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Michael Myers (Character)
from Halloween (1978)

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Halloween (2007)
Michael Myers - Child: [crying] I wanna go home.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: You can't go home.
Michael Myers - Child: Why?
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Because you've done terrible things.

Dr. Samuel Loomis: Why is your hair getting so messy?
Michael Myers - Child: 'Cause no one sees me.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: What are you talking about? I see you every day. Your mum, she comes every week.
Michael Myers - Child: Anybody else?
Dr. Samuel Loomis: [quietly] No.

[recording their first interview and Loomis is testing it]
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Hello, hello, hello. Could you talk in there for me?
Michael Myers - Child: Hi, I'm Michael Myers.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Ok, that's good. So how are you feeling today?
Michael Myers - Child: Good. Could I ask you something?
Dr. Samuel Loomis: You can ask me anything you want. That's why I'm here so if you have anything on your mind, anything at all.
Michael Myers - Child: Ok, why do you talk so funny?
Dr. Samuel Loomis: [chuckles] Talk so funny?

Michael Myers - Child: I NEED to get out of here.

Michael Myers - Child: [to Baby Laurie] Happy Halloween, Boo!

Michael Myers - Child: Look at my mask.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Oh, wow. Beautiful. Yeah. Why is it all black?
Michael Myers - Child: 'Cause it's one of my favorite colors.
Dr. Samuel Loomis: Well, actually, black isn't a color, is it? It's the absence of color. In the spectrum of colors, you go from black, which is no color, all the way through to white, which is every color. So, technically... not that it really matters - but black isn't a color.

Michael Myers - Child: I like the mask because it hides my face.
Deborah Myers: I don't like you to hide your face. Take it off.
Michael Myers - Child: It hides my ugliness.
Deborah Myers: Sweetie, don't say that. Take it off. You're not ugly. Don't talk like that.OK?... I miss you so much.
Michael Myers - Child: I miss you, too.

[first lines]
Michael Myers - Child: Come on, sweetie pie. Morning, Elvis. You're a pretty Elvis, aren't you? Yes, you are.

Ronnie White: [as Michael and Judith come down from upstairs] THERE he is! Good morning, Michelle, my Belle!
Deborah Myers: [Looks over at Michael and Judith] What the hell took you two so long?
Michael Myers - Child: [Sadly] Elvis died. I had to flush him.
Deborah Myers: [Gently] Oh, honey, I'm sorry! We'll get you a new one after school, okay?
Judith Myers: [Snickers] What'd you do to him? Stoke him to death? Oh, oh, Elvis! Oh, Elvis! Oh, oh!
Ronnie White: Ya know it's just a fuckin' rat! Who cares about a fucking rat? It's just a Goddamned rat!
Michael Myers - Child: [Micheal kisses his baby sister] Morning, Boo.
Ronnie White: [Mockingly] "Morning, Boo!"
Ronnie White: [Michael, while wearing his Halloween clown mask, sits at the dining room table in front of Ronnie] Take that damned thing off!
Ronnie White: [Michael just stares at him. Ronnie then flips up Michael's mask, revealing his face to viewers for the first time] You are starting to annoy me, boy!
Michael Myers - Child: I HATE YOU!
[Raises his fist]
Ronnie White: See this? I will use it to break your FUCKING FACE!
Deborah Myers: ENOUGH, alright? Can we just have peace for once?

Halloween II (2009)
Michael Myers: [From Alternative Ending]
[before stabbing Loomis]
Michael Myers: DIE!