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Jane Bennet (Character)
from Pride and Prejudice (1940)

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Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Jane Bennet: Yes. A thousand times yes.

Jane Bennet: He is just what a young man ought to be.

Mrs. Bennet: But she doesn't like him. I thought she didn't like him.
Jane Bennet: So did I, so did we all. We must have been wrong.
Mrs. Bennet: Wouldn't be the first time, will it?
Jane Bennet: No, nor the last I dare say.

Jane Bennet: Oh, Lizzy, if I could but see you happy. If there were such another man for you.
Elizabeth Bennet: Perhaps Mr. Collins has a cousin.

Elizabeth Bennet: Now if every man in the room does not end the evening in love with you then I am no judge of beauty.
Jane Bennet: [giggles] Or men.
Elizabeth Bennet: [laughs brightly] No, they are far too easy to judge.
Jane Bennet: They're not all bad.
Elizabeth Bennet: Humorless poppycocks, in my limited experience.
Jane Bennet: One of these days, Lizzy, someone will catch your eye and then you'll have to watch your tongue.

[first lines]
Jane Bennet: Lydia. Kitty.

Elizabeth Bennet: Kitty! Lydi! What have I told you about listening at the door!
Lydia Bennet: Shh! Nevermind that! It's Mr. Bingley, right from the North!
[Kitty is incoherent]
Lydia Bennet: Five thousand a year!
Elizabeth Bennet: Really?
Lydia Bennet, Kitty Bennet: [in unison] He's single!
Jane Bennet: Who's single?
Elizabeth Bennet: A Mr. Bingley, apparently.
Kitty Bennet: Shh!

Jane Bennet: How do you like it here in Hertfordshire, Mr. Bingley?
Mr. Bingley: Very much.
Elizabeth Bennet: The library at Netherfield, I've heard, is one of the finest in the country.
Mr. Bingley: Yes, fills me with guilt. Not a very good reader, you see. Prefer being out of doors. Oh, I mean I can read, of course. And I'm not suggesting you can't read out of doors, of course. Um...
Jane Bennet: I wish I read more but there always seems to be so many other things to do.
Mr. Bingley: Yes, that's exactly what I meant!

Mr. Bingley: Your friend, Miss Lucas, is a most amusing young woman.
Elizabeth Bennet: Oh, yes, I adore her!
Mrs. Bennet: It is a pity she's not more handsome.
Elizabeth Bennet: Mama!
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, but Lizzie would never admit that she's plain. Of course, it's my Jane that's considered the beauty of the county.
Jane Bennet: No, Mama, please...
Mrs. Bennet: When she was only fifteen there was a gentleman that was so much in love with her that I was sure he would make her an offer. However, he did write us some very pretty verses.

Jane Bennet: Mr. Bingley is just what a young man ought to be. Sensible, good humour...
Elizabeth Bennet: Handsome, conveniently rich.
Jane Bennet: You know perfectly well that I do not believe that marriage should be driven by thoughts of money!

Jane Bennet: Do you really believe he liked me, Lizzie?
Elizabeth Bennet: Jane, he danced with you most of the night and stared at you for the rest of it. But I give you leave to like him. You've liked great deal a stupider person. You're a great deal too apt to like people in general, you know. All the world is good and agreeable in your eyes.
Jane Bennet: Not his friend! I still can't believe what he said about you.
Elizabeth Bennet: Mr. Darcy? I could more easily forgive his vanity had he not wounded mine. But no matter. I doubt we shall ever speak again.

Pride and Prejudice (2003)
Jane: What time is it?
[Elizabeth opens a curtain with a stick]
Elizabeth: [long pause] It's morning.

Jane: Elizabeth... I think we stink.

Lydia Merylon: Okay, *this* has got to stop. The house is a total mess. Kitty, disinfect!
[Kitty sprays disinfectant all over the room]
Lydia Merylon: Now *we* are going to the grocery store - and *you* are coming with us!
Elizabeth: Just let me die!
Jane: We're out of ice-cream, Elizabeth!

Jane: Triple Choc-choc-choc-chocolate chunk or Uncle Bubba's Big Belly Butter Brickle?
Elizabeth: Both.

Elizabeth: I always thought I was a good judge of character.
Jane: Don't feel bad. Jack had us all fooled.
Elizabeth: No, I'm not talking about Jack. I mean Darcy.
Jane: I think we're going to need a bigger cart.

