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Captain Nils Helstrom (Character)
from The Son of Kong (1933)

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The Son of Kong (1933)
Helstrom: [stops Hilda in the streets of Dakang] Oh, ah, miss... I heard about your father. If I could do anything...
Hilda: [ice cold] You've done enough. You killed my father.
Helstrom: Killed? Why... what? The tent caught fire...
Hilda: My father was beaten over the head. He wasn't burned. What do you think the magistrate will say to that when he gets here?
Helstrom: You can't accuse me! You mustn't dare...
Hilda: How do you know I wasn't? Unless you were? How do you know what my father said me before he... before he died?
Helstrom: [scared] He... What did he say?
Hilda: The magistrate will be here in a few days. I'll tell him.
Helstrom: [tries to be threatening] You'd better be careful! What are you going to tell the magistrate?
Hilda: You can just wonder about that 'till he gets here.

Helstrom: [sees Denham and Englehorn sitting in a Dakang bar] Carl Denham! Don't you remember me? Nils Helstrom.
Carl Denham: Why, for the love of Mike. Helstrom! Sure I remember you!
[indicates Englhorn]
Carl Denham: Oh, this is Captain Englehorn. Captain Helstrom.
[Englehorn and Helstrom shake hands]
Carl Denham: Sit down.
[to Englehorn]
Carl Denham: Say, do you know who this is? The man who gave me the map of Kong's Island. And he wants to know if I remember him?
Carl Denham: Have a drink.
[pours Helstrom a drink]
Helstrom: [to Englehorn] So, that was your ship came in last night?
Englehorn: Mine and Denham's.
Helstrom: [to Denham] I heard about you in Singapore. How you captured the biggest animal on earth and taken him back to New York.

Red: [after hearing about the last trip to Kong's island] He expect *us* to go ashore?
[gestures to Denham]
Helstrom: Sure. He's got to have a bodyguard, hasn't he? Say, you know there were a dozen sailors killed on the last voyage he made here?
Red: Killed? By them animals?
Helstrom: Yeah. But, you see Denham and the Skipper came out all right. Ah, but you don't have to worry. There are plenty of rifles aboard.
Helstrom: If *I* were captain, I certainly wouldn't take my crew into danger.

Helstrom: Yeah, you're broke too.
Carl Denham: Broke?
Carl Denham: I'm shattered.

Helstrom: Oh, and I'm going to make you First Mate.
Red: Is that so? Do you think we got rid of a good captain for a bad one?