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Sheriff John Hunt (Character)
from Psycho II (1983)

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Psycho III (1986)
Sheriff Hunt: [to Norman] Norman! What the hell's the matter with you?

Sheriff Hunt: [to Tracy] I've had enough of this Nancy Drew horse-shit from you.

[last lines]
Sheriff Hunt: I was for you then. Believed in you. You made a fool of me. Look, what you did to yourself. Why, Norman, why? Good God son. You'll never get out again. We're gonna have you locked up forever.
Norman Bates: But I'll be free. I'll finally be free.

Sheriff Hunt: [to Tracy] The guy just wants to be left alone in peace.

Sheriff Hunt: [to Tracy] Just leave him alone.

Ralph Statler: Emma Spool just doesn't show up for work one day. I just hope nothing serious happened to the old girl.
Tracy Venable: You mean like Norman Bates?
Sheriff Hunt: What about him? Are you another relative of somebody he killed?

Sheriff Hunt: [to Tracy] What Norman did was a very long time ago and he payed the price. Anyway he's okay now.

Sheriff Hunt: [Reaches in to the ice machine and pulls out a handful of ice without noticing that the ice is covered in blood] Don't tell me my job Ms. Venable!
Sheriff Hunt: [Puts bloody ice into his mouth and sucks on it] 'Despite all your glib insinuations, I don't have one iota of proof that he's done anything!"

Psycho II (1983)
Sheriff John Hunt: Are you sure neither one of you heard anything between four to five this afternoon?
Norman Bates: No, I was...
Mary: [cutting Norman off] He was with me all afternoon. We were walking in the fields behind the house around that time.
Sheriff John Hunt: Okay. Nice to see you again, Norman.
[the sheriff and his deputy walk out. Mary closes the front door and watches them walk away]
Norman Bates: [to Mary; bewildered] Why did you do THAT?
Mary: Do what?
Norman Bates: Lie to the sheriff. You weren't with me all afternoon!
Mary: I had to do something! He was going to arrest you!
[Norman suddenly holds his head in pain, and slumps down into a nearby armchair]
Mary: Norman, what's wrong?
Norman Bates: It's starting again.

Sheriff John Hunt: [to Norman] There's a girl sitting in my squad car below... too scared to come up here. She claims she saw her boyfriend murdered in your cellar today... by a tall figure wearing a black dress.

Dr. Raymond: Are you familiar with Norman Bates?
Sheriff John Hunt: Very.
Dr. Raymond: Somebody has been leaving notes and making phone calls claiming to be his Mother.

Norman Bates: Hello?
Sheriff John Hunt: I'm Sheriff Hunt, how are you?