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Sir William Lucas (Character)
from "Pride and Prejudice" (1995)

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"Pride and Prejudice: Episode #1.1" (1995)
[At the party at Lucas Lodge, Sir William Lucas endeavors to make conversation with Mr. Bingley's two sisters]
Sir William Lucas: No doubt you attend assemblies at St. James's Court, Miss Bingley?
Miss Bingley: We go but rarely, sir.
Sir William Lucas: Indeed, I am surprised. I should be happy to introduce you there, you know, at any time when I'm in town.
[Mrs. Hurst looks in suppressed shock and mirth at her sister]
Miss Bingley: You are too kind, sir.
[She curtsies, and the two sisters move away]
Sir William Lucas: [Feeling awkward, but not quite sure why] Well, well, good, good! Capital, capital!
Miss Bingley: Insufferable conceit! To imagine that we'd need *his* assistance in society.
Mrs. Hurst: I am sure he is a very good kind of man, Caroline.
Miss Bingley: And I am sure he kept a very good kind of *shop* before his elevation to the Knighthood.
[They both giggle maliciously]

Sir William Lucas: [to Elizabeth as she's trying to pass] Oh, Miss Eliza, why are you not dancing? - Mr. Darcy, allow me to present this young lady to you as a very desirable partner. You cannot refuse to dance, I am sure, when so much beauty is before you.
Elizabeth Bennet: Indeed, Sir, I have not the least intention of dancing. Please don't suppose that I moved this way in order to beg for a partner.
Mr. Darcy: I would be very happy if you'd do me the honour of dancing with me, Miss Bennet.
Elizabeth Bennet: Thank you, but excuse me... - I am... not inclined to dance.
Sir William Lucas: Come, come, why not, when you see that Mr. Darcy has no objection, although he dislikes the amusement so much in general.
Elizabeth Bennet: [Sardonically] Mr. Darcy is all politeness.
Sir William Lucas: He is, he is! And why should he not be, considering the inducement, for who could object to such a partner! Eh, Darcy?
Elizabeth Bennet: I beg you would excuse me.
[She leaves]
Sir William Lucas: Oh, well, well...
[Looks away]
Sir William Lucas: Oh, capital, Lydia, capital!

Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Sir William Lucas: Mr. Bingley, my eldest daughter you know. Mrs. Bennet, Miss Jane Bennet, Elizabeth, and Miss Mary Bennet.
Mrs. Bennet: It is a pleasure. I have two others, but they are already dancing.
Mr. Bingley: I'm delighted to make your acquaintance.
Sir William Lucas: And may I introduce Mr. Darcy of Pemberley and Derbyshire.