"Pride and Prejudice: Episode #1.1" (1995)
Jane Bennet: He's just what a young man ought to be, Lizzie. Sensible, lively and I never saw such happy manners.
Elizabeth Bennet: Handsome, too, which a young man ought to be, if he possibly can. And he seemed to like you very much, which shows good judgment. No, I give you leave to like him, you've liked many a stupider person.

Jane Bennet: And Mr. Darcy may improve on closer acquaintance.
Elizabeth Bennet: You mean he'll be in a humour to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men? "She is tolerable, I suppose, but she's not handsome enough to tempt me".
Jane Bennet: It was very wrong of him to say so.
Elizabeth Bennet: Aye, a capital offence!

Mrs. Bennet: From Netherfield? Oh, Jane, well, what does it say?
Jane Bennet: It's from Miss Bingley.
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, well, that is a good sign, too. Give it to me! - My dear friend... there now... dine with Louisa and me today... la-di-da, la-di-da, la-di-da... as the gentlemen are to dine with the officers. - Oh, that's unlucky! Still you must go and make what you can out of it. - Yours ever, Caroline Bingley. - Very elegant hand.
Jane Bennet: May I have the carriage, father?
Mrs. Bennet: The carriage? No indeed! You must go on horseback for it looks like rain. Then you will have to stay the night!
Jane Bennet: Mother!
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, why do you look at me like that? Would you go all the way to Netherfield and back without seeing Mr. Bingley? No indeed. - You will go on Nellie, that will do very well, indeed.

Elizabeth Bennet: For a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.
Mrs. Bennet: Yes, he must indeed! And who better than one of our five girls?
Lydia Bennet: What a fine joke if he were to choose me!
Kitty Bennet: Or me!
[Lydia and Kitty laugh]
Jane Bennet: [Reprimanding] Lydia!

Jane Bennet: [Referring to Mr. Darcy and his company at the first dance] They're very elegant.
Elizabeth Bennet: Better pleased with themselves than what they see, I think.

"Pride and Prejudice: Episode #1.6" (1995)
[Jane and Lizzy are in the pantry, tying up sheaves of herbs to hang and dry]
Jane Bennet: No, I do assure you, this news does not affect me, truly, Lizzy.
[Lizzy smiles skeptically]
Jane Bennet: I am glad of one thing: that he doesn't bring any ladies. If it is merely a shooting party, we shall not see him often. Not that I am afraid of myself; but I dread other people's remarks, Lizzy.
Elizabeth Bennet: Then I shall venture none... however sorely I am tempted. After all, it is hard that the poor man can't come to a house he's legally rented without raising all this speculation.
Jane Bennet: That is just what I think.
Elizabeth Bennet: Then we shall leave him to himself.
Jane Bennet: Yes.
[Lizzy's smile turns mischievous. Jane looks up and sees the smirk]
Jane Bennet: Stop it, Lizzy!
[Then they both start to laugh]

[Bingley has determined to go ask Jane to marry him]
Mr. Bingley: [to a manservant] Bring me my horse! At once! Quick, man!
[the music rises into a suspenseful allegro-crescendo as we watch Bingley ride towards Longbourn, and the women of Longbourn getting the news and preparing for him... ]
Mr. Bingley: [Mrs. Bennet is still in her night-clothes as she runs to Jane's room and cries out in panic:]
Mrs. Bennet: Jane! Jane! Oh, my dear Jane!
[She bursts into Jane's room. Jane is on the edge of her bed, in a white dress, slipping on some slippers]
Jane Bennet: Oh, what is the matter?
Mrs. Bennet: He is come! He is come!
Jane Bennet: [Bewildered] Who is come?
Mrs. Bennet: Mr. Bingley, of course! Make haste, make haste, hurry down! Oh gracious, you're not all dressed!
[Calling for the housekeeper:]
Mrs. Bennet: Hill! Hill! Oh, where is Hill?
[Mrs. Bennet runs through the halls of the house. She bursts into Lizzy's room, where the maid Sarah is doing Lizzy's hair]
Mrs. Bennet: Never mind, Sarah. You must come to Miss Bennet this moment. Come along, girl, and help her up with her gown, never mind Miss Lizzy's hair!
Kitty Bennet: Mama, mama! Where is my new locket that Lydia brought me from London? Mary, have you seen my new locket?
Mary Bennet: I shouldn't know it if I did see it. I care nothing for such baubles.
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, never mind your locket, girl! Jane, steady yourself. He is here, he is here!
Jane Bennet: Mama, Lizzy and I will be down as soon as we can. Send Kitty down, she is forwarder than any of us.
Mrs. Bennet: Oh, hang Kitty! What is she to do with it?
[Kitty stamps her foot and turns away, crying]
Mrs. Bennet: Jane, where is your muslin dress, dear? Oh, Hill, Hill! Where is Hill?
[Cut to sudden silence from the frantic music, as we see Bingley and the young ladies seated in the parlor; they are all extremely awkward and shy]

