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Dr. Bill Raymond (Character)
from Psycho II (1983)

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Psycho II (1983)
Dr. Raymond: What's the matter?
Norman Bates: Uh, I saw someone!
Dr. Raymond: Where?
Norman Bates: Up there! In that window!
Dr. Raymond: I haven't had a tenant in the house for years.
Norman Bates: I guess I'm just nervous!
Dr. Raymond: Well, that's understandable under the circumstances.
Norman Bates: Yeah.

Dr. Raymond: Norman was not convicted of murder. He was found not guilty by reasons of insanity, and since he is no longer insane, he has the right to live a normal life like you and I.
Lila Loomis: That's just legal hocus pocus, and when he murders again you will be directly responsible.

Judge: Does the state council offering any contradictory psychiatric testimony?
Dr. Raymond: Yes, Your Honor.

Dr. Raymond: You don't have to stay. I could find you a place in town.
Norman Bates: No, no. I... I want to stay here.
Dr. Raymond: As long as you realize the memories are more likely to reoccur here. But you know how to handle that now, don't you?
Norman Bates: Sure.

Dr. Raymond: You'll be a trained social worker. I'll have the phone reconnected. Any trouble, use it.
Norman Bates: Okay.

Mary: Well, what do you think?
Dr. Raymond: About what?
Mary: About what Norman's doing. Has he told you his plans for the place?

Dr. Raymond: Can you explain to her this hearing is of the law and not emotional, Your Honor.

Dr. Raymond: Are you familiar with Norman Bates?
Sheriff John Hunt: Very.
Dr. Raymond: Somebody has been leaving notes and making phone calls claiming to be his Mother.

Norman Bates: Mary works with me at the diner. She's been staying here, too.
Dr. Raymond: Really?
Norman Bates: [smiling] Oh, it's not like that. We're just - - we're just friends.