Mrs. Emma Spool
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Mrs. Emma Spool (Character)
from Psycho II (1983)

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Psycho II (1983)
Norman Bates: Would you care to share my toasted cheese sandwich?
Mrs. Spool: No thank you.

Norman Bates: Are you really my Mother?
Mrs. Spool: The name Spool doesn't mean anything to you?
Norman Bates: No. Should it?
Mrs. Spool: It was Norma Bates' maiden name. The woman you thought was your mother was my sister.

Mrs. Spool: She never mentioned me, did she?
Norman Bates: No, she didn't. You sure you won't have a sandwich?
Mrs. Spool: Pardon?

Mrs. Spool: Can I help you?
Norman Bates: I'm Norman. Cook's helper.
Mrs. Spool: Come on, I'll introduce you to Mr. Statler.