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Charles Bingley (Character)
from Pride and Prejudice (1940)

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Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Mr. Bingley: [overheard by Charlotte and Elizabeth] But her sister Elizabeth is very agreeable.
Mr. Darcy: Barely tolerable, I dare say. But not handsome enough to tempt me. You'd better return to your partner and enjoy her smiles. You're wasting your time with me.
[the two men depart]
Charlotte Lucas: Count your blessings, Lizzy. If he liked you, you'd have to talk to him.
Elizabeth Bennet: Precisely. As it is I wouldn't dance with him for all of Darbyshire, let alone the miserable half.

Mr. Bingley: [to Jane, about to propose to her] First, I must tell you I've been the most unmitigated and comprehensive ass.

Mr. Bingley: [Flustered after visiting with the Bennett's had not gone as hoped] She was going to say "sit down", and...

Mr. Bingley: [Practicing proposing, with Mr. Darcy as Jane] Miss Bennett.
Mr. Darcy: [Bows] Mr. Bingley.

Mr. Bingley: This is a disaster isn't it!

Sir William Lucas: Mr. Bingley, my eldest daughter you know. Mrs. Bennet, Miss Jane Bennet, Elizabeth, and Miss Mary Bennet.
Mrs. Bennet: It is a pleasure. I have two others, but they are already dancing.
Mr. Bingley: I'm delighted to make your acquaintance.
Sir William Lucas: And may I introduce Mr. Darcy of Pemberley and Derbyshire.

Jane Bennet: How do you like it here in Hertfordshire, Mr. Bingley?
Mr. Bingley: Very much.
Elizabeth Bennet: The library at Netherfield, I've heard, is one of the finest in the country.
Mr. Bingley: Yes, fills me with guilt. Not a very good reader, you see. Prefer being out of doors. Oh, I mean I can read, of course. And I'm not suggesting you can't read out of doors, of course. Um...
Jane Bennet: I wish I read more but there always seems to be so many other things to do.
Mr. Bingley: Yes, that's exactly what I meant!

Mr. Bingley: I've never seen so many pretty girls in my life!
Mr. Darcy: You are dancing with the only handsome girl in the room.
Mr. Bingley: She is the most beautiful creature I have ever beheld. But her sister Elizabeth is very agreeable.
Mr. Darcy: Barely tolerable, I daresay, but not handsome enough to tempt me. You'd better return to your partner and enjoy her smiles. You're wasting your time with me.

Mr. Bingley: Your friend, Miss Lucas, is a most amusing young woman.
Elizabeth Bennet: Oh, yes, I adore her!
Mrs. Bennet: It is a pity she's not more handsome.
Elizabeth Bennet: Mama!
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, but Lizzie would never admit that she's plain. Of course, it's my Jane that's considered the beauty of the county.
Jane Bennet: No, Mama, please...
Mrs. Bennet: When she was only fifteen there was a gentleman that was so much in love with her that I was sure he would make her an offer. However, he did write us some very pretty verses.

"Pride and Prejudice: Episode #1.1" (1995)
Mr. Bingley: I wouldn't be as fastidious as you are for a kingdom.

Miss Bingley: And now the mother! Are we to be invaded by every Bennet in the country? Oh, too much to be borne.
Mr. Hurst: Oh, lord!
[the door opens and Mrs. Bennet, Lizzy, Kitty and Lydia enter]
Mr. Bingley: Mrs. Bennet, you are very welcome.
[He and Darcy bow]
Mr. Bingley: I hope you do not find Miss Bennet worse than you expected.
Mrs. Bennet: Indeed I do, sir. She is very ill indeed, and suffers a vast deal...
[Lizzy looks down, mortified; Bingley looks worried]
Mrs. Bennet: ...though with the greatest patience in the world, for she has the sweetest temper, Mr. Bingley. But she is a great deal too ill to be moved.
[Bingley's sisters, off to the side, look furious at this imposition]
Mrs. Bennet: We must trespass, a little longer, on your kindness.
Mr. Bingley: But of course.
Miss Bingley: Miss Bennet will receive every possible attention, ma'am, I assure you.
Mrs. Bennet: You are very good.
[She laughs, and then immediately dismisses the matter of Jane's health]
Mrs. Bennet: Well, you have a sweet room here! I think you will never want to leave Netherfield, now you are come here.
Mr. Bingley: I believe I should be happy to live in the country forever! Wouldn't you, Darcy?
Mr. Darcy: You would? You don't find the society somewhat confined and unvarying for your taste?
Mrs. Bennet: "Confined and unvarying?" Indeed, it is not, sir! The country is a vast deal pleasanter than town, whatever *you* may say about it!
[Darcy turns his back and walks over to look out the window. Lizzy feels humiliated]
Elizabeth Bennet: Mama, you mistake Mr. Darcy's meaning.
Mrs. Bennet: Do I? Do I? He seems to think the country nothing at all!
Elizabeth Bennet: Mama!
Mrs. Bennet: "Confined!" "Unvarying!" I would have him know we dine with four-and-twenty families!
[the Bingley sisters try unsuccessfully to contain their sniggers; Bingley looks at them in anger and distress]

