Greg Phillippe
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Greg Phillippe (Character)
from Scary Movie (2000)

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Scary Movie (2000)
[after hitting a fisherman crossing the road]
Cindy Campbell: We have to call the police!
Ray: No way! I ain't going to jail!
Greg: He's right! Cindy, do you know what they do to young boys in prison? All of those sex-starved convicts just waiting for a fresh piece of meat?
Ray: Hey, Cindy's right. Maybe we should call the police.

Buffy Gilmore: Oh my god, we hit a boot!
Greg: Where's the foot?

[the guys picking up the dead guy's body]
Greg: I'll grab one arm.
Bobby: I'll grab the other arm.
Ray: I'll grab his ass.

Cindy Campbell: Greg, you're not the only one who got one.
Greg: What do you mean, Bobby's got a baby-dick too?
Cindy Campbell: No, the note.

Ray: [displaying a yellow sleeveless shirt] Does this shirt make me look gay?
Greg: Naw, man.
Ray: [tucks the bottom of the shirt over so it looks like a bra] How 'bout now?
Greg: No.