Georgiana Darcy
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Georgiana Darcy (Character)
from "Pride and Prejudice" (1995)

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Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Georgiana Darcy: [to Elizabeth on playing the piano] Do you play duets Miss Bennet?
Elizabeth Bennet: Only when forced.
Georgiana Darcy: [to Darcy] Brother, you must force her.

Elizabeth Bennet: What a beautiful pianoforte.
Georgiana Darcy: My brother gave it to me. He shouldn't have.
Mr. Darcy: Yes, I should've.
Georgiana Darcy: Oh, very well then.
Mr. Darcy: Easily persuaded, is she not?
Elizabeth Bennet: Your unfortunate brother once had to put up with my playing for a whole evening.
Georgiana Darcy: But he says you play so well.
Elizabeth Bennet: Then he has perjured himself most profoundly.
Mr. Darcy: No I said, "played quite well."
Elizabeth Bennet: Oh, "quite well" is not "very well." I'm satisfied.

"Pride and Prejudice: Episode #1.5" (1995)
Elizabeth Bennet: It is a beautiful instrument.
Georgiana Darcy: My brother gave it to me. He is so good and I don't deserve it.
Elizabeth Bennet: I believe you do. Your brother thinks you do and, as you know, he is never wrong. Now, it is your turn.
[Georgiana looks horrified]
Elizabeth Bennet: I absolutely insist.
Georgiana Darcy: I will play, but please do not make me sing.

"Lost in Austen: Episode #1.3" (2008)
Georgiana: This lady who's coming to stay... Are you going to marry her?
Mr. Darcy: That's an absolutely outrageous question, Georgiana. And I really should chastise you for it.
Georgiana: You wouldn't dare.
Mr. Darcy: You're right, I wouldn't.