Captain Jeb Cheney
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Captain Jeb Cheney (Character)
from "Fargo" (2014)

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"Fargo: The Castle (#2.9)" (2015)
Captain Jeb Cheney: They don't look like much. You don't look like much.
Peggy Blumquist: [tied to a chair] We're realized.
Captain Jeb Cheney: What? What's she sayin'?
SD Trooper Sue Lutz: Says she realized somethin'.

Captain Jeb Cheney: You know it's the generals that do the thinkin' and everybody else just says, "How high?"
Hank Larsson: I'm not gonna debate the merits of top-down decision makin' with ya, Captain. 'Cept to say I had a lieutenant in the war, and h-he told Eisenhower to go to hell once, on account of his orders woulda got us all killed. And I send that man a card every Christmas - 'cause I can.