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Biography for
Megatron (Character)
from "The Transformers" (1984)

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Megatron is one of the main villains in the Transformers franchise, the arch-nemesis of the heroic Optimus Prime, who equals him in intellect and physicality. In most Transformers media, he is a gladiator who becomes convinced that his homeworld, Cyberton, is being led to ruin by it current rulers. Consequently, he takes control of Cyberton's warrior caste (the Decepticons) and revolts. After gaining power, he becomes the very thing he once fought against. His primary weapon has traditionally been a fusion cannon mounted to his right arm. Capable of converting any small amount of matter into large amounts of explosive nuclear energy, the cannon could fire a blast up to 12 miles and release enough energy to flatten a small town. He could use his internal circuitry to connect the cannon interdimensionally with a black hole, where it could draw on anti-matter as its power source. The blast from this was far greater, but it caused a tremendous strain on him to do this for even one blast. Megatron's time as a gladiator has imbued him with a rigid survival of the fittest philosophy. Consequently, love, compassion, and mercy are words that have no meaning to him. That said, he is rarely depicted as overly chaotic or insane: he genuinely believes the only way to safeguard Cybertron is to conquer it.
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Name: Megatron

Alternate Names: D-16, NBE-01, Megatronus

Affiliation: Decepticon

Function: Decepticon Leader, Gladiator

Alternate modes:: Heavy Pistol, Tank

Motto: "Peace through tyranny."
Sunbow Animated Series
He was created by what appears to have been the unaffilated group known as the Constructicons over nine million years ago just before the Third Cybertronian War erupted. He was given life by Vector Sigma and was to lead the Decepticons to victory, and he performed this job very well, wiping out most Autobot resistance easily. Just about nine million years ago he attacked a fuel storage facility and critically injured a young worker there named Orion Pax. Unfortunately for Megatron, Pax was rebuilt into Optimus Prime, who has been considered his equal in everything and the bane to his dreams of conquest. So he jumped at the chance to finally destroy Prime when he left on a mission aboard the Ark. During the battle, though, the Ark was damaged and was sent hurtling into a prehistoric Earth four million years ago, where the two armies lay in stasis lock until the year 1984. After their reactivation, he concentrated his plans on capturing the vast energies of Earth. Unlike his more powerful future form, Galvatron, however, he came very close to winning the war on Earth and Cybertron. Many of his most diabolical schemes were defeated only by the endless spirit of the Autobots and luck.

In the failed attack on Autobot City in 2005, he was gravely injured in battle with Optimus Prime. Despite being rescued by Soundwave, he was eventually ejected from the Decepticon escape ship by Starscream. He and several other Decepticons were found by Unicorn and reformatted. Megatron became the ultra-powerful Galvatron.

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