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Quotes for
Christopher Floyd (Character)
from 2010 (1984)

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2010 (1984)
Christopher Floyd: [while exercising] How far away is Jupiter?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: Far.
Christopher Floyd: Why does it take two and a half years to go and come back?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: It's so far.
Christopher Floyd: Why don't you go faster?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: Can't.
Christopher Floyd: Oh. Are you gonna forget about me?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: No. I love you.
Christopher Floyd: I won't forget about you.
Dr. Heywood Floyd: We'll be able to talk to each other, see each other on television.
Christopher Floyd: Oh. Daddy?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: What?
Christopher Floyd: Mommy said you'd be asleep for a long time. Are you gonna die?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: What?
Christopher Floyd: Are you gonna die?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: Why do you say that?
Christopher Floyd: When Jamie's grandfather died, Mommy said he'd be asleep for a long time.
Dr. Heywood Floyd: No, no, no. This is different. They're gonna put me asleep in orbit... and you'd have to sleep on the way up, and sleep on the way down, otherwise... you'd go cuckoo... and there wouldn't be enough food aboard the flight for everybody.
Christopher Floyd: Oh. I don't understand.