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Quotes for
Tony (Character)
from Léon: The Professional (1994)

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Léon: The Professional (1994)
Tony: Check it. Make sure it's the right thing.
Léon: I trust you.
Tony: One thing has nothin' to do with the other - remember that Léon.
Léon: I will.

Léon: I took a hit. I need a hand now. I know she's young, but she learns fast. Kids need to be shaped into something right?
Tony: Yeah, I know. I taught you that. But ain't there an age limit?
Léon: She's 18.
Tony: Oh, really?

Léon: Tony... All the money I make, that you keep for me...
Tony: You need some money?
Léon: No, just curious... Because, I've been working a long time... And I havent done anything with my... I thought maybe someday I could
Léon: use it.
Tony: [Figuring him out] You met a woman.

[first lines]
Tony: Allora, come stai, Leone?
Léon: Bene.
[Tony puts out his cigarette in an ashtray]
Tony: OK. OK. Let's talk business.

Tony: Hey, Leon, nothing's gonna happen to you. You're indestructible! Bullets slide off you, you play with 'em.

Tony: Change ain't good, you know Léon?