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Quotes for
Becca (Character)
from Scary Movie 3 (2003)

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Scary Movie 3 (2003)
Kate: I hate television - gives me headaches.
Becca: You know, there's so many magnetic waves travelling in the airspace because of TV and television, we're losing like ten times as many brain cells as we're supposed to.
Kate: Oh, please!
Kate: The cow says blank? Three letters?
Becca: Dude!
Kate: Dude! I dont know, magnetic waves, brain cells, I don?t understand the connection between all that stuff.
Becca: You know what else I heard? Magnetic waves shrink silicone molecules.
[both look down at breasts]
Becca: Agghh! Oh, my God, turn it off!
Kate: It's not working!
Becca: It's backwards!
Kate: What do we do?
Becca: I dont know! Aghhhh!
Kate: That was kind of scary.
Becca: I know something even scarier.
Kate: Ooh, what?
Becca: Have you heard about this videotape?
Kate: The one where they do it on the boat and then in the car and then in the bathtub? And he's like, "Hey, baby, I love you? and she's like "Where are we?" And did you see the size...?
Becca: No. Not that tape. The one with all the scary images, and after you watch the tape, the phone rings and this really scary voice comes on and says you're gonna die in like...
Kate: Seven days! Yeah, I saw that one with Josh last weekend!
Becca: You were with Josh last weeknd? Oh, my God!
[throws pillow at Kate]
Kate: Oh, yes I was!
[hits Becca with laptop]
Becca: You ho!
[smashes glass vase on Kate's head]
Kate: You know it!
[pulls Becca's G-string up]
Kate: [phone rings]
Becca: [walking to the phone] This is really weird.
Kate: Yeah, big house, only one phone.

Becca: This is really weird...
[referring to ringing phone]
Kate: Yeah... Big house, only one phone...
[picks up phone]
Kate: Hello?
[passes it to Becca]
Becca: Hello?
Voice on Phone: I'm coming for you my precious...
Becca: [looks relieved] Hi Mom...

Becca: [she turns around Katie's chair, and her face is all messed up] Katie,are you okay?
[Katie's head falls off]
Becca: Are you okay?