Jane Bennet: No, seriously, Lizzy. When did you first know you were in love with Mr. Darcy?
Elizabeth Bennet: It came on so slowly I hardly know... but I believe I must date it from the time I first saw his wonderful grounds at Pemberley.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)
Jane Bennet: [seeing the zombie mother and child] This cannot be!

Penny McGregor: I survived, Janey!
Jane Bennet: Not in the traditional sense.

"Pride and Prejudice: Episode #1.5" (1995)
Elizabeth Bennet: Mary, pass the potatoes to your aunt Gardiner.
Mary Bennet: I beg your pardon?
Kitty Bennet: Oh, never mind, I'll do it.
Mrs. Gardiner: Thank you, Kitty.
Kitty Bennet: And that's the first kind word I've had from anyone since Lydia went away. I don't see why, it's not as though I had done anything naughty. And I don't think Lydia has done anything so dreadful either.
Jane Bennet: Kitty! Please!

Jane Bennet: I must take mama her tea.
Mr. Bennet: She still keeps her state above stairs? Lends such an elegance to our situation.

"Lost in Austen: Episode #1.4" (2008)
Lady Catherine de Bourgh: [haughtily] I shall say what I have to say, and then I shall leave immediately. First, I made it pellucidly clear to you, Mrs. Bennet, over my salt, that I considered the brothers Collins an excellent match for your daughters. Yet you have done nothing to promote the cause. On the contrary, you have abandoned them to a house run by criminally incompetent servants. Well, what do you have to say for yourself?
[stunned silence]
Mrs. Bennet: I say this. You are a prig, madam, a pander and a common bully. And you cheat at cards. Do you suppose you may enter my house and brandish your hat at me thus? I have a mind to turn you upside down and use you to scrape out Ambrosia's sty.
Lady Catherine de Bourgh: [coldly] Madam, I take my leave of you.
Mrs. Bennet: Do! Or I shall take you out and set to scraping.
[Jane and Amanda try to stop themselves giggling]
Mrs. Bennet: Scrape, scrape, scrape I shall go!
Mr. Bennet: Tally ho, wife!
Mr Collins: Mrs. Bennet, you must desist.
Jane Bennet: Oh, be quiet, you silly man. Do you suppose Mama would permit her daughters to be married to your brothers, when before her very eyes is the specimen of you?
Amanda Price: Mrs. Bennet, that was... bloody marvellous.
Mrs. Bennet: [modestly] It *was* refreshing.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh: Well? What do you have to say for yourself?
Mrs. Bennet: I say this: You are a prig, Madam. A pander. And a common bully. And you cheat at cards! Do you suppose you may enter my house and brandish your hat at me thus? I have a mind to turn you upside down and use you to scrape out Ambrosia's sty.
Lady Catherine de Bourgh: Madam, I take my leave of you.
Mrs. Bennet: Do! Or I shall take you out and set to scraping! Scrape, scrape, scrape, I shall go!
Mr. Bennet: Tally-ho, wife!
Mr. Collins: Mrs. Bennet, you must desist!
Jane Bennet: Oh be quiet, you silly man. Do you suppose Mama would permit her daughters to be married to your brothers when before her very eyes is the specimen of you?

Bride & Prejudice (2004)
Lalita Bakshi: Mother thinks that any single man with big bucks is shopping for a wife.
Jaya Bakshi: I'm embarrassed to say, but I hope he is.
Lalita Bakshi: What, shopping or loaded?
Jaya Bakshi: Well... both!

"Lost in Austen: Episode #1.1" (2008)
Mr. Bennet: Jane, it appears you must now marry Mr. Darcy instead of Mr. Bingley.
Jane Bennet: It is not presently my plan, Sir, to marry either gentleman.
Mr. Bennet: No, but it *is* your mother's, so choose your hymns!