Deborah Myers
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Deborah Myers (Character)
from Halloween (2007)

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Halloween (2007)
Deborah Myers: Again? Again? Jesus, what is it with you and this goddamn school? I cannot keep coming down here like this!
Principal Chambers: Look Ms. Myers, I do not enjoy calling you down here every five minutes.
Deborah Myers: Really? It sure seems like you fuckin' do!

Deborah Myers: [looking at gruesome photographs of dead animals] Are you saying Michael did this? Michael loves animals!

[from trailer]
Deborah Myers: [to young Michael] Why? Why Michael!
[he smiles at her]

Deborah Myers: Jesus Christ, Ronnie, you know I have to work tonight. Someone around here has got to make some money.
Ronnie White: I'm all broken up here bitch, I can't work.
Deborah Myers: Yeah, and who's fault is that? You're so pathetic.
Ronnie White: You know that new waitress over at the Bingo Lounge? She's been giving me the freaky eye.
Deborah Myers: You mean the whore the big tits hanging down her knees?
Ronnie White: Maybe I will choke the chicken and purge my snork all over those flappy ass tits.
Deborah Myers: Yeah, well have a great fucking time.
Ronnie White: I will.
Deborah Myers: I hope she likes cripples.
Ronnie White: Bitch, I will crawl over there and I will skull fuck the shit out of you!
Deborah Myers: Oh, I will get the crutches for you.
Baby Boo: [Baby Boo starts crying]
Deborah Myers: See what you did loud mouth?
Ronnie White: WAAA! WAAA! That's all that fucker ever does is cry. WAAA! WAAA! Cry and shit, cry and shit.
Deborah Myers: That's what you do all the time is cry and shit.
Ronnie White: Fuck you, sit on my pole right now bitch.

Ronnie White: [after staring at Judith's bottom as she walks out of the kichen] Man, that bitch got herself a fine lookin' dumper on her.
Deborah Myers: [turns to Ronnie] What did you just say?
Ronnie White: You heard me...
Deborah Myers: No, say it again, Ronnie! Say it my face!
Ronnie White: What's the matter? Are you jealous of your own daughter's ass?
Deborah Myers: [disgusted] FUCKING PIG!
[she hits Ronnie's coffee cup out of his hand, burning his cast]
Ronnie White: AW!
[Ronnie smashes the dishes off the table]
Ronnie White: FUCKING WHORE!
[Baby Boo starts crying again]
Ronnie White: Good, now clean it up!
Deborah Myers: [cries in frustration] I can't fucking do this anymore!

Michael Myers - Child: I like the mask because it hides my face.
Deborah Myers: I don't like you to hide your face. Take it off.
Michael Myers - Child: It hides my ugliness.
Deborah Myers: Sweetie, don't say that. Take it off. You're not ugly. Don't talk like that.OK?... I miss you so much.
Michael Myers - Child: I miss you, too.

Ronnie White: I'll tell you something. That freak of yours, he needs some serious discipline. I mean, he runs around like a little bitch.
Deborah Myers: You know, you leave him alone. Keep your hands off of him.
Ronnie White: Give me a fucking break. He's probably a queer. He's gonna grow up, end up cutting his dick and balls off and changing his name to Michelle.

Ronnie White: [as Michael and Judith come down from upstairs] THERE he is! Good morning, Michelle, my Belle!
Deborah Myers: [Looks over at Michael and Judith] What the hell took you two so long?
Michael Myers - Child: [Sadly] Elvis died. I had to flush him.
Deborah Myers: [Gently] Oh, honey, I'm sorry! We'll get you a new one after school, okay?
Judith Myers: [Snickers] What'd you do to him? Stoke him to death? Oh, oh, Elvis! Oh, Elvis! Oh, oh!
Ronnie White: Ya know it's just a fuckin' rat! Who cares about a fucking rat? It's just a Goddamned rat!
Michael Myers - Child: [Micheal kisses his baby sister] Morning, Boo.
Ronnie White: [Mockingly] "Morning, Boo!"
Ronnie White: [Michael, while wearing his Halloween clown mask, sits at the dining room table in front of Ronnie] Take that damned thing off!
Ronnie White: [Michael just stares at him. Ronnie then flips up Michael's mask, revealing his face to viewers for the first time] You are starting to annoy me, boy!
Michael Myers - Child: I HATE YOU!
[Raises his fist]
Ronnie White: See this? I will use it to break your FUCKING FACE!
Deborah Myers: ENOUGH, alright? Can we just have peace for once?

Halloween II (2009)
Deborah Myers: You know who I am, Angel. Now, repeat after me: I love you, Mommy.
[Laurie being held down by young Michael in her mind]
Deborah Myers: I LOVE you, Mommy.
Laurie Strode: [Laurie stops struggling and whispers... ] I love you, Mommy.

Deborah Myers: We're done waiting. Only a river of blood can bring us back together. It's up to you. It's always been up to you, Michael.