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Rodimus Prime (Character)
from "The Transformers" (1984)

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"The Transformers: Five Faces of Darkness: Part 1 (#3.1)" (1986)
Ultra Magnus: Fellow Olympians, may today's games usher in a new age of peace and cooperation in the galaxy! And in the spirit of the games, let me introduce the hero of the Cybertronian Wars, the leader of the Autobots, the bearer of the Matrix... and now to officially open these first Galatic Olympics, Rodimus Prime!
Rodimus Prime: Let's do it!
Ultra Magnus: Didn't you want to say something about concord and tranquility in the galaxy?
Rodimus Prime: Aww, give me a break. Start the games!

Rodimus Prime: Our charts don't show any planets in that sector-no, wait. Here it is. I thought it was a smudge on the screen.
Outback: Yeah, that fits the description of Chaar.

Rodimus Prime: These guys are hurtin'. I never thought I'd feel sorry for the Decepticons.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock, not feel sorry. Me Grimlock laugh!
Rodimus Prime: Y'know... they couldn't be responsible for the kidnappings.
Grimlock: [Loudly] They not? But if not they, WHO ARE? WHO ARE TH...
Rodimus Prime: [Cover's Grimlock's mouth] Grimlock! Shh!

The Transformers: The Movie (1986)
Springer: [Unicron self-destructing, Spike and Daniel find remaining Autobots] Spike! Daniel!
Spike: Springer, what's going on?
Springer: No time for that now! Let's get out of here!
[Autobots start to escape Unicron's hull]
Daniel: Look!
[sees Hot Rod, now Rodimus Prime, running from the depths of Unicron]
Rodimus Prime: Autobots, transform and roll out!
[Spike and Daniel climb into transformed Rodimus Prime]
Kup: I always knew you had potential, lad.
[Autobots escape out Unicron's eye as he self-destructs]

Optimus Prime: Arise, Rodimus Prime.
Rodimus Prime: Optimus...

Rodimus Prime: Let this mark the end of the Cybertronian wars as we march forward to a new age of peace and happiness... Till all are one!
Springer, Arcee, Kup: Till all are one!

"The Transformers: Five Faces of Darkness: Part 4 (#3.4)" (1986)
Rodimus Prime: [Having entered the Matrix] Where am I? Is this the Matrix?
Primon: [a vision of Primon appears before Rodimus] Rodimus Prime, you have embarked on a journey into Cybertron's distant past. Prepare to look into the face of your creator. Eon ago, Cybertron was a factory built by the Quintessons to manufacture robots. There were two product lines: military hardware and consumer goods. These two product lines were the linear ancestors of the Decepticons and the Autobots. In time, the Quintessons endowed their products with a simulated intelligence. Now the machines could manufacture themselves. And before long, they grew too lazy and greedy to bother even with that. There were simpler ways to ring performance out of their slaves.
Prima: The Quintessons simply recycled it on the spot. The Quintessons also used the robots to entertain them. Machine pitted against machine, gladiatorial combat. Some of us, however, found this pointless combat repellant and sought to put a stop to it. We failed...
Prime Nova: ...But the seeds of revolt had been planted. And with one day, yield a terrible harvest. What the Quintessons failed to grasp, was that their robots had developed emotions. That we knew and felt the difference between freedom and slavery. And that oversight sealed their fate.
Guardian Prime: For a time, the robots lived in harmony. But this did not last. The former consumer goods who called themselves "Autobots" sought a peaceful existence, while the military hardware wanted conquest.
Zeta Prime: And they got their way. For centuries they terrorized the Autobots.
Sentinel Prime: Knowing we could never defeat the Decepticons with firepower, we turned to stealth and invented the art of transforming. The Autobots ruled for many centuries, but in time, the Decepticons also learned how to transform. Thus one fateful night, far below the city, Megatron was born!
Optimus Prime: The Matrix was passed to Alpha Trion, the oldest of Autobots. who kept it safely hidden for many years, until the next Autobot leader appeared. A gentle robot known as Orion Pax, who was fated to become...
Rodimus Prime: Optimus Prime!
Optimus Prime: And so began the third Cybertronian war. Which rages to this day.
Rodimus Prime: And the Quintessons... are our creators.
Optimus Prime: Through all these centuries, they have waited for the proper moment to strike. To reclaim the planet that we Transformers took from them.
Rodimus Prime: And now they're going for the gusto, right?
Optimus Prime: Do not forget what you have learned from our past, Rodimus. From it's lessons, the future is forged.

