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Dr. Terence Wynn (Character)
from Halloween (1978)

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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)
Doctor Sam Loomis: Good God! Terrence, come in.
Dr. Wynn: Good grace, what a night! Not so much as a sign for five miles on that road.
Doctor Sam Loomis: That's the beauty of the countryside... I thrive on it.
Dr. Wynn: God, you look good Sam.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Ah, I feel great! I had surgery, plastic surgery. Skin grafts. It cost a fortune, but at least I don't frighten people anymore.
Dr. Wynn: Well, don't tell me that the revered Rasputin of Smith's Grove has grown complacent in his old age! I won't believe that for a second.

Dr. Wynn: Well, guess who after thirty-two years is finally relinquishing his duties as chief administrator of Smith's Grove?
Doctor Sam Loomis: Dear God. You don't mean you're...
Dr. Wynn: Retiring? I came by to give you the news myself.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Well, I wish you well Terrence.
Dr. Wynn: To old friends, to retirement, to new beginnings.

Dr. Wynn: It's no prank; you're the one I've chosen Sam. I want you to come back.
Doctor Sam Loomis: After my stroke six years ago they practically had to hold a pistol to my head to get me to retire. But things are different now- I'm different. I've buried the ghosts, I've buried them in this manuscript. I don't want to practise medicine anymore.

[Tommy has a knife to Wynn's throat]
Tommy Doyle: Untie her!
Dr. Wynn: Do as he says! Do it.
Dr. Wynn: You should join us, you have talented.
Tommy Doyle: Shut up.

Dr. Wynn: I'd like you to come back to Smith's Grove.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Dr. Wynn, you know it is not wise to play Halloween pranks.

Doctor Sam Loomis: I thought Michael was a monster, but you...
[Loomis gets knocked out, Wynn rises]
Dr. Wynn: Leave him. It's his office now.

Dr. Wynn: I was getting worried Sam, I was afraid you wouldn't make it.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Why now?
Dr. Wynn: Beacuase you were the first one to see it. You recognised its power.
Dr. Wynn: Evil. Pure, uncorrupted, ancient...
Doctor Sam Loomis: You are a mad man.
Dr. Wynn: I have my plans for this baby. Jamie's baby, will be the dawn of a new age. And I'm asking you to join me.

Dr. Wynn: About time Doctor Loomis. Welcome to your fate. The time has come for you to know the truth. The time has come for you to join us.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Why now?
Dr. Wynn: After Jamie escape last night, I knew she would come to you. And I knew you would lead us to her baby, her very special baby. I needed her, just as I need you now. It's your destiny Sam, it lives inside you. It always has, you know that don't you?
Doctor Sam Loomis: You are... a mad man.

Dr. Wynn: Look around you Sam, madness everywhere. Famine, war, a great plague. These are signs we must restore balance to the natural order of things. We merely provide the means.
Doctor Sam Loomis: Michael?
Dr. Wynn: We've given him the power, the gift of thorn. I am its deliverer. I follow it, act as its guardian! I protect Michael, watch over him. And... now it's time for another. Now it's time for you, Doctor Loomis.

Doctor Sam Loomis: [Producer's Cut only] Michael? It's over! It's finally over. It's all over.
[he pulls off the mask, and sees it is Wynn]
Dr. Wynn: [startled] Michael. Michael's gone!
[he grabs Loomis's arm]
Dr. Wynn: It's your game now Doctor Loomis!

Dr. Wynn: Michael, your final sacrifice.
Kara: Michael, you can make him stop it. Don't kill the baby. You know whose baby it is, don't you?
Dr. Wynn: [shouts] Michael!
Kara: The baby is yours. Isn't it, Michael?
[Producer's Cut only]

Dr. Wynn: Spirits and powers of the flame, attend and witness this ritual. Bear our gifts to Thorn. Open us to the path of Darkness. By these runes transform us. Let the hammer descend upon the Chosen One to whom we offer this sacrifice of Innocent Blood. And then Danny, your journey begins. Kill for him!

Doctor Sam Loomis: It was Jamie Lloyd.
Dr. Wynn: That was six years ago Sam. She died with him in that explosion, you know that.
Doctor Sam Loomis: I've wanted to believe it. But I've felt Michael's presence, behind these walls, just like all those years ago. Plotting, staring, Staring. Waiting for some signal. I can't go through this again, not alone. Please, as my colleague, as my friend. Help me.

Halloween (1978)
Dr. Terence Wynn: Now, for God's sake, he can't even drive a car!
Dr. Sam Loomis: He was doing very well last night! Maybe someone around here gave him lessons!

Dr. Terence Wynn: I'm not responsible, Sam.
Dr. Sam Loomis: Oh, no.
Dr. Terence Wynn: I told them how dangerous he was.
Dr. Sam Loomis: You couldn't have, two roadblocks and an all points bulletin wouldn't stop a five year old.
Dr. Terence Wynn: Well, he's your patient, if you knew that the precautions weren't strong enough, you should have told somebody.
Dr. Sam Loomis: I told everybody! Nobody listened.
Dr. Terence Wynn: There's nothing else I can do.
Dr. Sam Loomis: You can get back in there and get back on that telephone and tell them exactly who walked out of here last night and tell them exactly where he's going.
Dr. Terence Wynn: Where he's probably going.
Dr. Sam Loomis: I've wasted my time.
Dr. Terence Wynn: Sam, Haddonfield is 150 miles away from here, for God's sake, he can't even drive a car!
Dr. Sam Loomis: He was doing very well last night! Maybe someone around here gave him lessons.