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Quotes for
Paddy O'Neil (Character)
from Patriot Games (1992)

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Patriot Games (1992)
Paddy O'Neil: When the IRA carry out any form of campaign, they admit to it. Common sense, logic...

Jack Ryan: I want to know where Sean Miller and Kevin O'Donnell are.
Paddy O'Neil: [scoffs] Let me try and understand this. You want me to sell out my fellow lrishmen to you? I don't think you understand me at all.
Jack Ryan: Oh, l think l do.
Paddy O'Neil: Listen! l don't give a damn what they've done. But the day l sell out my own people is the day l'll put a bullet through my head.
Jack Ryan: So, that's it then?
Paddy O'Neil: That's it. You know on second thought maybe I won't have a drink with you
Jack Ryan: Fine. I'll go home.
Paddy O'Neil: Have a nice trip.
Jack Ryan: I'll go home and call all the news stations! Invite them into my daughter's hospital ward. Give them what they want!
Jack Ryan: [Gets in O'Neil's face] I don't give a shit whether you did it or not. But if you don't help me, I will put such a stranglehold on your gun money that your boys will be out in the streets throwing rocks! I will *fucking* destroy you! I will make it my mission in life!