Mr. Bingley: All young ladies are accomplished. They sing, they draw, they dance, speak French and German, cover screens and I know not what.
Mr. Darcy: But not half a dozen would satisfy my notion of an accomplished woman.
Miss Bingley: Oh, certainly. No woman can be really esteemed accomplished who does not also possess a certain something in her air, in her manner of walking, in the tone of her voice, her address and expressions.
Mr. Darcy: And to all this she must yet add something more substantial in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading.
Elizabeth Bennet: I am no longer surprised at you knowing only *six* accomplished women, Mr. Darcy. I rather wonder at your knowing *any*.

Mr. Bingley: Darcy, I shall never understand why you go through the world determined to be displeased with everything and everyone in it.
Mr. Darcy: And I will never understand why you are always in a rage to approve of everything and everyone that you meet.

Mr. Bingley: I can't have you standing about in this stupid manner, I must have you dance, I must.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)
Mr. Bingley: [referring to Jane] She's the most beautiful creature I ever beheld.

Mr. Bingley: [while at the ball] Darcy, you must dance.
Mr. Darcy: [referring to Jane Bennett] You're dancing with the only handsome girl here.
Mr. Bingley: [referring to Elizabeth Bennett] One of her sisters is also very pretty dare I say. Very agreeable.
Mr. Darcy: [looks over at Elizabeth] Well, she's tolerable. But...
Mr. Bingley: Tolerable?
Mr. Darcy: Yes, tolerable. But not handsome enough tempt me. Nor any other man here apparently.

Mr. Bingley: I hate to see you just standing there. You must dance.
Mr. Darcy: Oh, you know I detest it when I'm not acquainted with my partner.

Mr. Bingley: You prefer reading to cards?
Elizabeth Bennet: I prefer a great many things to cards.
Caroline Bingley: [In Japanese] One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.
[Everyone laughs]
Elizabeth Bennet: I don't speak Japanese.
Caroline Bingley: No, of course. You didn't train in Japan. China, was it?
Elizabeth Bennet: A Shaolin temple in Henan province. It was there that I learned to endure all manner of discomfort.
Caroline Bingley: May I inquire as to the nature of this discomfort?
Elizabeth Bennet: I'd much rather give you a demonstration.

"Lost in Austen: Episode #1.2" (2008)
[Amanda is trying to discourage the attentions of Mr. Bingley by claiming to be a lesbian]
Mr Bingley: I must confess I cannot stop thinking of your lips. Of, God help me, your tongue... I'm drawn to you - I'm a man.
Amanda Price: And I'm a woman, and I'm drawn to other women.
Mr Bingley: [hesitantly] You mean there really *are* ladies who... steer the punt from the Cambridge end?

Mr. Bingley: No, Miss Price must stay here! She is the best possible nurse! She has Palacetamoles!
Mr. Darcy: ...Then of course, she must remain.

Mr. Bingley: I'm drawn to you! I'm a MAN.
Amanda Price: And I'm a woman! And I'm drawn... to other women.
Mr. Bingley: You mean there really are ladies who... steer the punt from the Cambridge end?

Mr. Bingley: [after Amanda sings 'Downtown'] Brava, Miss Price! And whenever life is gettin' me down, I shall be sure to go 'downtown'. Eh, Darcy?
Mr. Darcy: With alacrity.

