really. It's Venus. It reminds me of you.
Blackarachnia: Dark, deadly, and poisonous? You're sweet.
Silverbolt: No, wait. That's not what I meant.

Silverbolt: I know how you're feeling. You don't know whether to kiss me, or kill me.
Blackarachnia: [leaning close] I'm a black widow spider, you idiot. I can do both...
[fuzzy lens occurs]

Silverbolt: What is it?
Blackarachnia: The Ark.
Silverbolt: I've heard only legends.
Blackarachnia: Oh, it's no legend, Bowser. This ship contained some of Cybertron's finest heroes. When it explodes in 1984 our ancestors will awaken and start the great war.
Silverbolt: This must have been why Optimus was so worried. This ship's power must be immense.
Blackarachnia: It is and it's all mine.

"Transformers: Animated: Predacons Rising (#3.7)" (2009)
Sentinel Prime: I just never knew, never imagined that something this... unspeakable could have happened to you. How can you even live like that? It's horrible! It's disgusting!
Blackarachnia: Okay, okay, I get it! It's bad, but it's not that bad, all right?
Sentinel Prime: No. It's worse. You should have gone offline.

Sentinel Prime: Is that..."thing" Wasp?
Waspinator: Wasp not thing. Wasp UPGRADE!
Sentinel Prime: What have you done to him?
Blackarachnia: Oh, cool your crankcase. I just made him technorganic, like me.
Waspinator: Spider-Bot Wasp's friend! Made Wasp powerful! Made Wasp... Waspinator!

Sentinel Prime: It's an abomination! Just like you!... And I can't allow it!
[Sentinel pulls out his lance]
Blackarachnia: So that's it? You just slag your old friend Elita-1?
Sentinel Prime: Don't say that name! You don't deserve to say that name!
[Sentinel swipes, knocking Blackarachnia's helmet off, revealing her true face]
Sentinel Prime: You're not Elita-1, you mutant freak. Elita-1 went offline a long time ago.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: A Better Mousetrap (#1.11)" (1996)
[first lines]
[In an underground cavern beneath the Maximal ship, Waspinator, Terrorsaur, and Blackarachnia are working on a tunnel]
Waspinator: Waspinator tired of this! Can't this bomb fit?
Blackarachnia: It's not a bomb, bug! It's a sonic projector. And when placed correctly, it'll blow a sweet little hole in the bottom of the Maximal base!
Terrorsaur: We have to widen the tunnel!
Blackarachnia: So? Widen it! I'm soiled enough already just being around you two!
Waspinator: Spider-bot dig her own hole!
[flies away in a huff]
Terrorsaur: [transforms] Megatron said dig. So start digging!
Blackarachnia: [transforms] I'm the brains of this little operation... not the brawn!
[a standoff ensures between Terrorsaur and Blackarachnia]

Blackarachnia: In fifteen cycles, we will be inside the Maximal base...
Tigatron: The only place you're headed for is the slag heap!
[removes the sonic projector and runs off]
Blackarachnia: He's stolen my invention!
[the Predacons transform and chase Tigatron]

Blackarachnia: You can't win, cat! The device will explode and take you with it!
Tigatron: In that case, allow me to return it!
[hurls the device at the Predacons]
Blackarachnia: NOOO!
Terrorsaur: Let's get out of here!
[the Predacons scatter]

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Other Voices: Part 2 (#1.26)" (1997)
Optimus Primal: Every one of these alien structures has been designed for a specific purpose, Rattrap. This one is busy, and I'm betting I can fly close enough to take it out.
Rattrap: With what? One of your famous "We can do it" speeches?
Optimus Primal: A transwarp explosion.
Blackarachnia: Hahaha! You'll blow yourself to atoms!
Optimus Primal: If it saves this planet, it'll be worth it. If not, I'm no worse off.