Rodimus Prime: Last big party of the summer, folks! Let's go out with a bang!
Ultra Magnus: Just once, couldn't your attitude reflect the gravity of the situation?
Rodimus Prime: Not if I can help it!

Wreck-Gar: Bulletin: You are in danger of being canceled or losing your time slot.
Ultra Magnus: What's he talking about?
Rodimus Prime: We're gonna get killed.

"The Transformers: Dark Awakening (#3.8)" (1986)
Optimus Prime: Matrix makes me too powerful.
Rodimus Prime: Now there's a unique complaint.

"The Transformers: The Return of Optimus Prime: Part 2 (#3.30)" (1987)
Optimus Prime: No more games, Rodimus! Innocent lives are at stake!
Rodimus Prime: No one is innocent!

"The Transformers: The Return of Optimus Prime: Part 1 (#3.29)" (1987)
Rodimus Prime: [Rodimus is assembling an assault force] Protectobots. Hot Spot, First Aid, Streetwise, Groove, and Blades, transform into Defensor.
[Protectobots transform into Defensor]
Rodimus Prime: Aerialbots. Silverbolt, Air Raid, Skydive, Fireflight, and Slingshot, transform into Superion.
[Aerialbots transform into Superion]
Rodimus Prime: Throttlebots, transform!
[Throttlebots transform]
Rodimus Prime: And finally, last but not least: Blurr, Bumblebee, Steeljaw, and Wheelie, transform.
[They transform]

"The Transformers: Five Faces of Darkness: Part 5 (#3.5)" (1986)
Arcee: Rodimus, what's the matter?
Rodimus Prime: Autobots, this is not an easy victory for us. Though we've won we've learned that a powerful new enemy is after us... We have looked into the faces of our creators, and seen, the face of an enemy.

"The Transformers: The Burden Hardest to Bear (#3.27)" (1986)
Kup: Heck of day...
Rodimus Prime: Tell me about it; I was at the Imperial Palace all afternoon with the Prime Minister.
Kup: Ah, you've had worse times.
Rodimus Prime: Yeah, when do they get better? That's what I wanna know.
Kup: What's eating you?
Rodimus Prime: I don't know Kup. I feel... boxed in.
Kup: Like the weight of the world rests on your shoulders?
Rodimus Prime: Yeah...
Kup: Like you wanna... run away?
Rodimus Prime: Yeah, and how. The responsibilities...
[Marissa drives up behind Rodimus and comes running out of her vehicle]
Marissa Faireborne: Hey Rodimus, we've got a problem! Earth Defense Command needs -
Rodimus Prime: Not you too! Gimme a break, will ya? Since when am I the only one who can solve everbody's problems?
Marissa Faireborne: But... but...
Rodimus Prime: [transforms and drives away] Just leave me alone!
Marissa Faireborne: What's with him?
Kup: Giri.
Marissa Faireborne: Giri?
Kup: Japanese word; it means "the burden hardest to bear."
Marissa Faireborne: Ah, he's feeling the pressures of leadership; is that it?
Kup: Same thing happened to Optimus Prime after the Matrix was passed to him; Optimus learned to live with his Giri and respect it.
Marissa Faireborne: And now it's Rodimus' turn. Is there anything we can do to help?
Kup: Nope. He's gotta resolve it for himself.
Marissa Faireborne: Still, maybe he could use somebody to talk to.

"The Transformers: Fight or Flee (#3.15)" (1986)
Sandstorm: [Watching Paradron explode] It's as beautiful in death as it was in life.
Rodimus Prime: Well, no need to get all mushy. Cybertron's a better place anyway - not so... perfect!

"The Transformers: Only Human (#3.23)" (1986)
Rodimus Prime: Can you repair your body?
Springer: [sarcastically] I don't know? I never tried to repair myself before.