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Biography for
Ronnie White (Character)
from Halloween (2007)

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Ronnie White was a character in Rob Zombie's Halloween. A remake of the classic horror icon Halloween created by Legnedary director John Carpenter. In Rob Zombie's version of Halloween, Ronnie White played by the bad ass William Forsythe was either the boyfriend or husband of Deborah Myers, Michael Myer's mom. In 2006 when Rob Zombie had announced he was directing the remake and had written a character name Ronnie White was gonna be an abusive person to Michael, his mother, his sister Judith, and baby sister Laurie aka Boo in beginning when we are shown what had caused Michael Myers to kill people had put fear into people. The fear was seeing the horrors of physical abuse that people these days go through everday. But on August 31, 2007, Rob Zombie and actor William Forsythe surprised the audience, instead of a physical abusive asshole they got a verbal abusive cripple who made fans laugh with such classic lines such as "Bitch, I will crawl over there and I will skull fuck the shit out of you." and "Bitch, if you don't think I ain't making a mental list of all your fucking bullshit!" From feared of being the most hated character went to the most loved character of the entire series due to his hilarious verbal abuse lines. Ronnie White would ultimately be killed by the hands of 10 year old Michael Myers on Halloween, October 31, 1978 at the age of 48 (as his age was in the script)

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