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Alex Whitney (Character)
from "The Simpsons" (1989)

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"The Simpsons: Lard of the Dance (#10.1)" (1998)
Alex Whitney: Your name's Lisa? Shut up, I love that name!
Lisa Simpson: Did she just tell me to shut up?
Principal Skinner: Take it outside.

Principal Skinner: Oh, Lisa, I was hoping I could count on you again to spearhead our annual school-wide apple pick.
Lisa Simpson: Absolutely.
Alex Whitney: Apple... pick?
Lisa Simpson: Yeah, it's great! We have pony rides, sing-a-longs, apple bobbing, apple picking, apple everything!
Principal Skinner: Ah, you forgot apple bobbing.
Lisa Simpson: No, I didn't!

Janey: Didn't your old school have apple picks?
Alex Whitney: No, we weren't big on fruit. We more into, like, dances. You know, things that are fun.

Alex Whitney: Calm down, Lisa. DMY.
Lisa Simpson: DMY?
Alex Whitney: Don't mess yourself.
Lisa Simpson: Ew!
Alex Whitney: See, that's why we changed it to DMY.