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Strabo (Character)
from The Whole Ten Yards (2004)

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The Whole Ten Yards (2004)
Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky: You believe I fell down a flight of stairs, don't you?
Strabo: What stairs?
[Oz opens the door and sees that there are no stairs]

Lazlo: [in an attempt to kidnap Oz] Now you go in and you grab him. You go in and you grab him. Now what do you do?
Strabo: I go in and...
Lazlo: And grab him. Now what do you do?
Strabo: I go in and I grab him.
Lazlo: Piece of pie.
Strabo: No. It's cake.
Lazlo: What did I say?
Strabo: Pie.
Lazlo: And what did you say?
Strabo: Cake. No, pie.
Lazlo: Piece of pie.
Strabo: [gets out of car and looks back at Lazlo] It's cake.
[Lazlo back hand slaps him]

Lazlo: [to two guys tied up in the trunk of a car] Tell everyone that Lazlo Gogolak is back in town.
[shoots both guys]
Strabo: How are they gonna tell everyone when they're dead?

Cynthia: How the hell do you know where my husband is?
Lazlo: That was simple: LuJack.
Cynthia: Lujack?
Lazlo: In the Poosche.
Strabo: No, Papa. Its... uh... You say LoJack.
[looks at Cynthia]
Strabo: See? LoJack.
Lazlo: I didn't quite hear.
Strabo: Oh. LoJack.
[Lazlo slaps Strabo]
Lazlo: Don't correct me. Don't ever correct me. Do you like getting hit, is that it? You're a freak who enjoys pain?
Strabo: Of course not.

Strabo: [after seeing Jimmy and Oz in a bed together] A little male bonding?
Jimmy Tudeski: Just like C block, huh Strabo?
Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky: [in the background] I fell down the stairs, Strabo!