Maggie Madsen
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Maggie Madsen (Character)
from Transformers (2007)

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Transformers (2007)
Agent Simmons: Mean little sucker, huh?
Maggie Madsen: That thing is freaky!
Agent Simmons: Kinda like the itty-bitty Energizer Bunny from hell, huh?

Maggie Madsen: There's only one hacker in the world who can break this code...

Glen Whitmann: Okay, Maggie, look. Let me break it down to you, how it's gonna happen. They gonna come through that door, they're gonna play good cop, bad cop. Don't fall for that, alright?
[Maggie rubs her head]
Glen Whitmann: That's why I ate their food. See, they put the plate of donuts out here to test your guilt. If you don't touch it, you're guilty!
[exhibits empty plate]
Glen Whitmann: I ate the whole plate. The WHOLE plate. So, me and you: they walk through that door, you don't say nothing.
[Agents enter the room, and Glen is calm up to the point an agent places his briefcase on the table... ]
Glen Whitmann: [pointing to Maggie] It was her! She did it! She did it! She's the one you want!
Maggie Madsen: Glen!
Glen Whitmann: Don't talk to me! Don't talk to me criminal!
Glen Whitmann: Woah, sugar rush.

Sam Witwicky: So...
Maggie Madsen: What'd they get you for?
Sam Witwicky: I bought a car. Turned out to be an alien robot.
Glen: [whispered] Wow.
Sam Witwicky: Who knew?

Agent Simmons: [looks at a Nokia phone] Ooh. Nokias are real nasty. You've gotta respect the Japanese. They know the way of the samurai...
Maggie Madsen: Nokia's from Finland.
Keller: Yes, but he's, you know, a little strange. He's a little strange.

[Keller enters the FBI interrogation room]
Maggie Madsen: What's going on?
Keller: You're coming with me. You're going to be my advisor.
Glen Whitmann: Me, too?
Keller: Who's this?
Maggie Madsen: He's... MY advisor.
Keller: He comes too.

Maggie Madsen: Sir, they hacked your firewall in ten seconds! Even a supercomputer, with a brute force attack, would take ten years to do that.
Admiral Brigham: Maybe you can explain why our enemies are doubling their armed forces...
Maggie Madsen: Maybe it's a precaution, because isn't that what we're doing? The signal pattern is learning, it's EVOLVING on its own, and you need to move past Fourier transforms and start thinking quantum mechanics...
Admiral Brigham: [with unintentional irony] There is nothing on Earth that complex!
Maggie Madsen: How about an organism, a living organism? Or some sort of DNA-based computer? I know that sounds crazy, but...
Keller: All right, all right, that's enough! Listen, we've got NSA specialists working downstairs. If you can come up with anything to substantiate your theory, we're prepared to listen. But if you don't get a filter on that brain-mouth thing, you're gonna be off the team. Understand?

Glen Whitmann: Hey, I'm still a virgin...
Maggie Madsen: Glenn, SHUT UP!

Maggie Madsen: You have to let me talk to Keller before you go to war with the wrong country!

Maggie Madsen: Glen, seriously, don't you want to see something classified?
Glen Whitmann: classified?
Maggie Madsen: Like "I will go to jail for the rest of my life for showing you" classified.
Glen Whitmann: Oh yes! Yes! Yes!