"Lost in Austen: Episode #1.4" (2008)
Mr. Darcy: [Bursts into room] Ah! Well met, well met! Bingley, Miss Lydia and I have just now returned from the opera...
Mr. Bingley: Darcy.
Mr. Darcy: ...And the problem with the opera of course, is one cannot...
Mr. Bingley: Sir, will you have done? Your subterfuge is well-meaning but it is puerile and demeans us all. There is no opera in Hammersmith. You've just arrived from god-knows-where, that much is plain.

Mr. Bingley: Miss Lydia and I came yesterday and have spent our hours philosophizing. Although her father would have it, we've been making the beast with two backs.
Mr. Bennet: Time to take the weapons from the wall, Mr. Bingley! Pick up your damn spear and take guard!

Mr. Bingley: We shall have 25 children and name them all 'Amanda'. Even the boys.

"Pride and Prejudice: Episode #1.6" (1995)
[Bingley has determined to go ask Jane to marry him]
Mr. Bingley: [to a manservant] Bring me my horse! At once! Quick, man!
[the music rises into a suspenseful allegro-crescendo as we watch Bingley ride towards Longbourn, and the women of Longbourn getting the news and preparing for him... ]
Mr. Bingley: [Mrs. Bennet is still in her night-clothes as she runs to Jane's room and cries out in panic:]
Mrs. Bennet: Jane! Jane! Oh, my dear Jane!
[She bursts into Jane's room. Jane is on the edge of her bed, in a white dress, slipping on some slippers]
Jane Bennet: Oh, what is the matter?
Mrs. Bennet: He is come! He is come!
Jane Bennet: [Bewildered] Who is come?
Mrs. Bennet: Mr. Bingley, of course! Make haste, make haste, hurry down! Oh gracious, you're not all dressed!
[Calling for the housekeeper:]
Mrs. Bennet: Hill! Hill! Oh, where is Hill?
[Mrs. Bennet runs through the halls of the house. She bursts into Lizzy's room, where the maid Sarah is doing Lizzy's hair]
Mrs. Bennet: Never mind, Sarah. You must come to Miss Bennet this moment. Come along, girl, and help her up with her gown, never mind Miss Lizzy's hair!
Kitty Bennet: Mama, mama! Where is my new locket that Lydia brought me from London? Mary, have you seen my new locket?
Mary Bennet: I shouldn't know it if I did see it. I care nothing for such baubles.
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, never mind your locket, girl! Jane, steady yourself. He is here, he is here!
Jane Bennet: Mama, Lizzy and I will be down as soon as we can. Send Kitty down, she is forwarder than any of us.
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, hang Kitty! What is she to do with it?
[Kitty stamps her foot and turns away, crying]
Mrs. Bennet: Jane, where is your muslin dress, dear? Oh, Hill, Hill! Where is Hill?
[Cut to sudden silence from the frantic music, as we see Bingley and the young ladies seated in the parlor; they are all extremely awkward and shy]

Mr. Bingley: [Furious] You tell me now she was in London all those months and you concealed it from me?
Mr. Darcy: Yes. I can offer no justification. It was an arrogant presumption based on a failure to recognise your true feelings and Miss Bennet's. I should never have interfered. It was very wrong of me, Bingley, and I apologise.
Mr. Bingley: [Stunned] You admit that you were in the wrong?
Mr. Darcy: Utterly and completely.
Mr. Bingley: Then... I have your blessing?
Mr. Darcy: [Amused] Do you need my blessing?
Mr. Bingley: No. But I should like to know I have it all the same.

"Lost in Austen: Episode #1.1" (2008)
Mr. Bingley: I've summoned hordes of friends from London. It should be quite a party. One that could only be enhanced should you consent to join it. All of you.
Mr. Bennet: Too kind, Sir, but I must beg to be excused. Large gatherings of society bring me out in hives. As do small gatherings.

Mr. Bingley: Darcy regards all forms of sudden locomotion as emblematic of ill-breeding. Hunting, tennis, rising precipitately from a chair...
Mr. Darcy: When Miss Price and I dance, sir, there shall be nothing sudden.
Amanda Price: I can't dance this sort of dance.
Mr. Darcy: Nor I. Together we shall make a shambles. But we shall do it with such authority that everyone will stare at us to learn the step.

Bride & Prejudice (2004)
Balraj: You, stop working and you, stop being such a coconut.

"Lost in Austen: Episode #1.3" (2008)
Mr. Bingley: Damn you! Damn you and damn everyone who won't put a light in his window and stay up all night damning you!