Airazor: Take care, Optimus. Come back to us.
Tigatron: May the Matrix protect your spark for all eternity.
Rattrap: Just in case you don't come back... can I have your quarters?
Optimus Primal: No. Whatever happens out there, I want you to know that you're the finest crew I've ever served with.
Blackarachnia: Do Maximals always talk such slop?
[Airazor punches her out]
Rattrap: My sentiments exactly.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Possession (#1.21)" (1997)
Optimus Primal: I have to tell you, Starscream, you're giving space debris a bad name.
Starscream: Optimus. We've been impetuous. Surely we can work something out... Blackarachnia! Destroy him and we can still triumph together!
Blackarachnia: Are all your dreams in technicolor?
[ignites a small cache of energon underneath Starscream]
Starscream: Energon? You've betrayed me!
Blackarachnia: I studied with the master.
[With a scream, Starscream's spark is disgorged from Waspinator's body]
Optimus Primal: Hasta la vista, Starscream!

Waspinator: Ohhh... Waspinator has a headache in his whole body... Ohh!
Blackarachnia: It was the only way. I had to play along with Starscream to find out his "true" intentions.
Megatron: You are smooth, Blackarachnia. Very smooth. But it does not inspire confidence, though. NO!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Trigger: Part 2 (#1.17)" (1996)
Blackarachnia: [taking control of the island] Yeesss...

Blackarachnia: [as the island crashes] NOOO!

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Nemesis: Part 2 (#3.13)" (1999)
Rhinox: Blackarachnia, how's that capacitor coming?
Blackarachnia: I need a conduit cable to finish the connection... aha!
[sees Rattrap's sword-tail and lops it off]
Rattrap: Hey! Ya emasculatin' fembot!

Blackarachnia: Main engines now connected to Teletron 1.
Rattrap: It's Teletraan!
Blackarachnia: Oh, whatever!

"Beast Machines: Transformers: Fires of the Past (#1.3)" (1999)
Blackarachnia: Three mindless drones, shouldn't be a problem.
Jetstorm: Only three things wrong with that little theory: One, we're not drones. Two, we're not mindless. And three, problem's my middle name!

Rattrap: They blew us out of the sky?
Blackarachnia: Yes, stranding all six of us.
Rattrap: Why, those lousy... six? Get real, Webs! If there were six of us, then why don't we remember the other two?

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Agenda: Part III (#2.13)" (1998)
Blackarachnia: I think we're almost through...
Silverbolt: Then stand back!
Blackarachnia: Wait, we just...
[Silverbolt blows the cave open]
Blackarachnia: Uh, never mind... what is it with guys and high explosives?

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Low Road (#1.22)" (1997)
Blackarachnia: Why do you always talk to yourself?
Megatron: I simply have a penchant for intelligent conversation.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Master Blaster (#3.10)" (1999)
Blackarachnia: You'll regret this, crab legs!
Rampage: I regret everything, my sweet. Struggle as much as you like, I enjoy it!

"Transformers: Animated: Transform and Roll Out!: Part One (#1.1)" (2007)
Blitzwing: [Icy] As usual, Blackarachnia, your demeanor is as unpleasant as zat cursed organic mode of yours.
Blackarachnia: Blow it out your actuator, Three-Face!
Blitzwing: [switches to Hothead] Ze name is Blitzwing, insect! Remember it! 'Cause it's the last thing you vill ever hear before I...
Blitzwing: [switches to Random] ... express my feelings in song, hahaha! Ze Itsy Bitsy Spider crawled up ze water spout...
Blackarachnia: You wanna battle it out here and now, Blitzwing?
Starscream: Can't you broken malfunctions keep it down?

"Beast Wars: Transformers: The Trigger: Part 1 (#1.16)" (1996)
Scorponok: Wow! That's a real blaster.
Blackarachnia: Noticed that, did you? Well in case you didn't notice, it is activated by our own weapons. I must...
Scorponok: Huh?
Blackarachnia: I mean, WE must take control of it... but carefully.

"Beast Wars: Transformers: Dark Designs (#1.13)" (1996)
Waspinator: Destroy all Autobot-bot-bot-bot-bots!
Megatron: Waspinator, what are you buzzing about?
Waspinator: Waspinator? Negative-negative-negative! I am Shrapnel, Decepticon hero-o-o-o-o-o!
Blackarachnia: Shrapnel? That was a Decepticon from the Great Wars three centuries ago! He's wacko!
Waspinator: Not wacko, Wonko! Wonko the Sane!
[salutes the viewer and starts punching himself]