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Quotes for
Dimitri Moisevitch (Character)
from 2010 (1984)

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2010 (1984)
Dimitri Moisevitch: This is a good game, it's called "The Truth."

Dr. Heywood Floyd: You just read that report? Took you this long to steal our secrets?
Dimitri Moisevitch: How long does it take for your people to steal ours?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: Same amount of time.

Dimitri Moisevitch: Have you checked Discovery's orbit lately?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: What?
Dimitri Moisevitch: Have you checked the orbit?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: What about it?
Dimitri Moisevitch: Now it's getting chilly here. This is very bad for my asthma.
Dr. Heywood Floyd: You know damn well we've been checking it!
Dimitri Moisevitch: I have enjoyed our little chat, Dr. Floyd.
[turns to walk away]
Dr. Heywood Floyd: What is it you're not telling me?
Dimitri Moisevitch: You are a smart man, Dr. Floyd. You will know what to do.

Dimitri Moisevitch: [to Dr. Heywood Floyd] Neatness. It's a good quality. You'll make somebody a fine wife.

Dimitri Moisevitch: Here we have our quandary: we are going to get there first, yet you have the knowledge to make the trip work.
[realization dawns across Dr. Floyd's face]
Dimitri Moisevitch: How much time do I have left?
Dr. Heywood Floyd: You just bought yourself an extension.